If you haven't read/caught up or completed the show you are reading the walkthrough about, please be aware of spoilers.

The X Files walkthrough exists to help others make the right choices for their game. Choices you make lead to different paths and ! achievements leading to several different outcomes. This walkthrough is incomplete as some choices have not yet been explored. If you have anything to contribute to it, please do so.

Note: If it says "no effect" after a choice, it means that that choice does not affect story play (i.e., the next choice is the same no matter what you choose, or there is no "!" comment). If it does not say "no effect" after a choice, it means that that choice has not yet been explored.

NOTE: This show uses a relationship system, which means that depending on your actions, choices, and relationship status, characters (including your partner and second protagonist) will react differently to your presence.

Episode 1

Choice 1

Svehle: I think... I think I was wrong. Maybe it wasn't a shadow I saw. Lack of sleep getting to me, something.

  • "Stay calm and on mission." (No effect)
  • "Toughen up, soldier." (No effect)
  • "Hang back. I'll go look." (No effect)

Choice 2

Svehle: We found—what? Weapons, buckles, boot soles, dog tags. No bodies. And maybe I saw a shadow. That's all weird. Time to report back!

  • "We need to know what you saw." (No effect)
  • "I'll radio in." (No effect)
  • Stare him down. (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: It sounds afraid, like we're attacking it, but it's coming right for Private Svehle, who's in my way.

  • "Shoot it!"
    • You took command of the situation.
  • "Move so I can fire!"
    • You acted decisively under pressure.
  • "Chase me, not him!"
    • You lured the creature away from Svehle.

Choice 4

Prompt: My name becomes an inhuman gargle. It's the awful guttural sound of an animal in the throes of death.

  • "I'll pull you free!" (Choice 4)
  • Shoot it in the head. (Choice 4)
  • Put Svehle out of his misery. (Choice 6)

Choice 4

Note: Prompt varies depending on prior choices? Enter alternate prompts when known.

Prompt: That's it. Svehle's gone. Just me and it now.

Prompt: I reach out, grab, and pull. Svehle comes away easily. What's left of him does. He lets out an ungodly howl.

  • Empty your clip into its head. (Choice 5 if you pulled Svehle free, Choice 6 if you didn't)
  • Run for the exit. (Choice 7)

Choice 5

  • I shot it. It's down. (No effect)
  • "Hang on, okay?" (No effect)
  • "I won't let you suffer anymore."

Choice 6

Note: Prompt varies depending on prior choices? Enter alternate prompts when known.

Prompt: If it were anything I recognized, I'd say it looks dead. I can't tell if it's breathing, and I'm not sure how it even would.

  • Reload. Shoot it some more. (No effect)
  • Get out. (No effect)

Choice 7

Doggett: Okay. Well, we knew something wasn't quite right... I'm sorry that happened to Svehle.

  • "Me too." (No effect)
  • "It was awful." (No effect)
  • "It's my fault." (No effect)

Choice 8

Doggett: I need you to take me to where all this happened. My colleagues, they're going to need a sample.

  • "Sure, but stay alert." (No effect)
  • "We need rifles." (No effect)
  • "Are you insane?!" (No effect)

❕ The Monstrous Clue: You obtained a sample of strange mucous.

Your actions have unlocked a Clue! Clues represent insight into a season-long mystery.

Collecting enough Clues will allow you to access a unique ending and bring you closer to the truth behind the conspiracy.

Choice 9

Mulder: A humanoid slathered in mucous that doesn't bleed, is nearly impervious tp gunfire, and spoke. Question is, was it discovered or created?

  • "You believe me?" (Choice 10)
  • "Not 'spoke.' Screamed." (Choice 11)
  • "Why the FBI? Where are the Marines?" (Choice 11)

Choice 10

Mulder: Is that what you want? To believe you're crazy? That it was just a case of cabin fever coupled with stress over the disappearances?

  • "Heh, I wish." (No effect)
  • "No, but it's weird, right?" (No effect)
  • "I'm fine. Are you?" (No effect)

Choice 11

Doggett: I know all this is a lot to take in. How are you holding up, all things considered?

  • "I don't think it's hit me yet." (No effect)
  • "I'll feel better once it's dead." (No effect)
  • "Mulder seems crazy." (No effect)

Choice 12

Scully: The bacteria I could identify are good at rapidly breaking down organic matter, which would speak to what you witnessed.

  • "Are you a scientist?" (No effect)
  • "That's possible?" (No effect)
  • "You're so measured." (No effect)

Choice 13

Scully: If I had to guess, I'd say the mesh is made to protect the organism from frost, burns, toxins, lacerations...

  • "I think we were sent to guard it..." (No effect)
  • "'Made'? That's sci-fi, right?" (No effect)
  • "Protected from gunshots, though?" (No effect)

Choice 14

Scully: Considering all you've been through, Private, you seem to be doing okay.

  • "And you?" (No effect)
  • "Heh, not on the inside." (No effect)
  • "I'm a soldier. I'm strong." (No effect)

Choice 15

Scully: A mixture of antibiotics, antacids, and diuretics. It reduces the efficacy of protective mucous, leaving the organism vulnerable.

  • "I'm impressed." (No effect)
  • "What about what's under the mucous?" (No effect)
  • "It's so...simple." (No effect)

Choice 16

Doggett: That lab is a stalking ground. Corners, cramped hallways, places to hide... We're better off drawing it outside, spraying it there.

  • "I'll draw it out." (No effect)
  • "Give me the sprayer." (No effect)
  • "You three are my backup." (No effect)

Choice 17

Prompt: We're not sidelining you. We need you and your rifle out there with us.

  • "I'm the best choice to stop this monster" (💎12, Laboratory Clue)
  • "Okay, I'll play support." (Choice 18)

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: Every instinct is directing me back to the hatch. Somehow my will to end this is winning out so far.

  • "Remember me?!" (No effect)
  • Shout something vulgar. (No effect)
  • "Surrender!" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Doggett: Dexler. Report.

  • "Looking for clues." (No immediate effect, later Diamond Choice 6A)
  • "Shh." (No immediate effect, later Diamond Choice 6B)
  • "Nothing new." (No immediate effect, later Diamond Choice 6B)

The Laboratory Clue: Doctor Rasmus Johansson

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: They'll run out of ammo before it runs out of steam, it looks like. I decide to make myself a target.

  • Yell at it. (No effect)
  • Charge at it. (No effect)
  • Hurl a snowball. (No effect)

Choice 18  (Non-Diamond)

Prompt: I know you're a capable soldier, Dexler.

  • "It's okay, I get it." (No effect)
  • "I'm not a child." (No effect)
  • "I hope you're flirting." (No effect)

Choice 19 (Non-Diamond)

Prompt: I closed the hatch, so at least we should hear it coming.

  • "My turn." (No effect)
  • "It wants to stay down there." (No effect)
  • "That's it?" (No effect)

Choice 20 (Main Path)

Prompt: My breath catches. My blood freezes. It's Svehle's voice. His scream.

  • "Shut up!" (No effect)
  • "Big mistake." (No effect)
  • "Svehle, talk to me!" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Prompt: It comes for me. I'm ready. But it's moving too fast. I can spray it, but it will be right on me at full steam.

  • Detonate the sprayer. (Choice 23)
  • "Everyone shoot it!" (Choice 23)
  • "I feel for you." (Diamond Choice 5)

Choice 21 (Non-Diamond)

Prompt: I know I have to buy them time.

  • Hit it with the rifle. (Choice 22 [Hit It])
  • Make it chase you. (Choice 22 [Chase])
  • "I feel for you." (Choice 22 ["Feel for You"])

Choice 22 (Hit It)

Prompt: Here, I'll use my glove to clean off any residue.

  • "How bad is it?" (No effect)
  • "Don't worry about me."
  • "Heh, you're my hero."

Choice 22 (Chase)

Prompt: It tenses up like a sprinter.

  • Run at it. (No effect)
  • Detonate the sprayer. (No effect)
  • "Look out!"

Choice 22 ("Feel for You")/Diamond Choice 5

Prompt: I don't even know if it understands English, but it seems to respond, so I keep going.

  • "Hi. Who are you?" (No effect)
  • "You aren't to blame." (No effect)
  • "Let us fix you." (No effect)

Choice 23

Note: The prompt here varies depending on what damage the Mucous Man has taken?

Prompt: It's shaken. Vulnerable.

Prompt: The slime is dissolving, mostly gone from its head and chest. Shrapnel pierces its dark hide. It's vulnerable.

  • Kill it.
    • ❕ You killed the Mucous Man.
  • Knock it out. (Choice 24)

Choice 24

Mulder: I thought we were going to kill it. What's the deal, Private?

  • "It's of scientific value." (No effect)
  • "Its victims' minds could be inside." (No effect)
  • "What if it's a human being?" (No effect)

❕ You helped take the Mucous Man alive (May appear later depending on other choices?)

Choice 25

Note: This choice only appears if you detonated the sprayer in the non-diamond path?

Prompt: Scully's got shrapnel in her!

  • "How hurt is she?"
  • "I did what was right."
  • "Sorry I let you down."

Diamond Choice 6A

Note: This choice appears if you told them you were looking for clues in the office at Diamond Choice 2.

Prompt: Did you find anything in that office?

  • "Yes." (Choice 26)
  • "Nope." (Diamond Choice 7A)

Diamond Choice 7A

Scully: Wouldn't hurt to have another look around later.

  • "Don't bother." (No effect)
  • "Sure." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6B

Note: This choice appears if you did not them you were looking for clues in the office at Diamond Choice 2.

Scully: I wouldn't care to speculate.

  • "Earlier, I found a name..." (No effect)
  • "Fair enough." (No effect)

Choice 26

Dogget: We'll get you back to the mainland soon enough. Rest and recovery will do you good in the meantime.

  • "Sure." (No effect)
  • "I don't think so." (No effect)
  • "My eyes have been opened." (No effect)

Choice 27

Prompt: Before long the debriefings and statement requests from the Marines and the FBI begin. After a while I wonder when they'll stop.

  • Tell the truth. (No effect)
    • ❕ You told the truth about Rowan Base.
  • Lie. (No effect)
    • ❕ You lied about Rowan Base.

Choice 28

Knudsen: Please, you can call me Senator Knudsen, or just Senator. Do you know why you're here, Private?

  • "I haven't been given a reason." (No effect)
  • "I'd rather you told me." (No effect)
  • "My statements?" (No effect)
  • "The Alaska incident?" (No effect)

You get the third option if you told the truth about Rowan Base and the fourth if you lied.

Choice 29 (Told the Truth)

Knudsen: These are some fantastical, incendiary claims to have made. You know how you must look to your superiors, don't you?

  • "They're ignoring the truth." (No effect)
  • "I won't lie." (No effect)
  • Stay silent. (No effect)

Choice 29 (Lied)

Knudsen: The full, unredacted reports of Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully paint quite a different picture from yours.

  • "If you say so." (No effect)
  • "In what way?" (No effect)
  • "They're nuts." (No effect)

Choice 30

Knudsen: One I had my voice, I discovered how to use it. When and where. Not just for my own benefit, but for everyone's.

  • Show interest. (No effect, but Knudsen doesn't like to be interrupted)
  • Make pleasantries. (No effect)
  • Keep listening. (No effect)

Choice 31 (Told the Truth)

Knudsen: If I hadn't voided your statements in full, you would have spent it on nothing.

  • "You can't void my statement!" (No effect)
  • "You can do that?" (No effect)
  • Let her continue. (No effect)

Choice 32 (Told the Truth)

Knudsen: Instead of letting you set a torch to your future, I put out the fire. Would you like to know why?

  • "Sure." (No effect)
  • "You want something from me." (No effect)
  • "Gee, you see yourself in me?" (No effect)

Choice 31 (Lied)

Knudsen: To people like myself, your information is currency. 'Currency that can be spent.

  • Play dumb. (No effect)
  • "Move it along." (No effect)
  • "Spent on what?" (Choice 33)

Choice 32 (Lied)

Knudsen: I'm told by John Doggett's boss that you wish to join the FBI and work the X-Files.

  • "I would."
  • "Work the what now?" (No effect)

This choice only appears if ?

Choice 33

Knudsen: John Doggett works for an FBI consulting firm I'm friendly with. Word is you wish to become a federal agent and work the X-Files.

  • "I would." (No effect)
  • "Absolutely." (No effect)
  • "You know the X-Files?" (No effect)
  • "You can get me in?" (No effect)

First option varies depending on whether you told the truth or lied.

Choice 34

Knudsen: "And what does she want in return, I wonder?" Two things: to keep in touch, and for you to serve to the best of your ability.

  • "I'm so grateful." (No effect)
  • "And...?" (No effect)
  • "This doesn't add up." (No effect)

Choice 35

Prompt: Hoping it will be useful for my new future plans, I decide to spend the remainder of my military contract focused on...

  • ...field maintenance.
    • ❕ Miss Fix-It: You pursue field maintenance.
  • ...information security.
    • ❕ Brainy Type: You specialize in information security.
  • ...marksmanship.
    • ❕ Sharpshooter: You train in marksmanship.

Choice 36

Prompt: I decide I need a part-time gig, notjust for money but to get out and about. 'I pick up some hours as a...

  • entry clerk. (No effect)
  • ...package sorter. (No effect)
  • ...ride-share driver. (No effect)

Choice 37

Prompt: During the day, along with my criminal justice courses, I take this great little elective, too.

  • Digital Video and Photography.
    • ❕ Shutter Bug: You study photography.
  • Improvisational Acting.
    • ❕ Thespian: You take up improv.
  • Language Acquisition.
    • ❕ Linguist: You study languages and communication.

Choice 38

Skinner: So let me start by asking you: What do you think the X-Files are?

  • "The unknown." (No effect)
  • "Cover-ups and tact." (No effect)
  • "Monsters." (No effect)

Choice 39

Skinner: Now, I look at these scores, your jacket... You're smart. You know all this. So, Agent Dexler, what are you doing here?

  • "I need to know."
    • ❕ Truthseeker: You want to solve mysteries that defy understanding.
  • "Protecting innocents."
    • ❕ Defender: You want to protect people from the horrors of the world.
  • "Government accountability."
    • ❕ Watchdog: You want to hold the government accountable.

Although there is no long-term effect, Skinner seems to like the third option the best.

Choice 40

Skinner: She's one of two reasons you're sitting here right now. But as far as I'm concerned, no one new should be assigned to the X-Files.

  • "Give me a chance." (No effect)
  • "I'm the only reason." (No effect)
  • "Two reasons?" (No effect)

Choice 41

Skinner: In fact, there's a case waiting for you now in Philadelphia. Your partner's there already.

  • "Thanks!" (No effect)
  • "My first case so soon?" (No effect)
  • "Wait, I'm in?" (No effect)

Choice 33

Prompt: Standing outside Skinner's door, I can't help but think I hear him say, "Mulder"...

  • Play as Skinner. (💎16)
  • Get to work. (No effect)

If you buy the diamond choice, PoV change: "ASSISTANT DIRECTOR WALTER SKINNER"

Diamond Choice 7

Mulder: —and we're making progress. Also, Scully says hi.

  • "Status update." (No effect)
  • "Don't get cute." (No effect)
  • "Hey there, Scully." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 8

Mulder: So now we're at the laundromat next to the motel, deciding on our next move.

  • "Any theories?" (Diamond Choice 9 [Theories])
  • "I'd like Scully's take." (Diamond Choice 9 [Scully's Take])

Diamond Choice 9 (Theories)

Mulder: That the island is somehow atop the largest and densest iron concentration in the Earth's crust.

  • "Take the lead." (Diamond Choice 10 [Theories])
  • "Test her theory." (No effect)
  • "Look into both." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 10 (Theories)

Mulder: Really. So you actually think I'm right.

  • "Could be."
  • "Closer than Scully." (No effect)
  • "I don't care." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 9 (Scully's Take)

Prompt: He wants to look into the cabin's history for murders or... I don't know.

  • "Take the lead." (No effect)
  • "Do both." (No effect)
  • "Listen to Mulder." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 11

Mulder: Where's the pressure coming from? Can't be from inside the Bureau.

  • "A certain senator." (No effect)
  • "We need new blood." (No effect)
  • "That's my problem." (No effect)

❕Walter Skinner: Pressure from Above.


Episode 2

Choice 1

Fulton: He's Tim Quilling. Thirty-seven. Lived here nine years—alone. Grocery-store department manager.

  • "These feel like murders." (No effect)
  • "Poor guy." (No effect)
  • Make a dry joke. (No effect)

If you decide to make a joke, Fulton initially ignores you but then admits he found it funny after Choice 8.

Choice 2

Fulton: What do you make of this, Dexler? A frozen, fragmented corpse left on display.

  • "I'm fascinated." (Choice 4)
  • "It's completely awful." (Choice 4)
  • "You seem unfazed." (Choice 3)

Choice 3

Fulton: I've seen things. Not this, but things. It is unsettling. It just doesn't unsettle me.

  • "I've also seen things." (No effect)
  • "You've seen what exactly?" (No effect)
  • "Well, I'm unsettled." (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: I'd be more apt to find out what happened to these people, since it's the one unique element, but Fulton's my partner.

  • "Maybe." (No effect)
  • "We'll try it your way." (No effect)
  • "How leads to who (or what)." (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: Director Skinner never said which of us is in charge of the case. Judging from Fulton's assertion, he wasn't told either.

  • "You're not in charge." (Choice 5)
  • "Why you?" (Choice 5)
  • "Sounds good." (Choice 6 [Fulton Leads])
    • ❕Your relationship is now Friendly

Choice 5

Fulton: I have a knack for people, so I figured— Are you saying you'd rather...?

  • Yes, thanks. (Choice 6 [Dexler Leads])
  • Just asking. You go ahead. (Choice 6 [Fulton Leads])
  • Damn right.
    • ❕Your relationship is now Combative.

Choice 6 (Dexler Leads)

Prompt: She looks at us, she registers my words—and, I'm fairly sure, their meaning. Understandably, she's far from one hundred percent.

  • "Can we talk?" (No effect)
  • "How are you?" (No effect)
  • "Tell me about the deceased." (No effect)

Choice 7 (Dexler Leads)

Albright: ...and Tim starts arguing with some guy in the living room. I couldn't make it out over the music, but they got into it, so I stayed put.

  • "Did they know each other?" (No effect)
  • "What did he sound like?" (No effect)
  • "Are you sure you couldn't hear?" (No effect)

Choice 8 (Dexler Leads)

Prompt: She tenses up, wincing. She doesn't want to relive it, but she doesn't have a choice.

  • "You'll be okay." (No effect)
  • "Keep going." (No effect)
  • Wait. (No effect)

Choice 6 (Fulton Leads)

Prompt: It's going pretty straightforwardly. I wonder to myself if cross-questioning her might provide a tell.

  • "Are you a bowler?" (No effect)
  • "Who approached who?" (No effect)
  • Let Fulton continue. (No effect)

Choice 7 (Fulton Leads)

Prompt: Fulton's getting impatient, and it's making her agitated. If I don't step in, we might lose her cooperation.

  • "Let's all calm down."
  • "It's okay, miss." (Choice 9)
  • Pull Fulton aside. (Choice 8 [Fulton Leads])

Choice 8 (Fulton Leads)

Fulton: She's not listening to me.

  • "Be calm. You can do this." (No effect)
  • "Get to your point."
  • "You're messing up! I can take over."

Choice 9

Prompt Varies depending on ?

Albright: No. No, he was gone.

Prompt: I can tell Ms. Albright's trying not to think of Tim's body. It's like me with Svehle and the Mucous Man. I can focus her elsewhere.

  • "We're looking for anything weird." (Choice 12 if Combative?)
  • "Did you see the man?" (No effect)
  • "Did Tim have enemies?" (No effect)
  • "Other recent deaths in your life?" (No effect)

Options vary depending on ?

Choice 10 (Dexler Leads)

Albright: He was a sweet guy, you know? Sad, but sweet. I wish I'd have done something.

  • "You couldn't have saved him."
    • ❕You helped absolve Wendy of guilt.
  • "He protected you."
    • ❕You comforted Wendy.
  • "Why not call the police earlier?" (No effect)

❕You held Wendy accountable

Choice 11 (Dexler Leads)

Albright: Was... was there anything else?

  • "That's it, thank you." (No effect)
  • "Try to rest." (No effect)
  • "Don't leave town." (No effect)

Choice 12 (Dexler Leads - Combative Relationship?)

Fulton: What was your plan there? to get her to sat that the Abominable Snowman did it?

  • "I was being thorough." (No effect)
  • "It has to be an X-File."
  • "Lose the attitude."

Choice 13

Prompt: It can't be Skinner—not unless I want to be seen as a partner snitch right out of the gate. But there is another option...

  • Meet with Agent Scully. (💎20, Scully's Clue)
  • Go to bed.

Diamond Choice 1

Scully: I take it from the late-night text that something's weighing on your mind. Things working out with your partner?

  • "Fulton's domineering." (No effect)
  • "He's okay but... off." (No effect)
  • "My partner's a misogynistic dope." (Diamond Choice 2)

Diamond Choice 2

Scully: The Bureau's been a boys' club a long time. I've been told to fetch the coffee. I've been hit on by married men. I've been whistled at.

  • "Oh, great." (No effect)
  • "What did you do?" (No effect)
  • "Not by Mulder...?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Scully: Speaking of your case... "Spontaneous explosive gelation." Great term, except for maybe the "spontaneous" part.

  • "Because that's impossible." (No effect)
  • "Have you encountered it before?" (No effect)
  • "Are you babysitting us?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Scully: Often, though, simple human motivation is at play—and right in plain sight.

  • "Humans are awful." (No effect)
  • "And sometimes monsters." (No effect)
  • "Your advice helped." (No effect)

❕Scully's Clue: Human Motivation.

Choice 14

Fulton: The victims saw the killer as inferior and were likely cruel to him. This is him correcting a perceived injustice.

  • "I'm not seeing any link." (No effect)
  • "Still doesn't explain how." (No effect)
  • "You know the killer's thoughts now?" (No effect)

Choice 15

Fulton: It's what I know, it's what I'm best at, and I really feel strongly that understanding him is how we find him.

  • "Scully suggested we discuss our dynamic..." (No effect)
  • "Okay." (No effect)
  • "What about my opinion?" (No effect)

❕Your relationship is now Professional. (If you are Combative)

❕Your relationship is now Friendly. (If you are Professional)

The first option only appears if you had coffee with Scully.

Choice 16

Fulton: We don't know each other at all. Like, not at all. What brought you to the Bureau? And why the X-Files?

  • Tell him about Alaska.
    • ❕ You told him about Alaska.
  • "To protect innocents." (No effect)
  • "To seek the unknown." (No effect)
  • "To be a watchdog." (No effect)
  • "It's complicated."
    • ❕You kept your experience at Rowan Base from Fulton.

The second option changes depending on why you told Knudsen you want to work the X-Files.


❕You are now playing as Agent Aaron Fulton.

Choice 17

Dexler: My god. You really mean it. Fulton... I'm so sorry.

  • Don't accept pity. (No effect)
  • Acknowledge her sympathy. (No effect)
  • Eat your tacos. (No effect)

Choice 18

Dexler: So that happens to your family, then at some point you decide... what exactly? What was it inside of you that brought you here?

  • "I want to understand their killer."
    • ❕Profiler: You want to understand the criminal mind.
  • "I don't want that to happen again."
    • ❕Guardian: You want to protect the innocent.
  • "I want justice." (No effect)

❕ Lawman: You want to bring criminals to justice.

Choice 19

Prompt: You envision the office changed for the better...

  • Upgrade the office. (💎20)
    • ❕You're settling into your new base of operations.
  • Never mind. (No effect)

Choice 20

Night Manager: Oh. Sure, what do you want to know about?

  • "Tim Quilling." (No effect)
  • "The previous victims." (No effect)
  • "You." (No effect)

Choice 21

Little Jimmer: This is what? About Quilling?

  • Explore their friendship. (No effect)
  • Display compassion. (No effect)
  • Appeal to his interests. (No effect)

Choice 22

Prompt: And you remember you were the worst shot in the academy.

  • Go first. (No effect)
  • Have Dexler go first. (No effect)

Choice 23

Prompt: You repeat to yourself in a whisper: "Bottled-water truck..."

  • Look underneath.
    • ❕Sneberg wounded Dexler while escaping.
  • Tackle Dexler.
    • ❕You injured Dexler's face while protecting her.
  • "Look out!"
    • ❕You took a gash to the shoulder trying to apprehend Sneberg.

Episode 3

Choice 1

Coach Willoughby: If you were here, you could've tried to protect them. If you had your priorities straight, they wouldn't even be dead right now.

  • Shout for help. (No effect)
  • Try to run. (No effect)
  • Beg for mercy. (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: He's dejected. Coach isn't talking about me or my family. I do everything I can not to cry out of fear so that I can—somehow—use his pain.

  • Show you understand him. (No effect)
  • Try to reason with him. (No effect)
  • Goad him into clumsy aggression. (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: I see Coach's heels shift. The end of the bat touches the carpet as he resets his grip. He seems to have forgotten all about me.

  • Wrest the bat from him. (Choice 4)
  • Let it play out. (Choice 5)

Choice 4

Prompt: Okay. Show me.

  • Aim for the head.
    • ❕ As a teenager, you killed Coach Willoughby.
    • ❕ As a teenager you helped apprehend Coach Willoughby.
  • Go for the knee.
    • ❕ As a teenager you helped apprehend Coach Willoughby.
  • Hold position. (No effect)

❕ As a teenager, you survived Coach Willoughby's attack.

Choice 5

Agent: Aaron? Aaron, you're safe now.

  • "You know me?" (No effect)
  • "You were too late." (No effect)
  • "What about Coach?" (No effect)

Choice 6

Prompt: They don't get it, though. Only you do. Your first night at the foster home, in a room made to look like yours, you...

  • ...go catatonic. (No effect)
  • ...barricade the room. (No effect)
  • ...destroy it all. (No effect)

Choice 7

Prompt: He does most of the talking. One day, though, he expresses regret for not saving your family, and you tell him...

  •'s not his fault but Coach's. (No effect)
  •'re the one to blame. (No effect)
  • He should feel bad! (No effect)

Choice 8

Prompt: You think you've been recruited into a cult or something. Pierce insists you keep an open mind. And you're drawn to a case...

  • ...about lights in the sky. (No effect)
  • ...involving a miraculous girl. (No effect)
  • ...about an odd creature. (No effect)

Choice 9

Prompt: You excel like crazy in behavioral sciences, particularly in developing profiles, but you find you're also good at...

  • ...surveillance.
    • ❕Watchman: You specialize in surveillance.
  • ...defensive combat.
    • ❕Hand-to-Hand Expert: You study martial arts.
  • ...tactical driving.
    • ❕Wheelman: You pursue tactical driving.

Choice 10

Skinner: Aaron, let me be up-front with you. I've looked at your academy scores. I'm not at all impressed.

  • "I'm good at this." (No effect)
  • "Then why see me?" (No effect)
  • "I hear you." (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: You can't help but wonder: How did that conversation go down? What's the relationship between Pierce and Skinner like? What's their history?

  • Play as Skinner. See What really happened. (💎20, Pierce's Clue)
  • Ask Skinner about it. (No effect)
  • Let the thought fade. (No effect)

If you buy the diamond choice, PoV change: "ASSISTANT DIRECTOR WALTER SKINNER"

Diamond Choice 1

Pierce: Yes, but he's more than that. He's also the sole survivor of the Willoughby murders. and he's— Well, I'm looking out for him.

  • "Now I remember." (No effect)
  • "You're a good man." (No effect)
  • "Is he okay?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Pierce: I did. And, now, I know what you'll say, but I had a talk with Kersh and he said there's budgetary wiggle room.

  • "You went around me? That's low." (No effect)
  • "I need that money for my priorities." (No effect)
  • "Get out." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Pierce: What you don't know is what Senator Knudsen recently confided in me.

  • "Don't be a gossip." (No effect)
  • "She despises me!" (No effect)
  • "Get to the point." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Pierce: Kersh knows. Knudsen has a promising trainee in mind. She's keen to be a part of the unit. Another great asset.

  • "I don't need new agents." (No effect)
  • "Tell me about her." (No effect)
  • "What are you two up to?" (No effect)

❕ Pierce's Clue: The Syndicate's Decline


Choice 12

Prompt: Skinner's inquiring about the quality of Scully and Mulder's reports... but he's really asking about their approach to the paranormal.

  • "Too many wild Mulder theories." (No effect)
  • "They complement each other." (No effect)
  • "Scully's too analytical." (No effect)

Choice 13

Pierce: In fact, the X-Files will most likely make you unpopular around here.

  • "When will I partner up?" (No effect)
  • "You won't regret this." (No effect)
  • "Not great." (No effect)

Choice 14

Dexler: The dad was a member of the same bowling league as all Sneberg's other victims. And his ball is missing, like the others'.

  • "What is Sneberg thinking?" (No effect)
  • "We have to get proactive."
  • "I let Sneberg escape." (No effect)
  • "I'm fine, by the way." (No effect)
  • "How's your head?" (No effect)
  • "How's your shoulder?" (No effect)

Options vary depending on what Fulton did directly before Sneberg escaped in Episode 2. You get the first option if ? and the second if? You get the third option if Fulton shouted to get down, the fourth if he tackled Dexler, and the fifth if he looked under the truck.

Choice 15

Dexler: But judging from the fact that the ice has melted, this happened several days before Tim Quilling was killed.

  • "There could be more like this." (No effect)
  • "Sneberg made an exception for a reason." (No effect)
  • "Maybe this one was a mistake." (No effect)

Choice 16

Mulder: Hi. This is Special Agent Fox Mulder. I take it you're Agent Fulton?

  • "How did you find me?" (No effect)
  • "It's a pleasure." (No effect)
  • "What can I do for you?" (No effect)

Choice 17

Mulder: I maintained that Martin Jr. had had enough, lashing out in self defense with an extraordinary ability he didn't know his cure had given him.

  • "About his mother..." (No effect)
  • "What did the doctor say?" (No effect)
  • "The boy had to have mutations." (No effect)

Choice 18

Mulder: But something must have happened to Martin Sneberg Jr. since then—a life event that changed him, made him homicidal.

  • Tell him it doesn't make sense. (No effect)
  • Show gratitude. (No effect)
  • Assure him you can solve it. (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt: Not that it's ever fun. It tires you out and sometimes gives you migraines. But it could give you the edge you need to stop him...

  • Invite Sneberg into your head. (💎20)
    • ❕Inner secrets: Martin Sneberg Jr.
  • Finish up here. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 5

Sneberg: You want to know what happened here.

  • "I do." (No effect)
  • "Not what. Why." (No effect)
  • "You're no killer." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6

Sneberg: I've got all day. Go ahead. Give it your best.

  • "Why these bowlers?" (No effect)
  • "Let's talk bowling balls." (No effect)
  • "Tell me about your mom." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Prompt: You're losing him. Just as he was starting to coalesce and make sense. You've got time for one more. Make it count.

  • "Where are you now?" (No effect)
  • "Who's next?" (No effect)
  • "What will make you stop?" (No effect)

Choice 20

Dexler: So we can look forward to returning to Philly to interview everyone again, this time asking about Sneberg. I know it's the job, but oof.

  • Make light of it. (No effect)
  • Share her frustrations. (No effect)
  • Begrudge her complaining. (No effect)

Choice 21

Prompt: You could be going through Sneberg's laptop right now... or you could pore over the photos and video coverage of Sneberg's apartment.

  • Choose the laptop. (Choice 23)
  • Take photo duty. (Choice 22)
  • Let Dexler pick. (Choice 23)
    • ❕Your relationship has improved

Choice 22

Dexler: Right. And what about what I'd prefer?

  • Kindly insist. (No effect)
  • Placate your partner.
    • ❕Your relationship has improved
  • Stand your ground.
    • ❕Your relationship is now Combative.

Choice 23

Prompt: You were right about Sneberg not fitting the profile. As he sees it, he's only killing to survive.

  • Gripe about being tricked. (No effect)
  • Voice your frustration. (No effect)
  • Worry about the blackmailer. (No effect)

Choice 24

Dexler: That Jimmer guy said Sneberg and Quilling were best friends. They were probably each other's only friend.

  • Sympathize with Quilling. (No effect)
  • Express your grim concern. (No effect)
  • Sympathize with Sneberg. (No effect)

Episode 4

Choice 1

Sneberg: Either you're gonna kill me or arrest me. I don't wanna die. I don't wanna be imprisoned. I don't wanna be tested on like some guinea pig...

  • Reason with compassion... (No effect)
  • Make him face facts. (No effect)
  • Offer to get his blackmailer. (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: Sneberg does have something left to lose: his mother. And you can still move. You're a bad shot, but if you weren't being popsicled...

  • Get into Sneberg's head. (💎18)
  • De-escalate, then trick him. (Choice 3 [De-escalate])
  • Use his mom as leverage. (Path B)
  • Calm him down and shoot.

Diamond Choice 1

Sneberg: I don't know what you think you can say to me, but get talking.

  • Appeal to his moral character. (No effect)
  • Appreciate his need for control. (No effect)
  • Commiserate over his parents. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Prompt: That hits him. He's starting to see things your way. You can't let up.

  • Be an example. (No effect)
  • Encourage him. (No effect)
  • Insult him. (No effect)

❕You convinced Sneberg to surrender peacefully!

You get the first two options if you commiserate with him or appeal to his morality and the third if you appreciate his need for control.

Diamond Choice 3 (Only Appears If?)

Sneberg: Okay. Okay, I'll come with you.

  • Reinforce his decision.
  • Hug him. (No effect)
  • Give Dexler a smug smirk. (No effect)

Third option appears if you are Combative with Dexler?

Diamond Choice 4 (Only Appears If?)

Prompt: How the hell did you do that?

  • "I get people."
  • "Lucky gamble."
  • "Sheer genius." (No effect)

 Diamond Choice 5

Prompt varies based on ?

Sneberg: I'm going to be okay, right...?

Sneberg: Gonna... Gonna stand up for myself...

  • Encourage him. (No effect)
  • Ease his concerns.
  • Reassure him (?) (No effect)
  • Scold the murderer. (No effect)
  • Callously taunt him. (No effect)

First option varies based on what you chose in Diamond Choice 1?

Choice 3 (De-escalate)

Prompt: You're not quite close enough. You could charge, but you're not warmed up enough yet.

  • Distract him with talk. (Choice 4 [De-escalate])
  • Get him to cuff you. (No effect)
  • Rush him.

Choice 4 (De-escalate)

Prompt: He falls back. Even with your muscles cold, it was enough. Sneberg's unconscious.

  • Show compassion. (No effect)
  • Express contempt.
  • Make a pithy joke.

❕You apprehended Martin Sneberg Jr.

Choice 5 (De-escalate)

Sneberg: You... tricked me...

  • Take pride in it.
  • Show compassion. (No effect)
  • Callously taunt him.

Choice 5 (non-diamond - only if?)

Prompt: Lucky I didn't... kill you...

  • Put him in his place.
  • Show compassion
  • Return the sentiment.


If Aaron failed to apprehend Sneberg (Path B), you will get choices here for Jess to do it before Choice 5. Please add them if you have them.

Choice 6

Skinner: Oh, I know. Whose bright idea was it to confront a dangerous fugitive from justice without calling for backup?

  • "We messed up." (No effect)
  • "It was Fulton."
    • ❕Your relationship has worsened.
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6

Fulton: Thank you, sir. I wasn't in this alone. I had Dexler with me too.

  • "I can't take credit!" (No effect)
  • "Thank you." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

This choice appears if you talked Sneberg into surrendering?

Choice 7

Skinner: If I could, I'd pair one of you with Scully and the other with Mulder, but that isn't going to happen.

  • "Why not?" (No effect)
  • "We'll do better." (No effect)
  • "Put one of us in charge." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Fulton: Wendy said if she's allowed and can handle it, she's going to visit Sneberg, try to be there for him.

  • "Good to hear." (No effect)
  • "He doesn't deserve it." (No effect)
  • "She's crazy." (No effect)

This choice only appears if you talked Sneberg into surrendering?

Choice 8

Fulton: Hey, you want to find out what kind of music Sneberg likes?

  • "Sure." (No effect)
  • "Nah." (No effect)
  • "Yikes. Yes." (No effect)

Choice 9

Fulton: Don't you feel like we should still be involved somehow? Expertise aside, isn't this our case?

  • "I agree." (No effect)
  • "I don't know." (No effect)
  • "It does feel abrupt." (No effect)

Choice 10

Computer Voice: Oh, yeah, Agent Dexler. They missed. You feds keep missing.

  • "You're live." (No effect)
  • "Call the techs!" (No effect)
  • "Get Skinner!" (No effect)

Choice 11

Computer Voice: You messed up our plans, so now we'll mess up yours. How's that sound?

  • "Never happen." (No effect)
  • "Not great." (No effect)
  • "Come find me." (No effect)

❕Fulton recognized Alaska from your stories. (If you told him in Episode 2)

Choice 12 (Told Fulton About Alaska)

Fulton: Think they really hacked the X-Files? Those Alaska pictures...

  • "They hacked them."
  • "Let's assume so." (No effect)
  • "Hard to take seriously."

Choice 12 (Didn't Tell Fulton About Alaska)

Fulton: What was all that? Pictures of you in the service? Some kind of facility?

  • "Here's the short version..."
    • ❕You finally told Fulton about Rowan Base.
  • "Proof."
    • ❕You kept the truth from Fulton... again.
  • "None of your business."
    • ❕You kept the truth from Fulton... again.

Choice 14

Skinner: We can only assume the hackers are the "Magic Bullets" who contacted you, and that they used Sneberg's X-File to locate and blackmail him.

  • "They threatened us." (No effect)
  • "Why blackmail Sneberg?" (No effect)
  • "Did Cyber rescan the laptop?" (No effect)

Choice 15

Fulton: If they had all ten balls, they would have spelled out I-C-E I-C-E B-A-B-Y. "Ice Ice Baby."

  • "It's like they're children." (No effect)
  • "Poor Sneberg." (No effect)
  • "Awful pun." (No effect)

Choice 16

Prompt: Or I could take a trip to Arlington National Cemetery, which I haven't visited since moving here.

  • Go to Colorado. Investigate the hackers. (💎20, Colorado Clue)
  • Visit Arlington.

Diamond Choice 8

June: Sure is. I'm June. And you are another officer of the law.

  • "City cop." (No effect)
  • "I'm a reporter." (No effect)
  • "That's right." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 9

June: Where are my manners? Would you like to come in for a sweet tea?

  • "Sure." (No effect)
  • "No, thank you." (No effect)
  • "With bourbon?" (No effect)

❕The Colorado Clue: "W166S678" May Be a Code

Diamond Choice 10

Prompt: It reads, "you wont find anything in byers." I decide to reply.

  • "Who is this?" (No effect)
  • "Up yours." (No effect)
  • "Already did." (No effect)

Episode 5

Choice 1

Caitlyn: ...but it also gave him the power to slash freeze people's insides so they explode. This is what you're saying.

  • "Yes." (No effect)
  • "I only know what I saw." (No effect)
  • "I'm not crazy." (No effect)

Choice 2

Caitlyn: I mean, you saw bodies. Innocent people literally torn apart. How are you carrying that?

  • "Fine. It's the job." (No effect)
  • "It's worth the end result." (No effect)
  • "Not well." (No effect)

Choice 3 (Friendly)

Caitlyn: How is it with the guy they paired you with. Working out okay, or...?

  • "It's going well." (No effect)
  • "Too soon to say." (No effect, but Caitlyn assumes you're interested in Fulton)
  • "We'll see. He's odd." (No effect)

Choice 3 (Combative)

Caitlyn: How is it with the guy they paired you with. Working out okay, or...?

  • "We don't get along."
  • "I'm trying." (No effect)
  • "I don't like him." (No effect)

Choice 4

Caitlyn: Could be bad... but it could be an opportunity for someone to step up. Get things in order. Hint, hint.

  • "It would be nice."
    • ❕You want to run the X-Files someday.
  • "Whoa, one step at a time."
    • ❕You're taking your career one day at a time.
  • "I don't want Skinner's job."
    • ❕You want to keep working the field.


Choice 5

Stacey: I know you don't want to talk about it. That's cool. Anything about it you want to talk around?

  • "Knowing dark minds." (No effect)
  • "Preventing injustice." (No effect)
  • "The killer was a shut-in." (No effect)
  • "No, it's okay." (No effect)

First option varies depending on why Fulton said he wanted to work the X-Files.

Choice 6

Stacey: There's a chillwave act playing at my bar tonight. Or, you know what we've never done together? Gone bowling.

  • "Electronic music it is." (No effect)
  • "Let's go bowling." (No effect)
  • "How about the bedroom." (No effect)
  • "Anything but bowling." (No effect)

Choice 7

Prompt: It certainly isn't something you ever would've considered when you first met him, when he was alone and bleeding to death on the sidewalk...

  • Relive your first meeting with Dr. Hill. (💎19)
  • See to his wellbeing.

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: The man is facedown on the sidewalk. Another man, bundled in layers, runs from him with a grocery cart full of junk.

  • Chase after the running man. (No effect)
  • Check on the prone man. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Prompt: Not only is he bleeding, he's shivering from the cold. He needs warmth.

  • Give him your dad's sweatshirt. (No effect)
  • Protect the sweatshirt by taking it off. (No effect)

Although there is ultimately no effect on gameplay, choosing not to give the man your sweatshirt leads to permanent health complications.

Diamond Choice 3

Hill: The truth is, when I was lying there, I'd made my peace with it—that it would be the end. If you'd left me there, that would've been okay.

  • "You have a death wish?" (No effect)
  • "But I'd hate myself." (No effect)
  • "That's an ugly fate." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Hill: This life that I've come to have, this life of owning nothing, it's what feels right for me. I'm content.

  • Encourage him to start over. (No effect)
  • Respect his choice. (No effect)
  • Question his sanity. (No effect)

❕You relived your first meeting with Dr. Hill.

Choice 8

Hill: So. Aaron. How are you liking the FBI so far?

  • "It's a challenge." (No effect)
  • "It feels right." (No effect)
  • "Not much." (No effect)

Choice 9

Hill: That's good to hear. And what do you think of your killer being an orphan, somewhat like you?

  • "Not at all like me." (No effect)
  • "What he became is tragic." (No effect)
  • "I used that insight." (No effect)

Choice 10

Hill: With all he's done for you, what do you think is at the root of your disdain for Gregory Pierce?

  • "He wants to mold me." (No effect)
  • "He's not my father." (No effect)
  • "He didn't save my family." (No effect)

Choice 11

Doggett: I hear you're working with Jess Dexler. She's a good one to have at your back.

  • "She's great." (No effect)
  • "She's competent." (No effect)
  • "We'll see." (No effect)
  • "If you say so." (No effect)
  • "I don't like her." (No effect)

You get the first two options if you are friendly and the last two if you are combative.

Diamond Choice 5

Pierce: Word's getting around the Bureau, you know. I might have had a part in that. But anyway, how are you feeling?

  • "Good." (Choice 14?)
  • "Relieved the have stopped the murderer." (Choice 14?)
  • "'Word's getting around'?" (Choice 13?)

You only get this choice if you convinced Sneberg to surrender?

Choice 12 (Non-diamond)

Pierce: Look at you, a tested field agent. Been enjoying your time off? Doing things with Stacey?

  • "Uh-huh."
  • "It's been nice." (No effect)
  • "Can we get on with it?"

Choice 13

Pierce: Let me ask you this: What's your take on Skinner?

  • "I like him so far."
    • ❕You supported Skinner in front of Pierce.
  • "Tough but fair."
  • "He's a blowhard."
    • ❕You expressed your disapproval of Skinner to Pierce.

This choice only appears if ?


Choice 14

Knudson: Yes, well, I don't intend to debrief you after every case, if that's your concern.

  • "I'm not concerned." (No effect)
  • "What do you want to know?" (No effect)
  • "That's a relief." (No effect)

Choice 15

Prompt: My mind reels. The thought of Knudsen and Skinner going head-to-head? It makes me wish I'd been there.

  • Play as Skinner. See how it went down. (💎16, Knudsen's Clue)
  • "What did Skinner say?"


Diamond Choice 6

Knudsen: My complaints with you have often been of overreach and dangerously unconventional practices. But now... we have this data breach.

  • "Don't look at me." (No effect)
  • "We'll handle it." (No effect)
  • "You're wasting my time." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Knudsen: Did you think your actions would never reach the tipping point? You're lucky you aren't being thrown out on your ass.

  • "Try it." (No effect)
  • "It's going to be okay." (No effect)
  • "Get a grip." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 8

Knudsen: While we're waiting, I wonder—how is young Agent Dexler fairing? Well, I hope.

  • "She has potential." (No effect)
  • "Dexler's green." (No effect)
  • "I'm done talking." (No effect)

❕Knudsen's Clue: A Government Plot against the X-Files


Choice 16

Knudsen: Say you could be an invaluable asset, like Fox Mulder; you could take Skinner's place; or you could exercise influence more... covertly.

  • "The AD's top asset."
    • ❕You're dependable and want to be a trusted asset.
  • "Assistant director."
    • ❕You're ambitious and want to help direct the X-Files.
  • "Covert influencer."
    • ❕You want to assert covert political influence.

Choice 17

Knudsen: From this point forth, the Pierce Institute will oversee Walter Skinner. Specifically his work relating to the X-Files unit.

  • "More oversight?" (No effect)
  • "I welcome them." (No effect)
  • "Is this your doing?" (No effect)

Choice 18

Caitlyn: So if the Pierce Institute's effectively calling the shots now... what will you do?

  • "Roll with it." (No effect)
  • "Business as usual." (No effect)
  • "Tale advantage." (No effect)
  • "Watch my own back." (No effect)

First option varies based on ?

Choice 19

You get the first prompt if you are Friendly and the second if you are Combative?

Caitlyn: You said your partner's buddy-buddy with Pierce, right? Keep that comraderie going, 'cause he's got juice.

Caitlyn: You said your partner's close to Pierce, right? You might want to smooth things over with him. He could decide if you're gone or not.

  • "Yuck." (No effect)
  • "They could put him in charge of me!" (No effect)
  • "Not a bad idea." (No effect)
  • "I won't use him." (No effect)

Options vary based on ?


Choice 20

Stacey: I know you're passionate about working for the FBI. But are you actually excited about this X-Files thing?

  • "I am now."
    • ❕You're committed to the X-Files.
  • "No. But I can wait it out."
    • ❕You're in the X-Files to advance your career.
  • "I just want away from Pierce."
    • ❕You're in the X-Files to get out from under Pierce's thumb.

Choice 21

Prompt: With Pierce in your corner, you could boss Dexler around if you wanted to. The thought of doing that...

  • ...sickens you. (No effect)
  • worth keeping in mind. (No effect)
  • ...puts you at ease. (No effect)


Choice 22

Prompt: The caller's voice is disguised—not digitized like the Magic Bullets voice, but made to sound like a "wacky" cartoon character.

  • "You texted me before." (No effect)
  • "What's this about?" (No effect)
  • "You're obnoxious." (No effect)
  • "Lose my number." (No effect)

Choice 23

Caller: I know this because I'm responsible for the founding of this group of turds.

  • "Then you're a murderer." (No effect)
  • "You've got some nerve." (No effect)
  • "Keep talking." (No effect)

❕You learned about Hay Guise and the Magic Bullets.

Episode 6

Choice 1

Dexler: Okay, so you know, too. Of course. Makes sense that you would. What, uh... Is this good or bad?

  • Say that Pierce is overbearing. (No effect)
  • Reassure her. Pierce is responsible. (No effect)
  • Be evasive. (No effect)

Choice 2

Skinner: Now, I assume the both of you have already been briefed on the Pierce situation. Is that correct?

  • "Pierce told me." (No effect)
  • "Yes. We know." (No effect)
  • Let Dexler answer. (No effect)

Choice 3

Dexler: Okay, so there was a rapid-fire string of unfortunate incidents. How is this an X-File?

  • Agree with Dexler. (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)
  • Scold Dexler. (No effect)

Choice 4

Skinner: Four posts, four deaths. According to the app's founder, this Ashtag account doesn't exist in their database.

  • "Where there's a threat, there's a motive." (No effect)
  • "The posts could be hoaxes." (No effect)
  • "Might be a hacker." (No effect)

Choice 5

Skinner: The Pierce Institute is pairing each of you with one of their consultants. Don't ask who. I have no idea.

  • "They're splitting us up?" (No effect)
  • "You're okay with this?" (No effect)
  • "We don't need babysitters." (No effect)

Choice 6

Prompt: It frustrates you not to know exactly the nature of Pierce's involvement. Who's really in charge here?

  • Play as Skinner. Fight to protect the X-Files. (💎22)
  • Ask about chain of command. (No effect)


Diamond Choice 1

Pierce: I'm being brought in, frankly, because Kersh has lost faith in you. Considering this hack, I can't blame him.

  • "Put yourself in my shoes." (No effect)
  • "The hack wasn't my fault." (No effect)
  • "Like your FBI track record was spotless?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Pierce: Think of this as a way for me to pay you back for all your help back then.

  • "You're not here to advise me." (No effect)
  • "All right. I'll try." (No effect)
  • "This is garbage." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Pierce: What do you want? Autonomy for Mulder and Scully, you give all agents the orders I choose, or I'm transparently the ultimate authority?

  • "Senior agent autonomy."
    • ❕Mulder and Scully are independent... but the rest belongs to Pierce.
  • "I direct the agents; you direct me."
    • ❕Skinner remains in command... under Pierce's supervision.
  • "Might as well be transparent."
    • ❕Pierce is in charge... and the truth is known.


Diamond Choice 4

Pierce: Agent Fulton, are you listening or daydreaming?

  • "Listening." (No effect)
  • "Oops." (No effect)
  • "Daydreaming." (No effect)

Choice 7

Pierce: She'll be on a later flight. Different hotel too, closer to the developers. For now, I need a moment with your partner.

  • Show concern for Dexler. (No effect)
  • Say goodbye. (No effect)
  • Question their need for privacy. (No effect)

Choice 8

Pierce: You'll be working with me on this one.

  • Accept it and move one.
    • ❕You accepted Pierce's help.
  • See the bright side.
    • ❕You welcomed Pierce's assistance.
  • Vent your frustration.
    • ❕You rebuked Pierce.

Choice 9

Mrs. Chen: Thing is, the lights test out fine, and our programmers can't replicate the glitch. There's no explanation for what happened.

  • Inquire about hacking. (No effect)
  • Express your skepticism. (No effect)
  • Imply she's lying. (No effect)

Choice 10

Pierce: Where's your head at right now? Where are you thinking this leads?

  • "The paranormal." (No effect)
  • "Has to be hackers." (No effect)
  • "Coincidence." (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: Maybe dressing down would make students more likely to warm up to you, and you could pretend to live out part of your dreams.

  • Buy and wear the hoodie. (💎20)
    • ❕You can pass as a student!
  • Move along. (No effect)

Choice 12

Pierce: She should be out in a second. Marjorie Banks. Why don't you take lead?

  • Thank Pierce. (No effect)
  • Agree with a friendly jab. (No effect)
  • Accuse him of hovering. (No effect)

Choice 13

Marjorie Banks: On the app, R8R? It's kind of a cesspool, really. All your dating history on display, everyone accusing each other of lying about bad stuff.

  • Connect with her. (No effect)
  • Flatter her. (No effect)
  • Question her judgment. (No effect)

Choice 14

Marjorie Banks: As busy as he was with football and classes, he always found time for me. He really was amazing.

  • Gently explore Randy Tully's flaws. (No effect?)
  • Inquire about enemies.
    • ❕You shook Marjorie; how you handle her now is vital.
  • Push her for dirt.
    • ❕You went in hard on Marjorie; how you handle her now is crucial.

Choice 15

Marjorie Banks: I keep waking up in the middle of the night to check my phone... I don't know what to do.

  • Help her cope. (No effect)
  • Offer condolences. (No effect)
  • Apologize for pushing. (No effect)
  • Thank her for her time. (No effect)

Second option varies depending on what you chose in Choice 14.

Diamond Choice 5 (Hoodie)

Prompt: As you record notes from your last interview into your phone, a guy mistaking you for a student offers to sell you some Ritalin.

  • Scare him off. (No effect)
  • Have him arrested. (No effect)
  • Take him up on it. (No effect)

Choice 16

Dexler: ...So that's everything from this end. How are things on campus?

  • Tell her about Pierce. (No effect)
  • Mention the connection between victims. (No effect)
  • Bring up the campus mood. (No effect)

Choice 17

Pierce: Class should be out any second. You should have gotten his picture with my last text. Brennan Farrell, Tully's roommate.

  • Plan to work with Pierce. (No effect)
  • Politely request to work solo.
    • ❕You have to interview Brennan with Pierce.
  • Prod Pierce to leave... hard.
    • ❕You'll interview Brennan solo.

Choice 18

Prompt: Brennan clearly had issues with Tully, and likely still has some with Tully's friends.

  • Mirror his point of view. (No effect)
  • Be sympathetic. (No effect)
  • Talk without pretense. (No effect)

Choice 19

Brennan Farrell: Not that I really want them to die. I just... wish they'd go away. And I'm not sorry that Randy's dead.

  • Help him through a tough time. (No effect)
    • ❕You encouraged Brennan.
  • Condemn his insensitivity.
    • ❕You called Brennan out as heartless.
  • Suspect his involvement.
    • ❕Brennan thinks he's a suspect.

Choice 20

Prompt: Pierce suggests splitting two tasks: you can look up the other victims' social media for evidence or check the local authorities' records.

  • Go online. (No effect)
  • Make some calls. (No effect)

Choice 21

Pierce: The girl, she was campaigning for a smoke-free campus and got pretty intense about it, but that's all. What are you thinking?

  • "They had a common enemy." (No effect)
  • "It is karma." (No effect)
  • "Could be the Magic Bullets." (No effect)

Choice 22

Pierce: I understand why you always go there, but not everything is the work of deranged killers, okay?

  • "You don't know me." (No effect)
  • "My theory's valid." (No effect)
  • "What's your plan, then?" (No effect)

Choice 23

Steven Park: Uh, yeah. They think I'm a jerk because it insults my intelligence to engage in small talk. I get right to it.

  • Make use of his smarts. (No effect)
  • Offer compassion. (No effect)
  • Knock him down a peg. (No effect)

Choice 24

Prompt: ...until he starts to shudder. He reaches for his neck as frothy saliva spills from his mouth. He can't breathe.

  • Rush him to the EMTs. (No effect)
  • Clear his airway. (No effect)

Episode 7

Choice 1

Skinner: You'll be in the field with Pierce's people. I want to know everything they do and say in your presence.

  • "Of course." (No effect)
  • "Don't you trust them?" (No effect)
  • "I don't want to spy." (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: No way are Mulder and Scully just going to accept the Pierce Institute's oversight... right?

  • Play as Scully. See the truth. (💎20, Ritual Clue)
  • Start the next X-File.


Diamond Choice 1

Mulder: They were both men in black, Scully. CIA assets who once worked for the same shadow conglomerate as our old friend the Cancer Man: the Syndicate.

  • "Okay, that is odd." (No effect)
  • "Are you sure?" (No effect)
  • "We have enough work." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Mulder: It may be that some of these groups have allied to take out their rivals for control of global politics.

  • "Why the suicides?" (No effect)
  • "Pretty far-fetched." (No effect)
  • "Their rivals? Or one big rival?" (No effect)

❕The Ritual Clue: A Declaration of War?

Diamond Choice 3 (Autonomy)

This choice only appears if Skinner asked for autonomy for Mulder and Scully in Episode 6.

Mulder: Skinner may have gotten us a pass, but Gregory Pierce has no business managing the X-Files or the new agents.

  • "I agree with you." (No effect)
  • "Pierce might be okay."
  • We can help Dexler and Fulton." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3 (Other Paths)

This choice appears if Skinner did not request autonomy for Scully and Mulder in Episode 6.

Mulder: Skinner can dress it up however he wants, but the DoJ has placed Gregory Pierce in charge of the X-Files, and that isn't right.

Mulder: What we pursue and why are in the hands of a private citizen. Former AD or not, Gregory Pierce isn't qualified to be our boss.

  • "I agree with you." (No effect)
  • "Pierce might be okay." (No effect)
  • "We can ignore orders." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Mulder: Then Zeus brought his son, Arcas, back to life. He became the empire's greatest hunter, an unprecedented weaver, and a powerful king.

  • "A vague but ominous omen." (No effect)
  • "You've got to be joking." (No effect)
  • "Forget the suicides, Mulder." (No effect)


Choice 3

Prompt: I feel myself beaming from ear to ear as I stride toward him. He offers a handshake.

  • Shake his hand. (No effect)
  • Offer a fist bump. (No effect)
  • Steal a hug. (No effect)

Choosing all flirty options with Doggett gives you the option to sleep with him at the end of Episode 8?

Choice 4

Dogett: Seems the world's been good to you these past years, Dexler.

  • "I worked hard for it." (No effect)
  • "Wait—are you being sexist?" (No effect)
  • "You look incredible." (No effect)

Choosing all flirty options with Doggett gives you the option to sleep with him at the end of Episode 8?

Choice 5

Jenna Mathis: Do you work better alone or with a team? What are your goals? Letting each individual decide empowers them.

  • "Cool idea."
    • ❕You have Ty Wright talking about his staff. Keep it up.
  • "Sounds like easy street."
    • ❕You have Ty Wright talking about his company. Keep it up.
  • "But your app—it's gross."
    • ❕Wright seems unphased by your criticism. Still, pace yourself.

Choice 6

Ty Wright: But even if Ashtag did exist? My company's not responsible for messages, ratings, or reviews posted on R8R—death threats included. It's in our terms of service.

  • "Any Ashtag theories?" (No effect)
  • "Aren't you morally responsible?" (No effect)
  • "Ashtag exists." (No effect)

Choice 7

Prompt: Miss Mathis departs, leaving me alone with Doggett.

  • "Wright was rude." (No effect)
  • "Did she say 'the brook'?" (No effect))
  • "You let me down." (No effect)

Choice 8

Fulton: I didn't exactly pack right for the weather. How's everything going over there?

  • "Not much to say." (No effect)
  • "The CEO's a turd." (No effect)
  • "It's swanky." (No effect)

Choice 9

Doggett: Found the security chief's office. What did Fulton have to say?

  • "There's a connection." (No effect)
  • "He's upset." (No effect)
  • "The app is trash." (No effect)
  • "Hi to you." (No effect)
  • "Nothing much." (No effect)

First option varies based on what information you gave Dexler in Episode 6.

Choice 10

Roberto Alameda: That's what it says on the door, isn't it? What is this, the ashtags thing?

  • "You got it." (No effect)
  • "What else?" (No effect)
  • "Let us in." (No effect)

Choice 11

Doggett: In other words, it's being sent directly to individual phones with no way to identify the source.

  • "Must be frustrating." (No effect)
  • "Who's to blame?" (No effect)
  • "May be an inside job." (No effect)

Choice 12

Roberto Alameda: I wish I'd met my ex on it. Then I could warn everyone: yeah, she's hot, but what a frigid bitch.

  • "You're awful." (No effect)
  • "Any other pertinent info?" (No effect)
  • "Did you know the deceased?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Doggett: It wouldn't shock me to find out someone here is behind it. What about you?

  • "It's paranormal."
    • ❕You suspect paranormal activity.
  • "Agreed. It's someone here."
    • ❕You suspect an inside job.
  • "Maybe hackers?"
    • ❕You suspect hackers are responsible.

Choice 14

Cecily Lowe: Part of one. And it took only twice as long as estimated, as opposed to the usual thrice.

  • "You seem happy." (No effect)
  • "Why so long?" (No effect)
  • "Are you a loner?" (No effect)

Choice 15

Cecily Lowe: They'd have to delete it all one at a time. Click, confirm. Click, confirm. All while having to revisit interactions with exes and trolls.

  • "You're doing good." (No effect)
  • "What a pain." (No effect)
  • "Wright's priorities suck." (No effect)

Choice 16

Cecily Lowe: Sorry. I've got so much to do and no end it sight, seems like... Te final result'll be worth it, but getting there's been a real slog.

  • "Keep at it."
    • ❕You encouraged Cecily to focus on her work.
  • "You should quit."
    • ❕You suggested Cecily quit M. M. Wright.
  • "Need anything?"
    • ❕You were kind to Cecily.

Choice 17

Prompt: Or maybe Doggett played the "locker room talk" angle. I could usually get my fellow Marines to confide in me that way.

  • Play as Doggett. Get wright talking. (💎20)
  • Ask Doggett about the talk.

PoV change: "JOHN DOGGETT"

Diamond Choice 5

Ty Wright: Oh my god... you people are exhausting. At least you don't have your little lap lassie around. Let's get this over with.

  • Berate him about women. (Diamond Choice 6 [Berate Him])
  • View him as a suspect. (Diamond Choice 6 [Suspect])
  • Play along. (Diamond Choice 6 [Play Along])

Diamond Choice 6 (Berate Him)

Ty Wright: Look at your girl. Hispanic woman, there's a two-fer. Looks gay too, which is all fine, but it's no reason for special treatment.

  • Attack his character. (No effect)
  • Calmly refute him. (No effect)
  • Threaten him. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7 (Berate Him)

Ty Wright: I couldn't get a chick to even look at me until I started making bank. Now they want me to take them out, shower them with gifts? Screw them.

  • Express disgust. (No effect)
  • Question his maturity. (No effect)
  • Show compassion. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6 (Suspect)

Ty Wright: Come on, you've gotta be what? Pushing sixty? I'd be amazed if you knew BASIC, much less the intricacies of modern programming.

  • Voice suspicion.
  • Play to his ego.
  • Take offense.

Diamond Choice 7 (Suspect)

Ty Wright: I told myself I'd show them. Someday I'd find a way. But even now, with everything I have...

  • Ask him to shut R8R down. (No effect)
  • Show compassion.
  • Judge him.

Diamond Choice 6 (Play Along)

Ty Wright: You gotta make them feel like crap so they crave your love. Man, I can see why you're not married. Total soyboy.

  • Admire his insight. (No effect)
  • Ask about soyboys.
  • Defend your prowess.

Diamond Choice 7 (Play Along)

Ty Wright: Tell you something else: they all have a price. I couldn't get a chick to look at me until I started making bank.

  • Play along for motive. (No effect)
  • Question his maturity.
  • Show compassion.

Diamond Choice 8

Jenna Mathis: I trust you and Ty had an enlightening talk.

  • "He's terrible." (No effect)
  • "Yes." (No effect)
  • "Are you aware of his views?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 9

Jenna Mathis: I just tell myself that this job isn't forever. It's a résumé builder.

  • "Expose the toxicity here."
    • ❕You urged Jenna to expose M. M. Wright's toxic climate.
  • "Change this company from inside."
    • ❕You urged Jenna to change M. M. Wright's toxic climate.
  • "You should quit."
    • ❕You urged Jenna to quit M. M. Wright.

Jenna will ultimately take whatever advice Doggett gives her here.


Choice 18

Doggett: Everyone else I interviewed was too worried about keeping their jobs or finding new ones to be of any use. Just seem to care about themselves.

  • "They're demoralized." (No effect)
  • "I met a decent employee." (No effect)
  • "Someone mentioned a 'missing' coder..." (No effect)

Choice 19

Fulton: He died right there in front of us. All I could do was... watch.

  • "Poor kid." (No effect)
  • "Just don't cry." (No effect)
  • "Are you okay?" (No effect)
  • "You failed him." (No effect)

You get the second option if you are Combative and the third if you are Friendly.

Choice 20

Fulton: Three of the four victims have a clear history of cruelty to others. That may well be what connects them.

  • "Decent theory." (No effect)
  • "This is paranormal." (No effect)
  • "It's a weak connection." (No effect)

Choice 21

Jenna Mathis: I don't mind telling you that I do not appreciate being brought in to work before eight.

  • "Deal with it." (No effect)
  • "Sorry." (No effect)
  • "Wanna go to jail?" (No effect)

Choice 22

Doggett: What the hell's going on? What happened to her?

  • "Look inside." (No effect)
  • "Check her head." (No effect)
  • "I punched her." (No effect)

Episode 8

Choice 1

Skinner: What do you think this is, Dexler? The fantasies of a genius, or something else?

  • "This could be genuine magic." (No effect)
  • "We, he thought it was real." (No effect)
  • "Brite was confused. Maybe delusional." (No effect)

Choice 2

Skinner: How are things going with the Pierce Institute. Anything to report?

  • "Honestly? It's going okay." (No effect)
  • "Pierce came here in person." (No effect)
  • "I have nothing." (No effect)

Choice 3

Fulton: Was that Skinner? What did he want?

  • "Nothing important." (No effect)
  • "He has me reporting on Pierce."
    • ❕Your relationship has improved
  • Crack a joke. (No effect)

Choice 4

Fulton: The implied question within your question being, Did I talk to the suspect in my head this time?

  • Play as Fulton. Invite Brite into your head. (💎16, Danny's Clue)
  • "What have you got?"


❕Inner Secrets: Danny Brite

Diamond Choice 1

Danny Brite: Yeah, no duh. So lay it on me. What's the topic?

  • The targets. (No effect)
  • The program. (No effect)
  • His family. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Prompt: You had him, but now he's too aware of your own mind. You have to push him somewhere else to distract him.

  • Talk about R8R. (No effect)
  • Talk about M. M. Wright (No effect)
  • Talk about the occult (No effect)

❕Danny's Clue: "Abcaelum"

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: She's waiting for an answer from you about your thoughts on Brite.

  • "He's insane." (No effect)
  • "It's revenge." (No effect)


Choice 5

Fulton: We can ask them, figure it out. But I'd be much happier if we could stop the program altogether.

  • "Can we undo the magic?" (No effect)
  • "Let's check his notes." (No effect)
  • "Pull the plug." (No effect)

Choice 6

Fulton: What, like from a demon? Brite's malevolent ghost? Not every X-File is actually, provably paranormal.

  • "Don't get snide." (No effect)
  • "But some are." (No effect)
  • "Fine. You win." (No effect)

Choice 7

Ty Wright: You can't take my phone. You know I'll need it. Besides, I'm going to be fine. I don't even have a R8R account.

  • "Give it to her." (No effect)
  • "Does that matter?" (No effect)
  • "Then stay." (No effect)

Choice 8

Stanford Student: Could someone explain what's going on? The cops insisted I com here with them, you're taking our phones... Is this about the ashtags?

  • "Here's what we know." (No effect)
  • "We're just being cautious." (No effect)
  • "That isn't important. (No effect)

Choice 9

Doggett: I hear you. Worth a shot, though. Good luck to you and Fulton. Stay safe.

  • "Thanks for the sitrep." (No effect)
  • "Whatever—get it done." (No effect)
  • "You stay safe too." (No effect)

Choice 10

Officer: This is the front desk. The hall's blocked off and cameras are down so you can get to the toilets okay. Everything good in there?

  • "We're fine." (No effect)
  • "Anyone need anything?" (No effect)
  • "Are we secure?" (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: They're in each other's faces now. There's no telling how far this will escalate.

  • "Break it up!"
    • ❕You diffused the tension between Wright and Dr. Baines.
  • "Let's calm down."
    • ❕You diffused the tension between Wright and Dr. Baines.
  • Do nothing.
    • ❕You let a fight start between Wright and Dr. Baines.

Choice 12

Officer: Hello? Is everyone all right in there?

  • "Yes." (No effect)
  • "Explain yourself." (No effect)
  • "Unlock the room!" (No effect)

Choice 13

Prompt: I don't have to ask what that means. Without fresh air, a timer has begun. It ends when we die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • "We have to contact Doggett." (No effect)
  • "Ideas, Fulton?" (No effect)
  • "How long have we got?" (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: Dr. Baines has grabbed my arm. He's in my face, desperate and frightened and angry.

  • "Don't panic."
    • ❕You and Fulton deescalated Dr. Baines
  • "Let go of me!"
    • ❕You put Dr. Baines in his place.
  • Push him back.
    • ❕You accidentally knocked out the professor.

Choice 15

Roberto Alameda: I... Someone told me he asked you out... I told him to stay away from you.

  • "Not cool, Alameda." (No effect)
  • "Cecily... Alameda trash-talked you."
    • ❕You made sure Cecily knew who Alameda was.
  • Let Cecily respond.
    • ❕You let Cecily and Alameda find their own way

Choice 16

Fulton: Miss Lowe turns Brite down, Mister Alameda threatens him, Brite leaves the project he was working on with Miss Lowe...

  • "Don't blame them." (No effect)
  • "...and he snapped." (No effect)
  • Let Fulton finish. (No effect)

Choice 17

Ty Wright: Said he was "falling into an abyss," whatever that means. Wanted out of his contract. I wouldn't let him go.

  • "How did you say it?" (No effect)
  • "It sounds like a cry for help." (No effect)
  • "You selfish jerk." (No effect)

Choice 18

Prompt: No one knows which of them to believe now.

  • "No one dies." (No effect)
  • "Are you killers now?" (No effect)
  • "Let's consider it." (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt: Fulton gets up to check the watch and lies down next to me. He quietly asks how I'm feeling.

  • "Not well. You?" (No effect)
  • "How much time?" (No effect)
  • "We shouldn't talk." (No effect)

Choice 20

Fulton: That talk you had with Skinner... Can I ask what it was about?

  • "It was private." (No effect)
  • "The Pierce Institute." (No effect)
  • "Cheap to ask now." (No effect)

This choice only appears if you didn't tell Fulton that Skinner asked you to spy on Pierce.

Choice 21

Fulton: We haven't gotten on great. I know I've stumbled. But I respect your work.

  • "And I respect yours."
    • ❕Your relationship is now Professional.
  • "Thanks."
  • "Don't be corny."

Prompt: As much as I don't want to, I think about this possibly being the end. And I'm wondering if there's something I might want to say to him.

  • "I heard from the Magic Bullets."
    • ❕Fulton now knows about the Magic Bullets
  • "Here's what Skinner told me..."
  • "You're hot."
    • ❕You flirted with Fulton.
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Second option only appears if you haven't told Fulton that Skinner asked you to spy for him? Telling Fulton he's hot unlocks the option to kiss him in the final chapter.

Choice 22

Doggett: First things first: How are you feeling?

  • "I'm fine." (No effect)
  • "Pretty tired." (No effect)
  • "Who cares?" (No effect)

Choice 23

Doggett: It was Pierce. He consulted with his Chief Researcher and came back to us with the exact codes and sequence we needed.

  • "Hard to believe." (No effect)
  • "Who's his researcher?" (No effect)
  • "Just codes? No magic?" (No effect)

❕Doggett mentioned Pierce's mysterious "Chief Researcher"

Choice 24

Doggett: Best I've got? Sometimes Pierce gets exactly what we need to solve a case or stop a tragedy. Don't know how he does it. Wish I did.

  • "That's good enough for you?" (No effect)
  • "You're so cute right now." (No effect)
  • "What are you hiding?" (No effect)

Choice 25

Prompt: Doggett stands. I can tell he won't be talked into staying to chat awhile longer. I stand as well.

  • "Thanks, and good night." (No effect)
  • "Give me a hug." (No effect)
  • "I'm watching you Pierce workers." (No effect)
  • "Take me to bed." (Choice 26)

The fourth option replaces the third if you chose all of the flirty options with Doggett.

Choice 26

Doggett: Look, Jess... you should know I'm not in the market for... anything serious.

  • "Same here." (Choice 27)
  • "Okay, pass. But if you were?"
  • "Oops. Never mind."

Choice 27

Prompt: The rise and fall of John's breath nearly lulls me to sleep, but he's the first one out. I remember I have an early flight...

  • I go.
  • ...but I stay. (No effect)

Choice 28

Fulton: He claims that he and his Chief Researcher went over photos of Danny Brite's apartment to figure out the failsafe sequence.

  • "Tell me about the researcher." (No effect)
  • "He's lying." (No effect)
  • "That's amazing." (No effect)

Choice 29

Fulton: More and more, I'm getting the sense that we're surrounded by wolves. We need to have each other's backs.

  • "Skinner wants me to spy." (No effect)
  • "A Magic Bullet called me." (No effect)
  • Tell him both secrets. (No effect)
  • "Agreed." (No effect)
  • "Any secrets to share?"
  • "Let's get our work done."

You get the first option if you didn't tell Fulton about Skinner, the second if you didn't tell him about Hay Guise, the fourth if you didn't tell him about either, and the fifth if you told him both?

Episode 9

Choice 1

Prompt: Two of the Skinner references involve X-Files—a contortionist and a supposed lycanthrope—and one shows Skinner helping Pierce with a still-unsolved serial murder case.

  • Review the contortionist file.
    • ❕X-File Uncovered: You learned about Tooms, Skinner, and Pierce.
  • Check the lycanthropy file.
    • ❕X-File Uncovered: You learned about the manitou, Skinner, and Pierce.
  • Read the unsolved murder file.
    • ❕You learned about Pierce's unsolved case.

Choice 2

Hay Guise: I heard about what you were dealing with. Ashtag! That was really something. I'd love to see the code that kid wrote!

  • "Can't help you." (No effect)
  • "Any Ashtag info?" (No effect)
  • "You've been useless." (No effect)

Choice 3

Hay Guise: But I'm working on that, okay? I've got a couple of their cities, some other little details, but it takes some time to finesse this stuff.

  • "Fair enough." (No effect)
  • "Anything I can do?" (No effect)
  • "My patience has limits." (No effect)

Choice 4

Hay Guise: I'm ninety percent certain it's to cover up the murder of the FBI employees, but I have no idea why they're being killed.

  • "You guys are behind this." (No effect)
  • "Who's the next target?" (No effect)
  • "I smell a trap." (No effect)


Choice 5

Stacey: You were at work again, weren't you?

  • Be contrite.
    • ❕You were honest with Stacey.
  • Talk about the game.
    • ❕You deflected Stacey's question.
  • Lie to her.
    • ❕You lied to Stacey.

Choice 6

Prompt: She said it wasn't the CO2 effects talking, but maybe it was. Either way...

  • makes life trickier. (No effect)
  •'s flattering.
  • ...she's quite attractive. (No effect)

This choice only appears if Dexler told Fulton he's hot in Episode 8.

Choice 7

Stacey: Not to interrupt your strategy session, but speaking of colleagues, when am I going to meet your partner?

  • See what she has in mind. (No effect)
  • Be noncommittal. (No effect)
  • Ask her why. (No effect)

Choice 8

Dexler: He threatened to cut ties with me if I told anyone. I'm telling you now because otherwise I couldn't explain what I know.

  • Forgive her.
  • Mistrust Hay.
  • Berate her. (No effect)

This choice only appears if you haven't told Fulton about Hay Guise.

Choice 9

Dexler: Now Hay Guise is telling me that L'Ively is the one behind the two FBI-related arson deaths in Baltimore. He won't give me more than that.

  • Suspect Hay's motives. (No effect)
  • Discuss L'Ively's intent. (No effect)
  • Press for more info. (No effect)

Choice 10

Dexler: L'ively, by all accounts, is a homicidal psychopath. Aggressive, unpredictable, malevolent—possibly with preternatural abilities.

  • Be determined. (No effect)
  • Share her fears. (No effect)
  • Dismiss her concerns. (No effect)

Choice 11

Dexler: I'm going to tell our "bosses" about Hay, so we'll need to take precautions so Hay doesn't find out. No phones, no email.

  • Agree. (No effect)
  • Disagree with precautions. (No effect)
  • Disagree with telling them. (No effect)

Choice 12

Skinner: Neither did I. The medical report from the hospital seems to have been misplaced.

  • Ask about the report. (No effect)
  • Support Dexler: this warrants investigation.
    • ❕Your relationship has improved
  • Point out discrepancies with L'Ively's MO. (No effect)

Choice 13

Skinner: ...and no one in the Bureau wants the X-Files taking an interest in an ongoing investigation of this magnitude.

  • Suggest using Dexler's political allies. (No effect)
  • Suggest it's Mulder and Scully's case. (No effect)
  • Suggest waiting it out. (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: Dexler's buddy lives in Western Maryland, which means going an hour out of your way, but it could be worth it.

  • Get the fire gear. (💎20, L'Ively's Clue)
    • ❕You're geared up and ready for anything.
  • Go to Baltimore. (No effect)

Choice 15

Prompt: Something instrumental would do more than the shouts and riffs of 2000s nu metal to help you focus on the case.

  • Ask for other music. (No effect)
  • Change the station. (No effect)
  • Let it go. (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: You could take a deep dive into his psyche. You've likely read everything you can about him. What do you have to lose?

  • Talk to L'Ively in your head. (💎19)
  • Keep thinking it through. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

L'Ively: You always do that? Have an inner voice that talks to you like it's someone else? Kinda mental, if you ask me. I like it.

  • Ask about his inner voice. (No effect)
  • Ask about motive. (No effect)
  • Insult him. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

L'Ively: Come on. Give me something good. Something with teeth.

  • Suggest sexual insecurity. (No effect)
  • Ask why he kills. (No effect)
  • Claim dominance over him. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

L'Ively: ...I kill because I can. Best part is, no one can stop me. No one.

  • Look down on him. (No effect)
  • Show determination. (No effect)
  • Stop the fire. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Dexler: Did you have some kind of nightmare? A condition? What the hell, man?

  • Tell the truth. (No effect)
  • Tell her you're fine. (No effect)
  • Apologize. (No effect)

❕Inner Secrets: Cecil L'Ively

Choice 16

Dexler: This is pretty crazy, isn't it? We're tampering in an official investigation. We could get in a lot of trouble if we're found out.

  • "Crazy but necessary." (Choice 18)
  • "It's exciting." (Choice 17)
  • "I hate it." (Choice 18)

Choice 17

Dexler: It's thrilling to put our jobs on the line? How do you mean?

  • "We're like Mulder and Scully." (No effect)
  • "Fear of getting caught." (No effect)
  • "We could crack the case."

Choice 18

Dexler: I just hope Skinner doesn't hang us out to dry if this all goes bad. We're on our own dime. We have no proof he sent us out.

  • Share her doubt. (No effect)
  • Reassure her. (No effect)
  • Worry for Skinner. (No effect)

Choice 19

Dexler: Yeah, but we don't have a talking dog. Anyway... I'm glad we got paired up. You're good people, Fulton.

  • Share the sentiment. (No effect)
  • Squirm at the affection. (No effect)
  • Thank her.
    • ❕Your relationship is now Professional.
  • Doubt her sincerity.
    • ❕Your relationship is now Combative.

You get the second option if you're Friendly and the fourth if you're Professional.

Choice 20

Dexler: When you hit the head at the gas station.

  • Compliment her. (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)
  • Downplay her smarts. (No effect)

Choice 21

Scully: One was a kid who was burned alive as part of a Satanic ritual, and the other was killed in a fire in the seventies.

  • Speculate on L'Ively's mortality.
  • Ask about the ritual. (No effect)
  • Balk at the suggestion. (No effect)

Choice 22

Scully: L'Ively had a thing for his victim's wives. I know the current deaths don't fit his pattern, but you may want to check on her.

  • Thank her. (No effect)
  • Ask if she's coming to assist. (No effect)
  • Quibble with her profile. (No effect)

Choice 23

Dexler: Armed and ready. You?

  • "Same." (No effect)
  • "Nervous." (No effect)
  • "We'll be fine." (No effect)

Choice 24

L'Ively: I wouldn't shoot if I were in your shoes. It will end poorly for you, but not for me.

  • "You're under arrest." (No effect)
  • "Move and I'll shoot." (No effect)
  • "How are you holding a flame?" (No effect)

Choice 25

L'Ively: You sure you don't know any of this? Don't you lie to me.

  • Condemn his acts. (No effect)
  • Show surprise and sympathy. (No effect)
  • Pretend to know. (No effect)

Choice 26

L'Ively: You know who they are? They're still alive?

  • Refuse to help. (No effect)
  • Say they're dead. (No effect)
  • Suggest you'll cooperate.

Choice 27

Prompt: L'Ively makes a run for it. He's close but moving, and you remind yourself you're not a great shot.

  • Chase L'Ively.
    • ❕You went after L'Ively instead of checking on Dexler.
  • Check on Dexler.
    • ❕You checked on Dexler instead of going after L'ively.
  • Shoot at L'Ively.
    • ❕You tried to take L'Ively out rather than check on Dexler.


Choice 28

Prompt: I remember seeing a garden hose coiled around the corner. I could use it to douse the window, or I could try the front door. It's quicker.

  • Use the hose. (No effect)
  • Try the door. (No effect)

Choice 29

Fulton: He got away... L'Ively...

  • "Shh. Rest." (No effect)
  • "It's not your fault." (No effect)
  • "Damn it." (No effect)

❕L'Ively's Clue: "Best Place" (if you wore the fire gear)

Episode 10

Choice 1

Bradley: We've got two more coming your way. Come on. You need to hustle. Taking a new package out to the bosses tonight.

  • "Okay, thanks." (No effect)
  • Give a thumbs-up. (No effect)
  • "Get off my back." (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: More screams and shouts and sounds of struggle. I can't run for it. I'm trapped, and there's no lock on the door.

  • Block the door. (No effect)
  • Wedge the door. (No effect)
  • Turn off the lights. (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: Brad?! That idiot! What's he thinking? He's gonna get me found!

  • "Get in!" (No effect)
  • Shoo him away. (No effect)
  • "This is mine!" (No effect)

❕Rochelle: Ashes


Choice 4

You get the first prompt if Dexler used the hose in Episode 9. You get the second prompt if she pulled Fulton out of the house.

Dexler: Can I just say that I'm getting tired of these cases landing one or both of us in urgent care?

Prompt: You reach for the cup on the table next to your bed and take long sips of water. You try again.

  • Check on her health. (No effect)
  • Thank her. (No effect)
  • Get up to speed. (No effect)

Choice 5

Prompt: All you can do is wait for Skinner. Dexler takes a seat and falls quiet. It stays that way awhile. You decide to...

  • about L'Ively. (No effect)
  • ...suggest a game. (No effect)
  • ...enjoy the silence. (No effect)

Choice 6

Skinner: I know. But you did the legwork. You found and confronted an extremely dangerous murderer. I'm impressed.

  • Accept his praise. (No effect)
  • Scoff at your performance. (No effect)
  • Inquire about the case. (No effect)

Choice 7

Skinner: Instead of where he is now, I'm focused on where he came from. This facility L'Ively was supposedly tested in—what do you know about it?

  • Recall L'Ively's words. (No effect)
  • Suspect Skinner's involvement. (No effect)
  • Let Dexler respond. (No effect)

Choice 8

Skinner: They're back from their last case, they're seasoned, and they're not in the hospital, so they're taking point.

  • Question the decision. (No effect)
  • Take offense. (No effect)
  • Acknowledge the logic of it. (No effect)


Choice 9

Hay Guise: That wasn't me! It was another Magic Bullet. He tried to make L'Ively be their instrument of revenge.

  • "Turn your Magic Bullet associate in." (No effect)
  • "Tell poor Fulton." (No effect)
  • "No more games." (No effect)

Choice 10

Hay Guise: The first address was a dorm. I mean, what an idiot. At least with Sneberg there was leverage—L'Ively's just gonna do what he wants now.

  • "You admit involvement in Sneberg's case?" (No effect)
  • "Thank you for helping us with him." (No effect)
  • "Every death is on you." (No effect)

Choice 11

Hay Guise: Are you familiar with the Lone Gunman?

  • "Yep." (No effect)
  • "Clue me in." (No effect)
  • "Those weirdos." (No effect)

Choice 12

Hay Guise: ...then I'd show them how we could be like the Lone Gunmen. That wer could judiciously inform the world and maybe even help you guys.

  • "Noble, but shortsighted." (No effect)
  • "You should've disbanded." (No effect)
  • "You're not like the Gunmen."  (No effect)

Choice 13

Caitlyn: This whole thing, looking for monsters and aliens and... whatever... Is it really worth the toll it's taking on you?

  • "It's important." (No effect)
  • "Better than your job." (No effect)
  • "Maybe not." (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: Any leverage Caitlyn found on them could prove useful, but at what cost to our friendship? Do I even want to know?

  • "Research an FBI VIP for me." (Choice 15)
  • "Thanks, my good friend."

Choice 15

Caitlyn: I'd say... there's a chance I'd get caught. And if I did get caught, there's a good chance I'd get canned, maybe even locked up.

  • "Please?" (Choice 16)
  • "Never mind." (Choice 17)

Choice 16

Caitlyn: Okay. But only if I feel safe. Who do you want me to spy on?

  • "Gregory Pierce." 
    • ❕You asked Caitlyn to read files on Pierce.
  • "Senator Knudsen."
    • ❕You asked Caitlyn to spy on Knudsen.
  • "Walter Skinner."
  • BS your way out. (No effect, but Caitlyn seems to believe you)

Choice 17

Scully: Be nice, Mulder. If anything, it's our fault for not scaring her away.

  • "Blame the Mucous Man." (No effect)
  • "Good to see you." (No effect)
  • Joke with them. (No effect)

Choice 18

Scully: It's us Cecil L'Ively wants. We can't in good conscience have you in harm's way. That's why we're taking point.

  • "We'll live." (No effect)
  • "It's against protocol." (No effect)
  • Let them continue. (No effect)

Choice 19

Fulton: No civilians and lots of backup? It makes sense... but you should know he thinks he's dying. He has nothing to lose. He could go suicidal.

  • "Agreed. This is dangerous." (No effect)
  • "Seems like a solid plan."
  • "Hope it works." (No effect)

Choice 20

Fulton: We can't just sit here. Something more proactive needs to be done.

  • "Let's go." (No effect)
  • "They're handling it." (No effect)
  • "Are you up for it?" (No effect)

Choice 21

Fulton: I suggest we find the facility where L'Ively was held. It might not lead us to him, but it's someplace to start.

  • "And finding it matters." (No effect)
  • "Let's tell Skinner." (No effect)
  • "We shouldn't." (No effect)

Choice 22

Fulton: Last time L'Ively caught us off guard, but even if we get the drop on him we have to be more careful. Thoughts?

  • "We call for backup."
    • ❕Your plan is to wait for Skinner's support.
  • "Kill on sight."
    • ❕Your plan is to take L'Ively out.

Choice 23

Fulton: Stacey's calling. I haven't been home in two days. And I guess I kind of flaked out on texting her back.

  • "Talk to her!" (No effect)
  • "Text her." (No effect)
  • "Are you on the outs?"

Choice 24

Fulton: Yeah, maybe... Dexler, let me ask you something. Are you scared?

  • "A little." (No effect)
  • "No way." (No effect)
  • "Absolutely." (No effect)

Choice 25

Fulton: I want to confront him again—to stop him—but...I also really don't.

  • "Fear is good." (No effect)
  • "Get your head right!" (No effect)
  • "We can go home." (No effect)

Although Fulton responds well to all three options, he seems especially impressed with the second.

Choice 26

Fulton: Whoa, that's a smell... Okay, then. This has got to be where he escape from. You ready?"

  • "Am I ready?!" (No effect)
  • "Time to explore." (No effect)
  • "Let's call it in." (No effect)
  • "He could be here." (No effect)

Options vary based on ?

Choice 27

Prompt: ...and one corridor leading to an open door blocked by two blistered, pained bodies. There's an office beyond, but the dead are in the way.

  • Investigate the office. (💎20, Laboratory Clue and Smiling Clue)
  • Let the bodies be.

Diamond Choice 1

Fulton: Oh, man. That's... gross. I hope this is worth it.

  • "Yep, disgusting." (No effect)
  • "Bet it will be." (No effect)
  • "Lightweight." (No effect)

❕The Laboratory Clue: Forced Genetic Fusion

❕The Smiling Clue: Thumb Drive Found

Choice 28

Fulton: The other one... He used a bone saw. I don't think L'Ively was kidding about the punishing experiments. What a thing to go through.

  • "Feeling sorry for him?" (No effect)
  • "I can't imagine." (No effect)
  • "He deserved it." (No effect)

Episode 11

Choice 1

Prompt: Dexler's behind you, likely with her gun drawn, but without a clear shot. L'Ively has you pinned down.

  • Assert confidence. (No effect)
  • Gauge his demeanor. (No effect)
  • Goad him into action. (No effect)

Choice 2

L'Ively: I believe you two had nothing to do with nor knowledge of this particular circle of Hell. I'm at a loss as to what I should do with you.

  • Offer compassion. (No effect)
  • Negotiate. (No effect)
  • Say backup is coming. (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: You'd be toast unless you knocked him out immediately. One swing. It's possible, and you might not get another chance...

  • Attack L'Ively. (No effect)
  • Stay where you are. (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: Does that make her better as a hostage who could best L'Ively? Or as someone who could escape captivity and help take him? You have to choose.

  • You'll be the hostage. Dexler stays behind. (Choice 5 [Fulton Hostage])
    • ❕Your relationship has improved
    • ❕Your relationship is now Friendly.
  • Dexler will be the hostage. You'll stay behind. ([Dexler Hostage])
    • ❕Your relationship is now Professional.
    • ❕Your relationship is now Combative.
    • ❕Your relationship has worsened.
  • Refuse to choose. (Choice 5 [Dexler Hostage])
    • ❕You let Dexler decide to be L'Ively's hostage.

Relationship effects vary depending on what relationship level you started at before Fulton choose.


Choice 5 (Fulton Hostage)

Prompt: The snacks remind my stomach I haven't eaten in a while. It's junk food and obvious trash find. Much of it's half-eaten, stale, spoiled.

  • Eat some of the food. (No effect)
  • Eww. Pass. (No effect)

Choice 6 (Fulton Hostage)

Skinner: We know. L'Ively called with a time and location for Mulder and Scully to trade themselves for Fulton.

  • "We found the facility." (No effect)
  • "I asked for backup!" (No effect)
  • "Give me a role." (No effect)
  • "How's Fulton?" (No effect)

Second option replaces the first if you called Skinner when you found the facility in Episode 10.


Choice 7 (Fulton Hostage)

L'Ively: A big, open interior room with no windows. They'll have to come in close to talk. And then... we all say goodnight.

  • Make him nervous. (No effect)
  • Get him to surrender. (No effect)
  • Tear down his ego. (No effect)

Choice 8 (Fulton Hostage)

Prompt: He's coming for you with the tape. It's going over your mouth. Better make your voice count, Fulton.

  • Bolster your assertion. (No effect)
  • Call out for help. (No effect)
  • Vow to kill him. (No effect)

Choice 9 (Fulton Hostage)

Prompt: She'll need you help for you to both live through this. You consider your options and decide that when the time's right, you'll...

  • ...cause a distraction. (No effect)
  • ...rush L'Ively. (No effect)


Choice 10 (Fulton Hostage)

L'Ively: This is unacceptable. I want Mulder and Scully here now.

  • "Too bad." (No effect)
  • "They're coming." (No effect)
  • "Fulton better be okay..." (No effect)

Choice 11 (Fulton Hostage)

Prompt: I need to keep L'Ively talking so Fulton can do whatever he's about to do.

  • "I know the government doctor who tortured you." (No effect)
  • "Why kill anyone now?" (No effect)
  • "It's over for you, L'Ively." (No effect)

Choice 12 (Fulton Hostage)

Prompt: This is my chance. I can do this fast—and likely lethally—with the scrap metal, or make a run for the tire iron.

  • Get the tire iron. (No effect)
  • Stab L'Ively. (No effect)

Choice 13 (Fulton Hostage)

You get the first prompt if you decided to call for backup in Episode 10 and the second if you decided to kill L'Ively.

Fulton: I know, but... lying there defenseless like that?

Fulton: I want to believe he could be treated, rehabilitated. That he could... find peace, serve a purpose.

  • "You know he can't." (No effect)
  • "What if he kills again?" (No effect)
  • "Let the fire take him." (No effect)
  • "You decide." (No effect)

You get the second prompt and the first option if neither Dexler nor Fulton decided to kill L'Ively?

Skip this choice if Fulton Vowed to kill L'Ively at Choice 8.

Choice 14 (Fulton Hostage)

Scully: Are you two all right?

  • "We will be." (No effect)
  • "About time." (No effect)
  • "Keeping him alive?" (No effect)

Choice 15 (Fulton Hostage)

Fulton: What do you think? Does this feel like a victory?

  • "Hell yes." (No effect)
  • "Not with him alive." (No effect)
  • "It feels like nap time." (No effect)

❕You and Fulton took down L'Ively!

Choice 5 (Dexler Hostage)

Prompt: You've used up a lot of energy, and your stomach is growling. You consider making a meal out of L'Ively's old junk food.

  • Eat some old food. (No effect)
  • Nope, nope, nope. (No effect)


Choice 6 (Dexler Hostage)

Prompt: I land on my side, which my shoulder doesn't exactly love. L'Ively closes the door to the old building and stands before me with a scowl.

  • Kick him. (No effect)
  • "You're not so tough." (No effect)
  • "Where are we?" (No effect)

Choice 7 (Dexler Hostage)

Prompt: I figure I have two options: I can find somewhere safe to hole up until backup arrives, or I can deal with L'Ively myself.

  • Find safety. (No effect)
  • Go after L'Ively. (No effect)

Choice 8 (Dexler Hostage)

Prompt: This changes things. It's possible L'Ively wouldn't hear me over the spraying. I could sneak up on him.

  • Close in on him. (No effect)
  • Get out. (No effect)

Choice 9 (Dexler Hostage)

You get the first prompt if you decide to close in on L'Ively and the second prompt if you decide to get out of the warehouse.

Prompt: I need to be clear with myself about what I'm going to do when L'Ively comes into range. I decide I'll...

Prompt: Still, it's entirely possible that he might find me. I need to confront the reality of a potential face-off. In that case, I figure I'll...

  • ...knock him out. (No effect)
  • ...kill him. (No effect)


Choice 10 (Dexler Hostage)

Prompt: He wants you to respond—so he can figure out where you are. But if you can start up a dialogue, it works both ways.

  • Suggest his surrender. (No effect)
  • Ask about Dexler. (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 11 (Dexler Hostage)

Prompt: You hear a flurry of heavy steps in your direction. L'Ively's coming for you. He's between you and the door at the back.

  • Rush L'Ively. (No effect)
  • Set up an ambush. (No effect)

Although there is ultimately no effect on the story, rushing L'Ively leads to Dexler knocking him out and ambushing leads to Fulton knocking him out.

Choice 12 (Dexler Hostage)

Dexler: Well, look at you. And here I went through all the trouble to free myself.

  • Make sure she's okay. (No effect)
  • Express your relief. (No effect)
  • Stroke your ego. (No effect)
  • Congratulate her. (No effect)
  • Soothe your ego. (No effect)

You get the second and third options if you ambush L'Ively. You get the fourth and fifth options if you rush L'Ively.

Choice 13 (Dexler Hostage)

Scully: Are you two all right?

  • Question their plans for L'Ively. (No effect)
  • Reassure her. (No effect)
  • Chide them for lateness. (No effect)

Choice 14 (Dexler Hostage [She Volunteered])

This choice only appears if you refused to decide and Dexler stepped up as hostage. Dexler: I get that it wasn't great, L'Ively trying to make you choose who became his hostage. Were you hesitating so I'd speak up?

  • "Just a hard choice." (No effect)
  • "I don't know." (No effect)
  • "Yes." (No effect)

Choice 14 (Dexler Hostage [You Chose])

This choice only appears if you told L'Ively to take Dexler hostage. Dexler: I have to know, Fulton: Why did you choose me to be the hostage?

  • "It made sense." (No effect)
  • "I don't know." (No effect)
  • "I was scared. Sorry." (No effect)

Although there is ultimately no effect on the story, Dexler responds well to the first and third options and poorly to the second.

❕You and Dexler took down L'Ively!

Although there is no announced POV change, Dexler takes over narration here regardless of who was taken hostage.

Choice 16 (Fulton Hostage)

Skinner: In fact, I'd say I'm disappointed in you. You know that isn't how hostage situations work.

  • "I had to save Fulton." (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry." (No effect)
  • Let Skinner continue. (No effect)

Choice 16 (Dexler Hostage)

Skinner: Dexler, you'll have two weeks off to do the same. We have a trauma specialist you can see if you'd like.

  • "I'd rather work." (No effect)
  • "I'm fine." (No effect)
  • "Yes, please." (No effect)

Choice 17

Skinner: He's also paralyzed from the injury sustained from Agent Dexler subduing him. They're doing what they can, but they doubt he'll last the week. Skinner: L'Ively doesn't appear to be getting any healthier. They don't expect him to last the week.

  • "The body can't fall into the wrong hands." (No effect)
  • "Can nothing be done?" (No effect)
  • "Waste of money." (No effect)

You only get the first prompt if Fulton was the hostage and Dexler used the scrap metal?

Choice 18

Fulton: Well... this is a hell of a document. Guess Skinner's on our side.

  • "It feels good." (No effect)
  • "It's a huge risk for him." (No effect)
  • "Still can't trust him." (No effect)

Choice 19

Fulton: The real open question right now is Pierce. Skinner says he's in charge, but he still has to justify every call he makes.

  • "I don't trust him either." (No effect)
  • "You really don't trust him." (No effect)
  • "He helped us." (No effect)

You only get the following effect and diamond choices if you gathered all clues.

❕The Clues Assembled: Everything Leads to This...


Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: Dexler emails you your ticket. You pack and meet her at the airport. On the plane you spend your time...

  • ...chatting with Dexler. (No effect)
  • ...reading a book. (No effect)
  • ...with your eyes closed. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Woman: I knew that eventually someone would come. You're here about the project.

  • Ask for clarification. (No effect)
  • Evaluate her state of mind. (No effect)
  • Mention the scars. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: You remember that Sneberg's file mentioned that his doctor disappeared. You also note to yourself that Sneberg wasn't exactly "cured."

  • Explain Sneberg's fate. (No effect)
  • Request clarification. (No effect)
  • Summarize her guilt. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Dr. Oatman: I tried for years but couldn't do what they wanted. I was sure I'd be killed... but they traded me instead.

  • Doubt her kidnapping. (No effect)
  • Show compassion. (No effect)
  • Ask about the trade. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 5

Prompt: Doctor Oatman half stands, beside herself with shock. She has no idea Dexler was at that base.

  • Fill the doctor in harshly. (No effect)
  • Fill the doctor in politely. (No effect)
  • Sweep it under the rug. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6

Dr. Oatman: I'd like to say I was as tortured mentally as Cecil L'Ively was tortured physically... That would be a lie.

  • Explore her mindset. (No effect)
  • Condemn her. (No effect)
  • Applaud the treatment of L'Ively. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Dr. Oatman: "Will she try to reconnect with family? Is she so distraught over what she's done that she'll kill herself?" A psychological experiment.

  • Suggest they're oddly moral. (No effect)
  • Sympathize with her. (No effect)
  • Propose that she's bait. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 8

Dr. Oatman: I tell you this because that led me to believe that, as with the Syndicate, there were government figures involved. And there are.

  • Press for details. (No effect)
  • Ask about the X-Files. (No effect)
  • Doubt her assertion.
    • ❕The Truth is Out There: Dr. Oatman revealed a new secret organization.

Choice 28

Dexler: This is insane. This is—it's hard to believe it's even real.

  • Agree. (No effect)
  • Be optimistic. (No effect)
  • Steel her for more. (No effect)

Choice 29

Prompt: You wait until Dexler's done pouring her own beer, and then you raise your glass and toast to...

  • ...stopping L'Ively. (No effect)
  • ...Dexler's rescue. (No effect)
  • ...not getting fired. (No effect)
  • ...L'Ively's coming death. (No effect)

You get the first option if Dexler was the hostage and the second if Fulton was the hostage.

Choice 30

Dexler: It's a pale ale out of Michigan. Why?

  • Applaud her choice. (No effect)
  • Shrug. (No effect)
  • Bad-mouth her beer pick. (No effect)

Choice 31

Prompt: Dexler wants you to kiss her. She's pretty sure you want to kiss her. She's waiting for it.

  • Kiss Dexler.
    • ❕You and Dexler kissed at last.
  • "If I were single."
    • ❕You didn't act on your attraction to Dexler. She'll remember that.
    • ❕You declined Dexler's advance. She'll remember that.
  • "Strictly partners."
    • ❕You declined Dexler's advance. She'll remember that.


Choice 32

Hay Guise: What I have for you is a sincere and most perfect promise. I'm gonna deliver for you. I'm not gonna keep secrets. I'm in it to win it.

  • "Start with your ID." (No effect)
  • "Actions, not words." (No effect)
  • "I'm done with you." (No effect)

Choice 33

Prompt: I remind myself of the power players I know less about than I would like to: Senator Knudsen, AD Skinner, and Gregory Pierce.

Prompt: I already asked Caitlyn to look into Gregory Pierce. This could be a second chance for information on AD Skinner or Senator Knudsen.

  • "I met a Doctor Oatman..."
    • ❕You asked Hay Guise to investigate shadow groups.
  • "Look into Skinner."
    • ❕You asked Hay Guise to investigate Skinner.
  • "Look into Gregory Pierce."
    • ❕You asked Hay Guise to dig up information on Pierce.
  • "Look into Knudsen."
    • ❕You asked Hay Guise to spy on Senator Knudsen.
  • "No thanks."
    • ❕You declined Hay Guise's offer.

Prompt changes depending on who you asked Caitlyn about, if anyone. The first option appears if you collected all the clues and unlocked the bonus scene with Dr. Oatman?

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