If you haven't read/caught up or completed the show you are reading the walkthrough about, please be aware of spoilers.

The Life 2.0 walkthrough exists to help others make the right choices for their game. Choices you make lead to different paths and ! achievements leading to several different outcomes. This walkthrough is incomplete as some choices have not yet been explored. If you have anything to contribute to it, please do so.

Note: If it says "No effect" after a choice, it means that that choice does not affect story play (i.e., the next choice is the same no matter what you choose, or there is no "!" comment). If it does not say "no effect" after a choice, it means that that choice has not yet been explored.

Episode 1 Choices

Choice 1

Propmpt: Who is your ex?

  • The guy on the right.
    • ❕Your ex is a boy named Zach.
  • The girl on the left.
    • ❕Your ex is a girl named Dana.

Choice 2

Prompt: From the look on your face, it's clear you were...

  • A wide-eyed kid. (No effect)
  • Already ground down. (No effect)
  • Fucking freezing. (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: You won't have much space at your new place. Do you want to take the photo with you?

  • Leave it.
    • ❕You aren't sentimental.
  • Keep it.
    • ❕You're a little sentimental.

Choice 4 (Dana)

Dana: I thought you'd be gone by now.

  • "...hello to you too." (No effect)
  • "Uh, we said later."
  • I'm almost done."

Choice 5 (Dana)

Dana: Just—hurry up, okay? I have a thing.

  • Be normal. (Choice 6 [Dana - Normal/Friendly])
  • Be vaguely friendly. (Choice 6 [Dana - Normal/Friendly])
  • Be distant. (Choice 6 [Dana - Distant])

Choice 6 (Dana - Normal/Friendly)

Dana: You have a problem with me playing?

  • "No." (No effect)
  • "A little."
  • "It can't wait?"

Choice 6 (Dana - Distant)

Dana: She glares at you, her eyes starting to tear up.

  • "Oh no."
  • "Or, we could skip this part!"
  • "I'm sorry, but I have to take this job." (No effect)

Choice 7 (Dana - Normal or Friendly?)

Dana: I know you hate how much time I spend with Team BattleBroskies.

  • "Don't say BattleBroskies"
  • "Now that you mention it"
  • "I like hanging out IRL" (No effect)

Choice 8 (Dana - Keep Photo)

Dana: If you really hate being here so much, why are you taking that photo?

  • "It wasn't all bad." (No effect)
  • "I look insanely cute in it."
  • "Reminds me of Chicago."

Choice 8 (Dana - Leave Photo)

Dana: You’re really leaving that behind?

  • "It’s just a photo."
  • "I have Crazy Face." (No effect)
  • "You should keep it." (No effect)

Choice 9 (Dana)

Dana: She gazes up at you, hope glinting in her eyes.

  • Pull back. (No effect)
  • Shake her hand. (No effect)

Choice 10 (Dana)

Dana: Yeah? Prove it.

  • "Nuh-Gorganize?"
  • "Ehn-Jorganize?"
  • "Ehn-Jee-Organize?" (Correct)

Choice 11 (Dana)

Dana: That’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard of.

  • "Grow up." (No effect)
  • "No, you are!"
  • "Not like I named it." (No effect)

Choice 12 (Dana)

Dana: I can’t be around you right now.

  • "So no breakup sex?" (Choice 13 [Dana])
  • "Finally." (Choice 14 [Dana])
  • "Didn’t want to make this worse." (Choice 14 [Dana])

Choice 13 (Dana)

Dana: You’d be into that?

  • "On second thought, no." (No effect)
  • "It was a joke."
  • "Maybe..." (No effect)

Choice 14 (Dana)

Promt: Dana got the final word but it’s not too late to leave one last send-off.

  • Good riddance.
    • ❕You ended things on a mean note.
  • Keep it real.
    • ❕You ended things on a bland note.
  • You deserve the best.
    • ❕You ended things on a positive note!

Whatever message you leave to Dana will be referenced several times later on.

Choice 4 (Zach)

Zach: You’re still here?

  • "That a trick question?" (No effect)
  • "Won’t be much longer." (No effect)
  • "Uh, rude." (No effect)

Choice 5 (Zach)

Zach: God, what? Just say it, okay?

  • "Sweatpaints again?" (Choice 7 [Zach])
  • "Not walking into that one." (Choice 6 [Zach])
  • "Jugs. Really?"

Choice 6 (Zach)

Zach: No, you'd rather just stand there, quietly judging me.

  • "So sensistive."
  • "I've had a lot of practice."
  • "Sorry."

Choice 7 (Zach)

Prompt: He plops down on the couch to sulk.

  • "It’s not you, it’s me." (Choice 8 [Zach]?)
  • "Sulking isn’t cute."
  • "You’ll be happier too." (Choice 9 [Zach])

Choice 8 (Zach)

Zach: And you're so sure I can't give you what you need?

  • "Beyond sure."
  • "It's not your fault." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Choice 9 (Zach - Keep Photo)

Zach: If you really hate being here so much, why are you taking that photo?

  • "It wasn't all bad." (No effect)
  • "I look insanely cute in it."
  • "Reminds me of Chicago." (No effect)

Choice 9 (Zach - Leave Photo)

Zach: You’re really leaving that behind?

  • "It’s just a photo." (No effect)
  • "I have Crazy Face."
  • "You should keep it." (No effect)

Choice 10 (Zach)

Prompt: He starts to close his eyes as he zeroes in on your mouth–looks like he’s going for it…

  • Kiss his cheek. (No effect)
  • Pull back. (No effect)

Choice 11 (Zach)

Zach: Yeah? Prove it.

  • "Nuh-Gorganize?" (No effect)
  • "Ehn-Jorganize?" (No effect)
  • "Ehn-Jee-Organize?" (Correct)

Choice 12 (Zach)

Zach: What does that even mean?

  • "You don’t actually want to know." (No effect)
  • "It’s about their mission." (No effecr)
  • "Enough." (No effect)

Choice 13 (Zach)

Zach: I can’t even be around you right now.

  • "So no breakup sex?" (Choice 14 [Zach])
  • "Finally."
  • "Go, then." (No effect)
  • "Didn’t want to make this worse." (Choice 15 [Zach])

Third option replaces the second if ?

Choice 14 (Zach)

Zach: You’d be into that?

  • "On second thought, no." (No effect)
  • "It was a joke." (No effect)
  • "Maybe..." (No effect)

Choice 15 (Zach)

Prompt: Zach got the final word but it’s not too late to leave one last send-off.

  • Good riddance.
    • ❕You ended things on a mean note.
  • Keep it real.
    • ❕You ended things on a bland note.
  • You deserve the best.
    • ❕You ended things on a positive note!

The option order is random. Whatever message you leave to Zach will be referenced several times later on.

Choice 16

Prompt: You're going to wear something...

  • Fun. (No effect)
  • Professional. (No effect)

Although there is no lasting effect on gameplay, wording of dialogue and options will change slightly.

Choice 17

Woman in Shower: Won't be much longer.

  • "How much longer?" (no effect)
  • "Thank you!" (No effect)
  • "Twenty bucks to hurry up." (No effect)

Choice 18

Woman in Shower: Can't rush a good deep conditioning.

  • "Can't you, though?" (no effect)
  • "Agreed." (No effect)
  • "I forgot to buy conditioner!" (No effect)

Choice 19

MC: It's just—my internship starts today, and I'm a little—

  • "Freaked." (No effect)
  • "Overexcited." (No effect)
  • "Out of sorts." (No effect)

Choice 20

Woman in Shower: That make you a do-gooder?

  • "The do-goodiest." (No effect)
  • "Trying to be." (No effect)
  • "I'm actually extremely selfish."

Choice 21

Woman in Shower: Pretty big change. New city, new job.

  • "Wanted to do something important." (No effect)
  • "Looking for a fresh start." (No effect)
  • "Has to be better than my last job." (No effect)

Choice 22

Mishel: Hi. I'm Mishel.

  • "Pleasure to meet you."
    • ❕You were polite with Mishel. She will remember that.
  • "Uh, wow, I mean..."
    • ❕You complimented Mishel. She will remember that.
  • "Excuse me, I'm getting in!" (No effect)

Choice 23

Mishel: I mean—it is your first day. I hope you have a look in mind.

  • "I thought I should look professional." (No effect)
  • "I thought I should look fun." (No effect)
  • "You're making me doubt myself..." (No effect)

You get either the first or second option depending on what outfit you chose.

Choice 24

Mishel: You think Randi Zuckerberg would be where she is if she was till rocking flared jeans and platform sandals?

  • "No?" (No effect)
  • "Aww, RIP bellbottoms." (No effect)
  • "How you look doesn't matter." (No effect)

Choice 25

Do you want Mishel's designer outfit?

  • "This is amazing." ( 💎12 Diamonds)
  • "I like my own clothes." (Choice 26)

Choice 26 (Professional)

Abigail: It's so—formal.

  • "Thanks?" (No effect)
  • "Nothing wrong with looking professional." (No effect)
  • "I'm team blazer, all the way."

Diamond Choice 1 (StandUp Outfit)

Abigail: It's so stylish.

  • "Thanks!" (No effect)
  • "It's designer." (No effect)
  • "I didn't pick it out." (No effect)

Choice 27

Abigail: GlassDoor? TwoBit? BotWare? SyncUp?

  • Point out those sound fake. (No effect, but Abigail contradicts you)
  • Make something up. (No effect)
  • Show her your tote bag. (No effect)

Choice 28

Abigail: seem a bit—mature to be interning.

  • "I'm old AF." (No effect)
  • "I'm well-seasoned, is all." (No effect)
  • "How old are you?" (No effect)

Choice 29

Abigail: So—what exactly did you do, then?

  • "Boring office job." (No effect)
  • "I did at least have an official title." (No effect
  • "Doesn't matter, does it?" (No effect)

Choice 30

Abigail: It'll be nice to have a grown-up in the group instead of one more Stanford kid.

  • "Wow, Stanford." (No effect)
  • "Who you calling a grown-up?" (No effect)
  • "Stanford kids suck." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2 (StandUp Outfit)

Lars: You have to let me take a picture for our social channels.

  • "Awesome!" (Diamond Choice 4 [StandUp Outfit])
  • "Uh, why?"
  • "I'm not into social media." (Diamond Choice 3 [StandUp Outfit])

Diamond Choice 3 (StandUp Outfit)

Lars: Is it because you don't understand how to use them? I taught my grandma to use Snapchat—I can teach you, too!

  • "Dude. I'm not totally hopeless."
  • "Just take the picture."
  • "I can't even figure out Facebook!" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4 (StandUp Outfit)

Lars: Give me a pose.

  • Hand on hip.
  • One leg in front of the other. (No effect)
  • Just stand there awkwardly. (No effect)

Choice 31

Prompt: You take a checklist and a pen from the basket, and peruse your options:

  • Microlending. (No effect)
  • Water supply. (No effect)
  • Medical aid. (No effect)
  • Women's rights. (No effect)
  • Food distribution. (No effect)

You, Abigail, and Jaime are assigned to whatever team you choose.

Choice 32

Prompt: Something about his eyes on you—that fierce concentration boring a hole straight through you—makes your insides flutter.

  • Look away. (No effect)
  • Smile at him.
    • ❕You smiled at an interesting intern. He will remember that.
  • Take notes. (No effect)

Choice 33

Prompt: You start to look for your name, not seeing it at first. You turn around—only to see the well-dressed intern from earlier is right behind you.

  • "Oops, sorry." (No effect)
  • "The note-taker." (No effect)
  • "Heard of personal space?"

Choice 34

Interesting Intern: If we actually find our name, we get to stay. Otherwise...

  • "Oh no, where's mine?" (No effect)
  • "Paranoid much?"
  • "Better find our names, then." (No effect)

Choice 35 (Smiled/Looked Away?)

Interesting Intern: They need people like you here.

  • "Nervous people?" (No effect)
  • "Confident mofos."
  • "Chicks who can burp the alphabet?"

Choice 36

Jaime: Nice to meet you, MC. I'll stop bothering you now.

  • "Do I look bothered?" (No effect)
  • "Don't make promises you can't keep."
  • Poke fun at him. (No effect)

Choice 37

Prompt: Curious about what upset him, you sneak a glance... and realize the card on his monitor reads "Jamie."

  • "They spelled your name wrong!" (Choice 38 if MC a woman of color)
    • ❕You stuck up for Jaime. He will remember that.
  • "I'm sure it was an accident." (Choice 39)
    • ❕You dismissed Jaime's concerns. He will remember that.

Choice 38 (MC of Color)

Jaime: You know how it goes.

  • "You'd better believe it." (No effect)
  • "Not personally." (No effect)

Choice 39

Jaime: It... got me thinking. Does he think of those in need as helpless?

  • "He didn't articulate it well." (no effect)
  • "Seemed fine to me." (No effect)
  • "It was super condescending."

Choice 40

Jaime: Either way you interpret it... it—doesn't line up with what I believe.

  • "So why work here?" (Choice 41 [Why Work Here])
  • "At least we're getting paid."
  • "Actions speak louder than words." (Choice 41 [Actions])

Choice 41 (Why Work Here)

Jaime: Just wanted to make a difference in the world. Was hoping this place might help me accomplish that.

  • "Me too!" (No effect)
  • "You're gonna be busy, then."
  • "Give it time." (No effect)

Choice 41 (Actions)

Jaime: Depends on whether or not this place is actually helping people.

  • "It better be."
  • "Of course it is."
  • "Hadn't thought about it." (No effect)

Choice 42

Jaime: Guess we're going to be seeing a lot more of each other this summer.

  • "Awesome." (No effect)
  • "I'll deal."
  • "Don't let me down." (No effect)

Choice 43

Abigail: At least some of us have actual skills.

  • "I have mad skills!"
  • "Ouch." (No effect)
  • "What's your problem?" (No effect)

Choice 44

Abigail: Do you even know any programming languages?

  • "Uh..." (No effect)
  • "I can learn." (No effect)
  • "Clearly I don't need to." (No effect)

Choice 45

Jaime: Someone clearly has a chip on her shoulder.

  • "She's, uh, a piece of work." (No effect)
  • "She's insecure." (No effect)
  • "She's a bitch."

Choice 46

Jaime: Don't let her get to you.

  • "I'll try." (No effect)
  • "Not likely." (No effect)
  • "Forgotten."

Choice 47

Prompt: But it's not too long before Abigail rejoins you.

  • "Glad you changed your mind." (No effect)
  • "Guess you're stuck with us." (No effect)
  • "She's baaaaaaaack." (No effect)

Choice 48

Prompt: Fighting every Midwestern instinct you have, you decide, "fuck it," and wave to Jaime.

  • Find a way to get closer to Jaime. ( 💎16 Diamonds)
    • ❕You asked Jaime out. He will remember that.
  • Give a friendly goodnight.
  • Write Jaime a new name card.
    • ❕You were nice to Jaime. He will remember that.

Diamond Choice 5

Jaime: Here it is. SoMa StrEat Food Park!

  • "I'm overdressed." (No effect)
  • "Mmm, you can smell the E. coli."
  • "I love food trucks!" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6

Jaime: The things on the side are tostones. Fried plantains.

  • "I'm gonna destroy that." (No effect)
  • "Dude, I've had Dominican food before." (No effect)
  • "So—fried chicken."

Diamond Choice 7

Prompt: Jaime takes a beat to collect himself, then joins you by the napkins. He still seems distracted, though.

  • "Grabbed you some napkins." (No effect)
  • "Family, am I right?"
  • "Everything okay?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 8

Jaime: What should we toast to?

  • "To our internship." (No effect
  • "To the unfamiliar." (No effect)
  • "To beer."

Diamond Choice 9

Jaime: You made any friends yet?

  • "My housemate."
  • "I thought Abigail would be." (No effect)
  • "You." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 10

Jaime: Very interesting. And beautiful.

  • "Would you look at that sunset?"
  • "The beer works fast." (No effect)
  • "You hitting on me?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 11

Jaime: I never get tired of the sunsets out here.

  • "Keep it together, dude."
  • "Beautiful." (No effect)
  • "I'd give it a solid B."

Diamond Choice 12

Jaime: You haven't told me what you think of your dinner.

  • "I love it." (No effect)
  • "Fried chicken is a classic."
  • "It's fine." (No effect)

Choice 49

Dana/Zach: Just wanted to text and say... sorry.

  • "Don't be."
  • "No reason to be sorry." (No effect)
  • "????" (No effect)
  • "No, I am." (No effect)
  • "No, I'm sorry." (No effect)

Options vary based on ?

Choice 50

Dana/Zach: And I ended up posting something that I probably shouldn't have posted.

  • "That video was private!" (No effect)
  • "What did you do??" (No effect)
  • "You're freaking me out..." (No effect)

Episode 2 Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: inhale sharply as they slip a finger inside of you.

  • "Goooood morning." (No effect)
  • "Cold, cold, cold!" (No effect)
  • Just enjoy it. (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: You gasp, and s/he pauses.

  • "Don't stop." (No effect)
  • "I'm not made of glass." (No effect)
  • "Be gentle." (No effect)

Choice 4 (Dana)

Dana: Not a bad way to wake up, right?

  • "What is going on?!"
  • "Long trip for a bootycall." (No effect)
  • "10 out of 10."

Choice 4 (Zach)

Zach: Better than coffee, huh?

  • "What is going on?!" (No effect)
  • "Long trip for this."
  • "A+. Easily." (No effect)

Choice 5

Prompt varies based on what goodbye note you left?

Dana/Zach: You realize how crazy that is, don't you?

Dana/Zach: Totally ridiculous!

  • "Well, it's how I felt!"
  • "It was a shitty goodbye."
  • "It was shitty." (No effect)
  • "Bygones?"

Choice 6

Mishel: Hey, MC!

  • "Uh... hi?" (no effect)
  • "I had a great first day!" (No effect)
  • "You need something?" (no effect)

Diamond Choice 1 (StandUp Outfit)

  • "Better than downvotes..." (No effect)
  • "For li'l ol' me?"
  • "It's a great dress." (No effect)

Choice 7

Prompt: Mishel might be right, an outfit from StandUp could be just the emotional armor you need to survive the day.

  • "I need to look good." (💎30 Diamonds)
    • ❕You chose the StandUp outfit! Mishel approves.
  • "I want to fade back."
    • ❕You opted for a low profile.

Choice 8

Handsome Stranger: So, this is gonna sound kinda corny, but when I meet a pretty girl, I have to ask her this one question...

  • "Shoot." (No effect)
  • "That is super corny." (No effect)
  • "Do I have all my shots?" (No effect)

Choice 9

Handsome Stranger: And then all of a sudden, a mini-fridge drops down from the sky.

  • "You've got my attention." (No effect)
  • "Fridge? Just rescue me!" (No effect)
  • "Not hearing a question." (No effect)

Choice 10

Handsome Stranger: Which do you choose?

  • "The sweet one." (No effect)
  • "The green one." (No effect)
  • "Juice is bad for you." (No effect)

Choice 11

Jacob: You look a little preoccupied.

  • "Not looking forward to work." (No effect)
  • "Drama with my ex." (No effect)
  • "Nothing I can't handle." (No effect)

Choice 12

Jacob: Walk in like you own the place, stare down everyone, and then—

  • "Picture everyone naked?" (No effect)
  • "Puke?" (No effect)
  • "Ply them with free juice?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Jacob: Just tell yourself, "Who cares? Not me!"

  • Try it out. (Choice 14 [Try It Out])
  • Make fun of it.

Choice 14 (Try it out)

Jacob: Yeah! Feel any better?

  • "Mmm nope." (No effect)
  • "Maybe a little?" (No effect)
  • "But it's not true." (No effect)

Choice 15

Prompt: You silently attempt to reassure yourself as you head to your workstation.

  • "You're being paranoid." (No effect)
  • "Who cares? Not me!" (No effect)
  • "Ohgodohgodohgod." (No effect)

Choice 16

Prompt: The pit in your stomach seems to yawn even wider.

  • "Beg your pardon?" (No effect)
  • "So everyone knows?" (No effect)
  • "Shut it."

Choice 17

Prompt: He shakes his head.

  • "It wasn't intentional." (No effect)
  • "It was a shitty thing to do."
  • "I don't wanna be here." (No effect)

Choice 18

Jaime: Maybe don't check your inbox?

  • It can get worse?" (No effect)
  • "What's in the booox?" (No effect)
  • Check your email immediately. (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt: The exact wording of your final note to your ex...

  • "That girl is evil!" (No effect)
  • "It's no Star Wars Kid." (No effect)
  • "I don't get it." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2 (StandUp Outfit)

Lars: You're establishing quite a streak.

  • "1500 favs!" (No effect)
  • "Want to take my picture?"
  • "At least one person's being nice to me." (No effect)

Choice 20

Abigail: I had no idea you were such an ice queen.

  • "You don't know the whole story." (No effect)
  • "Takes one to know one."
    • ❕You clapped back at Abigail. She will remember that.
  • "Hey, I was trying to be nice."
  • "Keeping it real is important." 
  • "It was immature, but honest."

You get the third option if you wished your ex well, the fourth if you told them to keep it real, and the fifth if you told them good riddance.

Choice 21

Prompt: The pitch sounds way more interesting—but Abigail clearly isn't interested in having you as a partner.

  • Spreadsheet with Jaime. (Choice 22 [Jaime])
    • ❕You chose to work with Jaime. He will remember that.
  • Pitch with Abigail (Choice 22 [Abigail])
    • ❕You chose to work with Abigail. She will remember that.

Choice 22 (Jaime)

Jaime: So... Your ex—

  • "No comment." (No effect)
  • "We're at work, let's work."
  • What about my ex?" (No effect)

Choice 23 (Jaime)

Jaime: You clearly loved this person, but you scrapped the whole thing for spreadsheets?

  • "Maybe I wasn't in love." (No effect)
  • "I. Love. Spreadsheets." (No effect)
  • It's complicated, dude." (No effect)

Choice 24 (Jaime)

Jaime: I didn't know that was your type.

Jaime: I didn't know that sort of guy was your type.

  • "You mean, women?"
    • ❕You made it clear you're not into boys.
  • "I like 'em big and dumb."
    • ❕You pushed back on Jaime and he took the hint.
  • "You don't know me that well."
    • ❕You challenged Jaime, and he stepped up.
  • "As opposed to tall, dark, and handsome?"
    • ❕You called Jaime out. He will remember that.

The first option appears if your ex is Dana and the second if your ex is Zack.

Choice 22 (Abigail)

Abigail: Lots to choose from, here.

  • "Just the happy ones, please!'
  • "Everyone responds to misery porn."
  • "We should use a mix—happy and sad." (No effect)

Choice 23 (Abigail)

Abigail: Sorry, it just--reminded me of my grandmother for a second.

  • "You must be close."
    • ❕You were kind to Abigail. She will remember that.
  • "No need to apologise."
  • "We have to use this, then."
    • ❕You were insensitive with Abigail. She will remember that.

Choice 24 (Abigail)

Prompt: The arrow hovers above the email...

  • "Please don't." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.
  • "Oh good, a new humiliation."

Choice 25 (Abigail)

Abigail: No offense, but. How did you stay with that guy for so long?

  • "I loved him. At some point." (No effect)
  • "Ugh, he's such a buffoon."
  • "Fear of change."

Choice 26

Celeste: You have questions about your life outside of here? You got to literally anyone else. Got it?

  • "Got it." (No effect)
  • "Please be my BFF." (No effect)
  • Keep your lips zipped. (No effect)

Choice 27

Celeste: Any questions for me?

  • "I'm afraid to ask." (No effect)
  • "My question isn't about work." (no effect)
  • "Where'd you get these throw pillows?" (No effect)

Choice 28

Celeste: Come on. Spit it out.

  • "I've been memed!" (No effect)
  • "Were you ever bullied at work?" (No effect)
  • "I'm drawing too much attention." (No effect)

Choice 29

Celeste: Don't wait for someone else to rescue you. Rescue yourself.

  • "I'm not used to doing that."
    • ❕You showed Celeste weakness. She will remember that.
  • "Yay feminism!"
    • ❕You tried to be funny with Celeste. She will remember that.
  • "Mentorship received."
    • ❕You acted professional with Celeste. She will remember that.

Choice 30

Prompt: The Old MC hated to be the center of attention—but if you want to take control of the narrative, you're going to have to do something big... and public.

  • Embrace the meme. Become a legend. (💎12)
  • Defend yourself. (Choice 31 [Defend Yourself])
  • Start to fake cry. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Propmt: You stand and clear your throat, the interns' attention shifting to you—

  • Take a bow.
  • Show off your new catchphrase. (No effect)
  • Laugh at yourself. (No effect)

❕From meme to legend... you rescued yourself!

Choice 31 (Defend Yourself)

  • "Because I believe in this mission."'
  • "If you lived in Chicago, you'd get it."
  • "And it was a shitty thing to do."

Choice 32 (Defend Yourself)

  • "Meme away." (No effect)
  • "Just know, it doesn't feel good."

Choice 33 (Non-Diamond?)

Prompt: I just feel so... so...

  • "...humiliated." (No effect)
  • "...guilty."
  • "...sad."

Choice 34

Prompt: Just one last thing to do—compose an email to Celeste.

  • "I did it!" (No effect)
  • "Thank you." (No effect)
  • "Thank goodness that's over." (No effect)

Episode 3 Choices

Choice 1

Jaime: Morning.

  • "You okay?" (No effect)
  • "Someone looks like shit..." (No effect)
  • "Happy Monday!" (No effect)

Choice 2

Jaime: This girl, she's... it's hard to explain.

  • "Try me." (No effect)
  • "Lemme guess, she's nuts?"
  • "You're not over her." (No effect)

Choice 3

Jaime: She was all upset, she was saying some stuff... all of a sudden, she wants me to come over.

  • "Sounds like she missed you."
  • "You know better, right?" (No effect)
  • "I know what that means..." (No effect)

Choice 4

Jaime: You didn't actually finish, did you?

  • "Of course." (No effect)
  • "Worked all weekend on it." (No effect)
  • "Just barely." (No effect)

Choice 5

Jaime: I didn't finish my part of the project.

  • "I get it..." (No effect)
  • "Nonono!" (No effect)
  • "How could you do this to me?" (No effect)

Choice 6

Jaime: Is there any way you'd be willing to help me finish?

  • "Whatever you need."
    • ❕You saved Jaime. He will remember that.
  • "Uh, hell no."
  • "You can totally do this."
    • ❕You encouraged Jaime. He will remember that.

Choice 7

Jaime: Besides, I'd love to show you a little of Oakland.

  • "I do love free dinner." (No effect)
  • "Oakland is faaaar." (No effect)
  • "You don't need to thank me." (No effect)

Choice 8

Mishel: Injured in the line of duty.

  • "That shoe is ugly." (No effect)
  • "It's lovely." (No effect)
  • "Get some antiseptic on there." (No effect)

Choice 9

Mishel: Wait—is this, like, a date?

  • "Uhhh... not sure." (No effect)
  • "I fucking hope so." (No effect)
  • "No way."

This choice will predominantly set the tone for interactions with Jaime in this chapter. You can change it by your future choices, of course.

Choice 10

Mishel: And he'll keep finding little ways to touch you.

  • "How do you know so much about dudes?" (No effect)
  • "That sounds good." (No effect)
  • "So if I don't want that stuff..."

Choice 11

Prompt: The StandUp outfit is, of course, Incredible—just how beautiful do you want to be tonight?

  • "It's irresistible!" (💎20, Skip Choice 12)
    • ❕Ready for Oakland, ready for anything—you look amazing.
  • I'll just wear what I own. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Jaime: MC. You uh—you wore that on the train?

  • "Wanted to look good."
  • "Got pepper spray in my bag."
  • "Too nice for public transport?" (Choice 13)

Choice 12

Jaime: Hope the trip was painless.

  • "I'm no public transit newb."
  • "I survived." (No effect)
  • "Were you worried?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Prompt: Is this the hug Mishel told you about? Date Indicator #1?

  • Hug back. (No effect)
  • Dodge him.

Choice 14

Jaime: Don't leave me hanging.

  • High-ten him. (No effect)
  • Down low, too slow. (No effect)
  • "Not going to happen." (No effect)

Choice 15

Jaime: It's been cleaned up a lot.

  • "This is clean?"
  • Gentrification rearing its ugly head." (No effect)
  • "Cities aren't supposed to be sanitized." (Choice 16 if MC is a woman of color)

Choice 16 (POC MC)

Jaime: But you seem like a pretty suburban girl.

  • "PWI?" (No effect)
  • "Hey, I know cities."
  • "Hey, suburbs give you secret powers." (No effect)

Choice 17

Prompt: He fumbles for just a second with his keys in the lock. Then he's right back to smooth.

  • "Swear you're not a murderer first." (No effect)
  • "It's... not what I was expecting." (No effect)
  • "Uh, you cook?" (No effect)

Choice 18

Jaime: It's not much, but it is rent-stabilized.

  • "It's bigger than my place." (No effect)
  • "...least it's conveniently located."
  • "I love it!" (No effect)

Choice 19

Jaime: I've got a bottle of Malbec...

  • "Wine me!" (No effect)
  • "Maybe a soda?" (No effect)
  • "Got whiskey?"

Choice 20

Jaime: Why not?

  • "To hospitality." (No effect)
  • "To finishing our assignment!" (No effect)
  • "To Oakland."

Choice 21

Prompt: And a battered stuffed toy raccoon on an armchair.

  • Ask about the flag. (Choice 22 [Flag])
  • Ask about the jersey. (Choice 22 [Jersey])
  • Ask about the raccoon. (Choice 22 [Raccoon])

Choice 22 (Flag)

Jaime: The blue on the flag stands for liberty. Red is for the blood of heroes. White's for salvation.

  • "You ever been?" (No effect)
  • "Better than a Monet poster."
  • "So you're patriotic AF."

Choice 22 (Jersey)

Choice 22 (Raccoon)

Jaime: Haven't let it out of my sight since.

  • "What's his name?" (No effect)
  • "Hope you've washed it."
  • "You old softie, you." (No effect)

Choice 23

Jaime: Always said I should put it away. Stash it in a closet or something.

  • "Chela doesn't sound nice." (Choice 25)
  • "I don't want to talk about your ex." (Choice 24)
  • "You sure you're over her?" (Choice 25)

Choice 24

Jaime: Didn't realize it would make you jealous.

  • "Makes for bad date conversation."
  • "It's just boring."
  • "Just looking out for you." (No effect)

Choice 25

Jaime: I don't bite.

  • Sit next to him. (No effect)
  • Sit across from him.
  • Keep on standing.
    • ❕You were awkward. Jaime will remember that.

Choice 26

Prompt: And your inborn Midwestern-ness says that eating the meal he's cooked for you would be the polite thing to do...

  • "I think you may have messed up."
  • "It's... good?" (No effect)
  • Drink to forget. (No effect)
  • "I'm just not used to it." (No effect)

Options vary depending on ?

Choice 27

Jaime: Well?

  • "This is amazing!" (No effect)
  • "Ah! Jalapeno! Hot!" (No effect)
  • "You should learn to cook this." (No effect)

Choice 28

Prompt: Maybe it's time to figure out what's going through Jaime's head.

  • "The old cilantro-on-the-face-trick, huh?"
  • "We're on a date! Officially! Got it?" (Choice 29)
  • "This isn't a date!"
  • "What are your intentions, sir?" (Choice 30)

The second and third options appear based on how much you have flirted with Jaime during this chapter. It is possible to get both options.

Choice 29

Jaime: Tonight—was really fun.

  • "No reason it has to end." (Choice 31)
  • "Eventually it got good."
  • "Ditto." (Choice 30)

Choice 30

Jaime: I'd feel a lot better if I took the train back with you. Just to make sure you get home okay.

  • "Inviting yourself over?"
  • "If you insist." (No effect)
  • "Such a gentleman." (No effect)
  • "I got here, didn't I?" (No effect)

First option replaces the third if ?

Choice 31

Mikey: Unless he's not staying in your room tonight?

  • "He's not staying."
    • ❕You vetoed for a sleepover. Jaime will remember that.
  • "Here's ten bucks."
    • ❕You paid for a sleepover. Jaime will remember that.
  • "Uh..."
    • ❕You left Jaime hanging. He will remember that.

Choice 32

Jaime: Really—really nice.

  • "You think so?" (No effect)
  • "Eh, it's okay." (Np effect)
  • "It's my own private oasis." (No effect)

Choice 33

This choice only appears if ?

Prompt: He looks down at you, cautious, but still hopeful.

  • "Yes." (No effect)
  • "No."
  • "I just want to be friends."

Choice 34

Prompt: Are you really ready to hook up with someone new? Can you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

  • Get sexy with Jaime. (💎25 Diamonds)
  • Wait and hope he does something.
  • Send him home.

Diamond Choice 1

Jaime: Tell me what you want me to do to you.

  • "Undress me." (No effect or Diamond Choice 2?)
  • "Take your clothes off." (No effect or Diamond Choice 2?)
  • "Only kissing tonight."

Diamond Choice 2

Jaime: Now, do you want me to—

  • "Lie back." (No effect)
  • "Get on top of me." (No effect)
  • "Less talk, more action." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Jaime: You look so fucking sexy right now.

  • "Get a condom." (Diamond Choice 4 [Get a Condom])
  • "FYI, we're not going to bone." (Choice 4 [FYI])

Diamond Choice 4 (Get a Condom)

Prompt: With a practiced motion, he slips on the condom.

  • "Hurry up."
  • "Done this a lot, huh?" (No effect)
  • "Take it slow." (No effect)

❕A perfect ending—Jaime will remember this.

Diamond Choice 4 (FYI)

Jaime: You want me to back off... or do you want to come before I go?

  • "Back off."
  • "Get me off."
    • ❕A perfect ending—Jaime will remember this.

Diamond Choice 5

Prompt: And heads to the door...

  • "Safe travels." (No effect)
  • "You could stay over." (No effect)
  • "Let's do that again sometime." (No effect)

Episode 4 Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: Unlike you, they're total jerks. And apparently, this weekend is their cornhole championship.

  • "Shut up shut up shut up." (No effect)
  • Text the front desk. (No effect)
  • Try to ignore it. (No effect)

Choice 2

Mishel: Good morning, sleepyhead.

  • "What's good about it?" (No effect)
  • "Coffee. Now." (No effect)
  • "You look great." (No effect)

Choice 3

Billie: Yeah, I might have... accidentally... used the last of it.

  • "This is unforgivable." (No effect)
  • "On a Saturday?" (No effect)
  • "I forgive you." (No effect)

Choice 4

Mishel: Okay, I just Postmated us coffee from that place on the corner.

  • "That's a waste of money!" (No effect)
  • "This doesn't make us square." (No effect)
  • "This is what technology was invented for." (No effect)

Choice 5

Mishel: I mean, you've been here for weeks and we still haven't had the chance to hang out one-on-one.

  • "Count me in."
    • ❕You are a risk taker!
  • "I'm not the adventuresome type."
    • ❕You play it safe.
  • "I hope this is a date."

Choice 6

Prompt: Want to see Mishel's workplace, meet a stylist and get this darling outfit and makeover?

  • "A professional stylist? Let's go!" (💎20 Diamonds)
  • "Nah, I'm too excited to sit still."

Choice 7

Prompt: By the time you make it back to OpenHouse's kitchen, Mishel (now busily scarfing down her eggs) has thrown together an outfit of her own.

  • "Very archaeologist-chic." (No effect)
  • "You're zip-lining in that?" (No effect)
  • "Well, now I feel schlumpy." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: An excitable forty-something woman with bright red lips rushes over to give you a hug.

  • "Oh. Hi." (No effect)
  • "Alysia, I presume." (No effect)
  • "I'm excited too!" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Alysia: But I always like to ask my new clients—what would you say is your guiding style principle?

  • "Always wear clothes." (No effect)
  • "Don't have one." (No effect)
  • "Mishel knows best!" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Mishel: What happened?

  • "No clue." (No effect)
  • "I'm bad at clothes." (No effect)
  • "Wanted you to join me."

Diamond Choice 4

Mishel: Don't worry, I won't peek at your underwear.

  • "Thanks for that."
    • ❕You were modest. Mishel will remember that.
  • "Peek away."
  • "Wait until I'm wearing cuter stuff."
    • ❕You were embarrassed. Mishel will remember that.

Diamond Choice 5

Alysia: You tell us.

  • "I look so great!" (No effect)
  • "I want to wear this to everything." (No effect)
  • "Throw out my old clothes." (No effect)

❕Styled and ready for action! You're going to look great at Land's End!

Choice 8 (Risk Taker)

Mishel: You were so excited to try before—don't let your nerves get the best of you.

  • "I'm not nervous at all!"
  • "I think I'll be okay..." (Choice 9 [Zipline])
  • "Yeah, nope, I'm out."

Choice 8 (Not Adventurous)

Mishel: You sure you don't want to try?

  • "Sure. No zip line." (Choice 9 [No Zip Line])
  • "Maybe if you're with me..."
  • "I'll give it a shot."

Choice 9 (Zip Line)

Mishel: All done. Comfy?

  • "Super comfy!" (No effect)
  • "Worst wedgie I've ever had." (No effect)
  • "I like the you-helping-me-put-it-on part." (No effect)

Choice 10 (Zip Line)

Mishel: Got it?

  • "That's so much to remember!" (No effect)
  • "Think so." (No effect)
  • "Nope." (No effect)

Choice 11 (Zip Line)

Mishel: Jump!

  • "Yee-ha!" (No effect)
  • "If I die, it's your fault!"
  • Keep your mouth shut and jump. (No effect)

Choice 12 (Zip Line)

Prompt: And you're not sure how far ahead of you the first platform is...

  • Slow down.
  • Don't worry so much.

Choice 9 (No Zip Line)

How are you going to film me?

  • "Slow-mo!" (No effect)
  • "One of those bounce-back videos." (No effect)
  • "Point and shoot?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Mishel: Her eyes are open! MC, say something if you can hear me!

  • "Something." (No effect)
  • "Zip-lining sucks." (No effect)
  • "You look so pretty right now."
  • "Who are all these cute guys?" (No effect)

You get the third option if you have flirted with Mishel and the fourth option if you have not?

Choice 14

EMT: And do you know where you are?

  • "Hell." (No effect)
  • "The hospital?" (No effect)
  • "The friggin' zip-line course." (No effect)

Choice 15

Prompt: She shakes her head, distraught.

  • "Don't beat yourself up." (No effect)
  • "It was a freak accident." (No effect)
  • "I could've been killed." (No effect)

Choice 16

Mishel: Anything you need, I'll make it happen.

  • "I want soup." (Choice 17 [Soup])
  • "I want an ice pack." (Choice 17 [Ice Pack])
  • "I don't need anything." (Choice 18)
    • ❕You weren't needy. Mishel will remember that.

Choice 17 (Soup)

Mishel: Soup will be here soon.

  • "But I want soup now!"
  • "You've done enough."
    • ❕You were a good patient. Mishel will remember that.
  • "Too late to add a sandwich?"
    • ❕You were kinda needy. Mishel will remember that.

Choice 17 (Ice Pack)

Mishel: That help?

  • "These peas are too hard and cold!"
  • "Oooh, nice."
    • ❕You were appreciative. Mishel will remember that.
  • "Maybe a warm washcloth?"

Choice 18

Prompt: Then she places a cloudy rock in your hand.

  • "What's next, a wizard's staff?" (No effect)
  • "Really? These will heal me?" (No effect)
  • "I don't get it, but I love it." (No effect)

Choice 19

Mishel: They helped me in the past. Hopefully, they can help you now.

  • Ask about the belt. (Choice 20 [Belt])
  • Ask about the rock. (Choice 20 [Rock])

Choice 20 (Belt)

Mishel: I made this belt to protect myself.

  • "Better to report him." (No effect)
  • "And that worked?" (No effect)
  • "What are those symbols?" (No effect)

Choice 20 (Rock)

Mishel: I swear to god, it helped me find my way out of the park.

  • "The rock told you where to go?"
  • "So it boosted your confidence?" (No effect)
  • "Do I have to talk to the rock?" (No effect)

Choice 21

Mishel: You get it now?

  • "Pretty hippy-dippy." (No effect)
  • "Still don't see how these'll help." (No effect)
  • "Totally." (No effect)

Choice 22

Mishel: How are you feeling now? Any nausea? Dizziness? General funkiness to report?

  • "I think this stuff is helping." (No effect)
  • "Just tired." (No effect)
  • "I feel crappy." (No effect)

Choice 23

Mishel: Whatever your wildest fantasy is—whatever craziness you can come up with—as long as we can do it here, at OpenHouse, I'm game.

  • "Wanna see my LiveJournal?" (Choice 24 [LiveJournal])
  • "Let's steal those beanbags." (Choice 24 [Beanbags])

Choice 24 (LiveJournal)

Prompt: "I think I was born to be a performer. If Jennifer gets Nancy instead of me in Oliver, I'm going to put a bug on her desk."

  • "Ugh, I missed my calling." (No effect)
  • "I still do that as revenge." (No effect)
  • "Surprisingly, I didn't get the part." (No effect)

Choice 25 (LiveJournal)

Prompt: " I just turned bright red and lied about having to babysit that night."

  • "So young. So innocent." (No effect)
  • "Sara/Michael was cuuuuuuute." (No effect)
  • "Always had a hard time expressing myself." (No effect)

Choice 24 (Beanbags)

Mishel: How do you wanna do this thing?

  • "Cover me, I'm going in."
  • "I'll watch the door." (No effect)
  • "Just walk out and take them!" (No effect)

Choice 25 (Beanbags)

Mishel: What should we do with them?

  • "Cut 'em open." (No effect)
  • "Trash'em!" (No effect)
  • "You watch over them."

Choice 26

Mishel: We just have to figure out something fun to do...

  • Find an excuse to get Mishel out of her clothes. (💎25 Diamonds)
  • "I'm ready for bed."

Diamond Choice 6

Mishel: To your surprise (and with zero preamble) she pulls her shirt off.

  • "Whoa." (Diamond Choice 8)
  • "You're gorgeous." (Diamond Choice 8)
  • Give her some privacy. (Diamond Choice 7)

Diamond Choice 7

Mishel: You can stare if you want.

  • Nope. (No effect)
  • Okay...

Diamond Choice 8

Mishel: This is a capital-L look.

  • "Very va va voom." (No effect)
  • "You did your best, but..." (No effect)
  • "Think you've found your new style." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 9

Mishel: Is this good?

  • Get her to kiss you.
    • ❕Mishel showed you her goofy side, and more...
    • ❕You are into Mishel!
  • Kiss her.
    • ❕Mishel showed you her goofy side, and more...
    • ❕You are into Mishel!
  • "Just take the photo. I need to sleep."
    • ❕Mishel showed you her goofy side, and more...

Diamond Choice 10

Mishel: You don't need to say anything right now. I mean, obviously you need sme recovery time, so—

  • "I think you're cute too."
  • "You're gorgeous, but I don't know."
  • "I'm actually seeing this guy..."
    • ❕You chose Jaime over Mishel.
  • "I think of you as a friend."

Episode 5 Choices

Diamond Choice 1 (Kissed Mishel)

Mishel: Hey, you.

  • Full on flirt. (No effect, but this is the only option if you want to kiss her.)
  • Test the waters. (No effect)
  • Giver her the cold shoulder.

Choice 1

Prompt: You need to dress for success, but which shows the real MC?

  • "I love this outfit." (💎20 Diamonds)
  • "I'll wear my clothes."

Diamond Choice 2 (StandUp Outfit)

Prompt: You start to shrug off your robe, then hesitate—

  • "Privacy, please?" (No effect)
  • "You're the best." (No effect)
  • "Want to dress me?" (No effect, but she stays)

Third option appears if you flirted with Mishel in Diamond Choice 1. ❕Professional and irresistible—PYT meets CEO.

Choice 4

Abigail: You're up next.

  • "Fuuuuuuck." (No effect)
  • "Trade with me?" (No effect)
  • "I'm totally ready." (No effect)

Choice 5

Abigail: You did prep for this, didn't you, MC?"

  • "Obviously." (No effect)
  • "Uh, no?" (No effect)
  • "A little." (No effect)

Choice 6

Abigail: Not the way I'm going to play it, but if that's what sells—I may have to change my strategy.

  • "That's so calculated." (No effect)
  • "Hey, whatever works." (No effect)
  • "What is your strategy?" (No effect)

Choice 7

Jaime: What are you going to talk about in there?

  • "Focus on my future."
    • ❕Your strategy is all about what comes next.
  • "Talk up my past."
    • ❕Your strategy relies on your résumé.
  • "Make jokes?"
    • ❕Your strategy is all about the laughs.

What you choose here affects the wording of one option during the interview.

Choice 8

Katie: I didn't think he was going to be so—so—

  • "Intense?" (No effect)
  • "Awkward?" (No effect)
  • "Nice?" (No effect)

Choice 9

Benji: MC. It's a pleasure.

  • "Whoa." (No effect)
  • "Likewise." (No effect)
  • "Hello, Mr. Ross." (No effect)

Choice 10

Benji: Well?

  • "I don't understand."
    • ❕Benji is not impressed! Choose your next answer wisely.
  • "A tomato." (Correct)
    • ❕Benji is into your fruit, keep it up!
  • "I'm allergic to fruit."
    • ❕Benji didn't read you there, better up your game! (If joking?)

Choice 11

Benji: Say the year is 2022. If you could make any prediction about the state of the world, what would it be?

  • "That's... a big question."
  • "NGOrganize will have won." (Correct)
  • "Makes me think of my life in Chicago."
  • "Makes me think of my plans post internship." (Correct)
  • "I'll still have roommates." (No effect) (Correct if joking?)

Third option if you talk about past, fourth option if you talk about future, fifth option if joking.

Choice 12

Benji: I know we just met, but based on this meeting—and the time you've spent here so far—what would you say I'm doing wrong?

  • "These interviews, maybe?"
    • ❕Failed it -??
  • "Fewer Stanford kids, more diversity." (Correct?)
    • ❕You nailed it!
  • "Ditch the ostrich jerky!" (No effect) (Correct if joking?)

❕You survived! Mostly...

Choice 13

Jaime: I can't believe it. I thought I biffed it, for sure.

  • "Have fun!" (No effect)
  • "Looks like you did juuust fine." (No effect)
  • "I expect a full report." (No effect)

Wording of the first option depends on of you nailed it, failed it, or mostly survived.

Choice 14

Abigail: Pretty weird, if you ask me.

  • "It's fucked up." (No effect)
  • "Maybe they just did better." (No effect)
  • "Jealous much?" (No effect)

Choice 15

Jaime: It was Laphroaig 15 Year too—not the cheap stuff.

  • "That's completely unfair!"
  • "Sounds fun." (No effect)
  • "Spare me the details." (No effect)

Choice 16

This choice appears if ?

Jaime: Like, just one of the guys, you know?

  • "I should get back to work." (Choice 19)
  • "Right. All guys, actually." (Choice 19)
  • "Benji seems cool." (Choice 17)

Choice 17

Jaime: Call me out on... what?

  • "Nothing." (Choice 18)
  • "Abigail's a conspiracy theorist."
  • "It's just... a little frustrating."

Choice 18

Jaime: MC—is that what you think?

  • "Abigail doesn't speak for me." (N
  • "Yeah."

Choice 19

Jaime: I know it's unfair that you didn't get to go, but—

  • "The invite list was weird." (No effect)
  • "Did you tell Benji that?"
  • "It's okay. Really." (No effect)

Choice 20

Prompt: The expression on his face is the most vulnerable you've ever seen him. There's anger there—but a deep well of hurt as well.

  • "No way."
    • ❕You tried to be kind. Jaime will remember that.
  • "I guess I am."
    • ❕You did not sugarcoat it. Jaime will remember that.

Choice 21

Bartender: What can I get you?

  • "Laphroaig." (No effect)
  • "Club soda." (No effect)
  • "Just get me drunk." (No effect)

Choice 22

Jacob: Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

  • "Nope." (No effect)
  • "I'd love some company." (No effect)
  • "Just my lousy mood." (No effect)

Choice 23

Jacob: Same type of shit used to happen at my old job.

  • "Ugh, seriously?" (No effect)
  • "Tell me it gets better." (No effect)
  • "Don't make me feel even worse." (No effect)

Choice 24

Jacob: You name it, it happened.

  • "Is that why you left?" (No effect)
  • "Did you speak up?" (No effect)
  • "Same old story." (No effect)

Choice 25

Jacob: Like I said. Zero drama.

  • "Because hiring women means 'drama'?" (No effect)
  • "Maybe we should change the subject." (No effect)
  • "That's one way to solve the problem." (No effect)

Choice 26

Prompt: Clearly this dude is about to be canceled, and with a vengeance. Question is, how to extricate yourself from this disaster of an evening?

  • Destroy this guy. (💎15 Diamonds)
  • Make up a lie.
  • Fake sick.

Diamond Choice 3

Jacob: Are you fucking crazy?

  • "Wanna find out?" (No effect)
  • "Crazy for ever talking to you." (No effect)
  • "You're the crazy one." (No effect)

❕Face + drink = justice. Jacob is officially canceled.

Episode 6 Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: He takes his seat near you, throwing you a polite nod. Maybe he's over it?

  • "Exhuastion suits you." (No effect)
  • "I'm almost finished with this." (No effect)
  • "How you holding up?" (No effect)

Choice 2

Abigaiil: Ignore him.

  • "Big time."
  • "Wish he would get over it." (No effect)
  • "Easier said than done." (No effect)

Choice 3

Curtis: Am I dead? Ithink I'm dead?

  • "I've been dead since yesterday." (No effect)
  • "Hold on one second..." (No effect)
  • "nckejrnerifnpeorineoi" (No effect)

Choice 4

Curtis: How tired are you right now?

  • "I'm okay." (Choice 5)
  • "Ready to sleep for a year." (Choice 6)
  • "Wait, is this conversation real?" (Choice 6)

Choice 5

Curtis: You must be superhuman or something, 'cause I'm dead on my feet over here.

  • "How'd you know?" (No effect)
  • "I've been mainlining coffee."
  • "Just wanna get this done." (No effect)

Choice 6

Curtis: Just say the word, and you'll have all the Spam musubi and kalua pork that Palo Alto can offer.

  • "I'm in." (Choice 7 [I'm In])
  • "Too salty!" (Choice 7 [Salty/Far from Hawaii])
  • "Palo Alto is pretty far from Hawaii..." (Choice 7 [Salty/Far from Hawaii])

Choice 7 (I'm In)

Curtis: Uh-uh. I'm inviting you into my ritual, so this is on me.

  • "I insist." (No effect)
  • "Yay a date!"
  • "Can't turn down a free meal."

Choice 7 (Salty/Far from Hawaii)

You get the first prompt if you said it was salty and the second if you said Palo Alto is far from Hawaii.

Curtis: We can get salad too, if that'll convince you. Delicious, nutritious iceberg lettuce.

Curtis: Something about the combination of barbeque and sweet uke makes all this stress just melt away.

  • "No thanks." (No effect)
  • "I'm convinced." (No effect)

Choice 9

Do you want Mishel's designer outift?

  • "I have to wear this." (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕Looking good = feeling good!
  • "I just wanna be comfortable."

Diamond Choice 1

Curtis: Usually I'm not so blatantly skeezy, but—

  • "It's a really nice outfit, I know." (No effect)
  • "Didn't say I minded." (No effect)
  • "My eyes are up here, bud." (No effect)

Choice 10

Abigail: Come get a snack with me.

  • "Didn't know we were that close." (No effect)
  • "Sure." (No effect)
  • "I'm not hungry." (No effect)

Choice 11

Abigail: Did I see you flirting with Curtis just now?

  • "Oh, definitely." No effect)
  • "No way." (No effect)
  • "Nah, it's a friendly thing." (No effect)

Choice 12

Abigail: We went out. We hooked up. More than once.

  • "Whaaaaaaat." (No effect)
  • "So you're jealous." (No effect)
  • "Good for you, but..." (No effect)

Choice 13

Abigail: I'm pretty sure he took a photo.

  • "What the fuck." (No effect)
  • "That could be hot..." (No effect)
  • "Are you sure?" (No effect)

Choice 14

Abigail: I just—had to warn you. Even if nothing happens, you need to know who he is.

  • "Thank you."
    • ❕You listened. Abigail will remember that.
  • "I can take care of myself."
  • "I wonder if he's done this before..."
    • ❕You believed Abigail. She'll remember that.

Choice 15

Abigail: I think if I can get hold of his phone, I can find the picture and delete it.

  • "Kind of invasive..." (Choice 16)
  • "How can I help?" (Choice 17)
  • "Dangerous. And impressive." (Choice 16?)

Choice 16

Abigail: Even so... I was kind of hoping you'd be willing to help.

  • "Let's take him down." (Choice 17)
    • ❕Operation: Bust-a-Creep is a go!
  • "What's in it for me?"
  • "It's not my business."

Choice 17

Distract him how?

  • "I'll ask him for help." (Choice 18 [Ask for Help])
  • "Amp up the romance." (Choice 18 [Romance])
  • "Maybe do something crazy?"

Choice 18 (Ask for Help)

Curtis: Yeah, definitely.

  • Hardware issue.
  • Software issue.
  • "How 'bout that blockchain, huh?" (No effect)

Choice 18 (Romance)

Curtis: Like, say, at this great bar... near my apartment.

  • "...Wow." (No effect)
  • "So hot."
  • "Why not skip the bar?" (No effect)

Choice 19

Abigail: What if he uploaded it to the cloud?

  • "I'm sure he didn't." (No effect
  • "The internet is forever..." (No effect)
  • "Wait, you didn't think of that before?" (No effect)

Choice 20

Prompt: You feel for her. This whole mess wasn't her fault—Curtis is to blame.

  • Take Curtis down. (💎20 Diamonds)
  • "You could talk to HR."
  • "Let's smash his phone."

Diamond Choice 2

Curtis: What's your fucking problem?!

  • "You suck." (No effect)
  • "Had to teach you a lesson." (No effect)
  • "Just add to my collection." (No effect)

❕Witness me! Sleazebags beware!

Choice 21

Prompt: He tries smiling his usual smile—

  • "Are we speaking again?" (No effect)
  • "Hey, yourself." (No effect)
  • Give him the silent treatment. (No effect)

Choice 22

Jaime: That fight we had... you bruised my ego. More than a little.

  • "It wasn't intentional." (No effect)
  • "I lashed out."
  • "didn't do anything." (No effect)
  • "I was right." (No effect)

Fourth option replaces the third if ?

Choice 23

I hope you can give me another chance.

  • "How about right now?"
    • ❕You accepted Jaime's apology. He'll remember that.
  • "I don't know." (Choice 25)
    • ❕You rejected Jaime's apology. He'll remember that.
  • "At some point, yeah."
    • ❕You respected Jaime's apology. He'll respect that.

Choice 24 (Romanced Jaime)

Jaime: I'm just... relieved you still want to be my friend.

  • "Obviously I do."
  • "I want to be more than that."

Choice 24 (Romanced Jaime)

Jaime: Think I need to figure out my own shit before I pull anyone else into my mess.

  • "What if I don't want you to?"
  • "It's for the best."
  • "Ouch." (No effect)

Choice 25

Mishel: Hell yes. Robe party. And you reeeeeeeeally look like yu could use a drink.

  • "Yes please!" (Choice 27)
  • "Mezcal tastes gross." (Choice 26)
  • "You have no idea." (Choice 27)

Choice 26

Mishel: Mishel pours you a sip... watches you drink it...

  • "It will get me drunk, so..."
  • "Yum."
  • "Think I'll just grab a soda." (No effect)

Choice 27

Mishel: What can I say? I'm inspired by real-life experiences.

  • "Love it." (Choice 28)
  • "You should be a mixologist." (Choice 29)
  • "Not a Honda?" (Choice 29)

Choice 28

Mishel: And of getting fingered in the back of a sweet-ass piece of German engineering?

  • "Haven't had the pleasure." (No effect)
  • "Or anywhere else."
  • "Your creativity."

Choice 29 (Did Not Romance Mishel) Mishel: But She Needs to Get Some Sleep Before She Straight-Up Passes Out in the Kitchen.

  • "Hey, I'm not tired!"
  • "You're right."
  • "Pretty long." (No effect)

Choice 29 (Romanced Mishel)

Mishel: Well? What do you think?

  • "Sounds irresistible." (Choice 30)
  • "Maybe not tonight."
  • "Just kiss me already." (Choice 30)

Choice 30

Prompt: Before you know what's happening, you feel her pulling the belt of your robe off. her insistent fingers working under the fabric—pushing your udnerwear down over your hips—

  • "We're in public!" (Choice 31)
  • "Keep going."
  • "People make snacks here..." (Choice 32)

Choice 31

Mishel: And that doesn't turn you on?

  • "Okay maybe." (Choice 32)
  • "Let's do this another time."

Choice 32

Mishel: Do you want to come?

  • "Yes!" (No effect)
  • "Not yet!" (No effect)

❕Marathon indeed... and Mishel brought you over the finish line.

Choice 33

Prompt: You adjust your clothes and jump down off the counter, your legs a little wobbly, the vein in your head pounding.

  • "Thanks."
  • "Feel like I should return the favor." (No effect)
  • "What now?" (No effect)

Episode 7 Choices

Choice 1

Mishel: Take a picture, it'll last longer.

  • Admit you were checking her out. (No effect)
  • Flirt. (No effect)
  • Take an actual picture. (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: Do you want to wear Mishel's hand-picked outfit?

  • "This outfit is amazing." (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕As always, Mishel's taste is spot-on.
  • "I'll just wear this." (No effect)

Choice 3

Katie: Oh, shoot! Were you about to sit here, MC?

  • "Just saying hi." (No effect)
  • "I was."
  • "Nope!" (No effect)
  • "Plenty of room." (No effect)

Second option replaces the first if you have romance Jaime enough?

Choice 4

Cute Dave: My mom got it for me at Christmas, told me it was "hip." But that was in Spurgeon, Inidiana...

  • "Your mom was right." (Choice 5 [Mom Was Right])
  • "It's not my favorite." (Choice 5 [Not My Favorite])
  • "Why a tie at all?" (Choice 5 [Why a Tie?])

Choice 5 (Mom Was Right)

Abigail: Yes. It is "bangin'," all right.

  • "Drunk already, are we?"
  • "It would make a cute belt."
  • "I just love floral ties." (No effect)

Choice 5 (Not My Favorite)

Abigail: You can say that again.

  • "Some cool stuff came from Indiana." (No effect)
  • "Indiana's the worst."
  • "Drunk already, are we?"

Choice 5 (Why a Tie?)

Abigail: Not all ties... just ones that look like... that.

  • "Drunk already, are we?"
    • ❕You called out Abigail's booziness: She'll remember that.
  • "It would make a cute belt." (No effect)
  • "She has a point."

Choice 6

Cute Dave: I can't pick. What looks good to you?

  • "Not sure yet." (No effect)
  • "Tap water and breadsticks?" (No effect)
  • "The most expensive thing on the menu." (No effect)

Choice 7

Prompt: The server reaches you, pen poised to take your order.

  • "Garden lettuces, $11." (No effect)
  • "Kale and chickpea soup, $16" (No effect)
  • "Ricotta dumplings, $26." (No effect)

Choice 8

Prompt: Well, they're certainly getting along famously.

  • Good for them. (No effect)
  • You feel a pang of regret. (No effect)
  • Time to make him jealous.
  • Whatever. (No effect)

First option appears if you rejected Jaime's apology.

Choice 9

Prompt: But who might actually be inclined to help you?

  • Cute Dave. (No effect)
  • Abigail. (No effect)
  • Jaime.

Cute Dave and Abigail are able to help you, Jaime isn't. If you choose Jaime, Cute Dave will help you out later.

Choice 10

Cute Dave: Don't want you starving to death over there.

  • "You sound like my mother." (No effect)
  • "You're a lifesafever." (No effect)
  • "I'm not in danger of that." (No effect)

Choice 11

Cute Dave: Want a bite?

  • "Sure!" (No effect)
  • "Nah." (No effect)

Choice 12

Prompt: This is the chance to take control and go after what you want. Though you don't have long to figure it out...

  • Go after Jaime. (💎23 Diamonds)
  • Buy Cute Dave a drink. (💎20 Diamonds)
  • Head out for home.

Diamond Choice 1 (Jaime)

Jaime: I take it you have some thoughts about me and Katie.

  • "You're cute together."
  • "You moved on awfully fast." (No effect)
  • "You're allowed to make new friends." (No effect)
  • "I'll keep them to myself." (No effect)

Second option appears if you have romanced Jaime enough? Third option appears if you rejected Jaime's apology.

Diamond Choice 2 (Jaime)

Jaime: But I don't click with her the way I did with you... from practically the first time I met you.

  • "Let's try again."  (Diamond Choice 4)
    • ❕Romance rekindled!
  • "Too little, too late."
  • "What are you saying?" (Diamond Choice 3)

Diamond Choice 3 (Jaime)

Jaime: Is there still—any chance we could give this another shot?

  • Kiss him.
    • ❕Romance rekindled!
  • "Let's be friends—but not date."
  • "Let's be best friends. Friends."
  • "I need more time."

You get the second option if you have previously romanced Jaime and the third if you have not?

Diamond Choice 4 (Jaime)

Jaime: Maybe we should—um—

  • "Call it a night."
  • "Come home with me." (You are with Jaime at the beginning of Episode 8)
  • "Talk about this."

Diamond Choice 5 (Jaime)

Prompt: This isn't great.

  • "Change of plans." (No effect)
  • "She needs my help." (No effect)
  • "What should we do?" (No effect)
  • "Maybe if I call a car for her..." (No effect)

Choice 13

Abigail: Sorry I screwed up your night.

  • "You saved it." (No effect)
  • "You owe me."
  • "You didn't screw anything up." (No effect)
  • "Don't apologize." (No effect)

First option if she helped you, second if she didn't.

Choice 14

Abigail: There's a lot about me you don't know, y'know?

  • "Deep thoughts over here." (No effect)
  • "Such as?" (No effect)
  • "You killed a man, didn't you?" (No effect)

Choice 15

Abigail: Jealous.

  • "You're wasted." (No effect)
  • "Jealous of..." (No effect)
  • "Didn't see this coming." (No effect)

Choice 16

Abigail: Sorry.

  • "It's okay."
    • ❕You downplayed Abigal's feelings. She'll remember that.
  • "Let's... talk when you're sober."
    • ❕You took Abigail's advance in stride. She'll remember that.
  • "I didn't say stop."
    • ❕You're into Abigail.

Episode 8 Choices

Choice 1 (Jaime)

Prompt: You decide to wake him up...

  • With a shake.
  • With a kiss. (No effect)
  • With something naughtier. (No effect)

Choice 2 (Jaime)

Jaime: You are... incredible.

  • "Right back at you." (No effect)
  • "Still room for improvement." (No effect)
  • "That's the hormones talking." (No effect)

Choice 3 (Jaime)

Prompt: Is now the time to find out what exactly this thing is between you?

  • Define the relationship. (Choice 4 [Jaime])
  • Skip it. (No effect)

Choice 4 (Jaime) Jaime: I mean... what do you think it is?

  • "We're exclusive."
    • ❕You want to go steady with Jaime.
  • "Friends with benefits."
  • "Let's just play it by ear."
    • ❕You want things with Jaime to take their natural course.

Although Jaime will agree with what you say, he is hesistant if you choose the first option and relieved if you choose the third.

Choice 5

Prompt: Do you want the warm, custom StandUp outfit?

  • Embrace a little elegance. (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕Thoughtful and stylish—Mishel is a treasure!
  • Just wear a regular Monday outfit. (No effect)

Choice 6

Prompt: In it, a smiling young woman is trying to swipe... on a computer screen.

  • "Whoa." (No effect)
    • ❕You found the meme offensive. Kate will remember that.
  • "Could be worse."
    • ❕You weren't bothered by the meme. Kate will remember that.
    • ❕You didn't find the meme very offensive. Kate will remember that.
  • "This has to be a joke."
    • ❕You didn't find the meme very offensive. Kate will remember that.

Choice 7

Jaime: Way to take a hard line.

  • "You've changed your tune."
  • "Typical Valley bullshit." (No effect)
  • "He is just the intern coordinator." (No effect)
  • "NGOrganize will do the right thing." (No effect)

You get the first option if you were hard on Jaime after the lunch and the third if you were kind to him? Choice 8

Celeste: I'd like to talk to you about something—important.

  • "Okay...." (No effect)
  • "Lay it on me." (No effect)
  • "Is this about the meme?" (No effect)

Choice 9

Celeste: Penny for your thoughts. Does NGOrganize have a gender issue?

  • "Yes." (Choice 10)
    • ❕You spoke up. What you say next is vital.
  • "Maybe, but it's not a big deal." (Choice 10)
    • ❕You downplayed your drama. Your next words will be crucial.
  • "Nope." (Choice 11)
    • ❕You kept your mouth shut. Celeste will remember that.

Choice 10

Celeste: What have you observed?

  • "Gender discrimination."
    • ❕You confided in Celeste. She'll remember that.
  • "Sexual harassment."
  • "I... don't know if I want to share."
    • ❕You backpedalled. Celeste will remember that.

Choice 11

Abigail: Looking for a drink! Yes, I was—just looking for something to drink.

  • "Lo and behold: a drink." (No effect)
  • "So I had this meeting with Celeste." (No effect)
  • "Thank goodness you came in here, then." (No effect)

Choice 12

Abigail: Wait—you don't think she knows about what happened between me and Curtis, do you?

  • "Probably not." (No effect)
  • "Anything's possible." (No effect)
  • "I didn't tell her anything." (No effect)

Choice 13

Her face creased with anxiety, she leans against the sink, trying to steady herself.

  • "What do you want me to do?" (No effect)
  • "Sharing could make a difference."
  • "I'll keep your secret." (No effect)
  • "I'm worried about backlash." (No effect)

Fourth option appears if you didn't tell Celeste anything in Choice 10? Choice 14

Prompt: If she's not going to say anything about that kiss, maybe you should...

  • Leave it alone. (Choice 16)
    • ❕You decided to leave well enough alone.
  • Say something. (Choice 15)

Choice 15 Abigail: Forget about it. Okay?

  • "I don't want to."
  • "Fine." (No effect)

Choice 16

Jaime: And all he's getting is a weeklong suspension.

  • "Better be unpaid." (No effect)
  • "Hardly seems like enough." (No effect)
  • "Sounds fair." (No effect)

Choice 17

Well, this is how they deal with things: a shitty apology and a week's vacation.

  • "You want him to get fired?"
    • ❕You think scott's punishment was fair. Abigail will remember that.
  • "It sucks, but..."
  • "We could change things."
    • ❕You want to speak out. Abigail will remember that.
  • "Not worth the risk to complain."
    • ❕You don't want to rock the boat. Abigail will remember that.

You get the first option if you said the suspension seemed fair and the second option if you did not? Choice 18

Prompt: Regardless of the risk.

  • Help Celeste put the company culture on blast. (💎18 Diamonds)
    • ❕You got a plan to stick it to the Man!
  • Encourage Abigail to speak up.
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Episode 9 Choices

Choice 1

Mishel: We're going out today!

  • "Yes!" (No effect)
  • "Too hot!" (No effect)
  • "Sure but I'm gonna sweat." (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: Ready to dazzle and absolutely own the scene?

  • "I'll look amazing in this!"  (💎20 Diamonds)
  • I'll wear my old clothes" (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: You gaze up the steep hillside, the sun beating down on you, already feeling a trickle of sweat dripping down your back.

  • "Not hiking!" (No effect)
  • "I'll need water after." (No effect)
  • "I could use the exercise." (No effect)

Choice 4

Mishel: What are you gonna get?

  • "Coffee-toffee chip." (No effect)
  • "Green tea and sesame." (No effect)
  • "Peaches and cream." (No effect)

Choice 5 (Jaime)

Prompt: She keeps reaching out to touch him—his arm, his hip, a quick kiss—but every time, he subtly dodges her grasp.

  • "She's clearly contagious." (No effect)
  • "They're competitive ballroom dancers." (No effect)
  • "They own the ice cream cart." (No effect)

Choice 6 (Jaime)

Jaime: I—owe you an explanation.

  • "You can do what you want."
  • "So explain." (Choice 7 [Jaime])
  • "Is that your ex?" (Choice 8 [Jaime])

Choice 7 (Jaime)

Jaime: She needed me. I came.

  • "So she owns you."
  • "You're a good friend."
  • "She's clearly your girlfriend." (No effect)

❕You were skeptical. Jaime will remember that.

Choice 8 (Jaime)

Prompt: He trails off, looking lost.

  • "You and I are done."
    • ❕You broke up with Jaime.
  • "Good luck." (No effect)
  • "Be careful round her."
  • "At least the weather's good." (No effect)

Choice 5 (Abigail)

Prompt: Even though her back is to you, she looks vaguely uncomfortable as she tries to read a book in the middle of the chaotic scene.

  • "She's studying for the LSAT."
  • "The book is actually blank." (No effect)
  • "I'm thinking Fifty Shades of Gray."

Choice 6 (Abigail)

Abigail: MC. Hope you're—enjoying the sunshine?

  • "Big time."
  • "Yes. You should too." (No effect)
  • Tease her.

Choice 7 (Abigail)

Mishel: Please. That girl has a crush on you. Couldn't be more obvious.

  • "I kinda like her too." (No effect)
  • "Oh, big time."
  • "She's cute, but you're cuter."

Choice 8 (Abigail)

Mishel: You should go for it. See what happens. Life is about experience.

  • "You're giving me dating advice?" (No effect)
  • "I'm just going to let it lie."
  • "How should I approach her?"

Diamond Choice 1 (Spoke Up)

Prompt: But you feel like you need to choose yout words carefully around this guy... even more so than the first time you met.

  • "Celeste told you this?" (No effect)
  • "I have observed some things, yes." (No effect)
  • "Not a big deal."

This choice only appears if you decided to write a statement for Celeste.

Diamons Choice 2 (Spoke Up)

Benji: Out of curiousity... do you have any suggestions for how to fix these issues?

  • "...No."
    • ❕You empathized with Benji. He'll remember that.
  • "I have a lot of suggestions."
    • ❕You offered to help. Benji will remember that.
  • "I'm hungry!"

This choice only appears if you decided to write a statement for Celeste.

Diamond Choice 3 (Spoke Up)

Abigail: What gives?

  • Be open. (Choice 13)
  • Be cagey. (Choice 13)

This choice only appears if you decided to write a statement for Celeste.

Choice 9 (Non-Diamond)

Celeste: I wanted to let you know that—if you're interested—I'm more than happy to recommend you.

  • "Thank you!"
    • ❕Celeste is converned about your overeagerness.
  • "I'm not sure..."
    • ❕You're mistrustful. Celeste approves.
  • "What's the catch?"

Choice 10 (Non-Diamond)

Celeste: But a person like you should think hard about whether or not this opportunity is... worth pursuing.

  • "A job's a job." (No effect)
  • "I'll think about it."
  • "Does Abigail know about this?" (No effect)

Choice 11 (Non-Diamond)

Abigail: I just had—the strangest meeting with the CEO.

  • "Spill."
  • "had a strange meeting!"
  • "How come he wanted to meet with you?"

Choice 12 (Non-Diamond)

Abigail: And then after I told him all my ideas... he—I'm trying to remember the exacy words he used—

  • "What? What?"
  • "He told you about a job?" (No effect)
  • "He said yes to them?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Abigail: Are you saying—this job...

  • "Might be a trick." (No effect)
  • "Is still an awesome opportunity." (No effect)
  • "Maybe I'm making too much of it." (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: You emerge from the tree line to see... a large eucalyptus log with a tiny door carved into it.

  • "So that's where you live!"
  • "Tell me we're not going inside." (No effect)
  • "Are you Snow White?" (No effect)

Choice 15

Abigail: You write it down, and offer it up to the faery in the tree.

  • "That's dumb."
    • ❕Abigail brushes off your sarcasm.
  • "I don't know..."
    • ❕Abigail is unphased by your snark.
  • "Worth a shot."
    • ❕You're a believer! Abigail appreciates that!

Choice 16

Prompt: Then again, maybe you should ask the faery for advice about something you stand a chance of figuring out.

  • Help with work. (No effect)
  • Help with love.
    • MC wrote about Jaime, but has pursued others. (Maybe "primary" LI is chosen?)
  • Help with dinner.

Choice 17

Abigail: Should we wait it out? Or make a run for it?

  • Kiss Abigail. (💎20 Diamonds)
  • "Let's run for the exit!" (Choice 18)
  • "Let's hide under that pagoda!" (Episode 10, Choice 1)

Choice 18

Prompt: Abigail looks back at you—and slows down.

  • "Keep going!" (No effect)
  • "I'm not much of a runner."
  • "I'm totally dying!"

Diamond Choice 1

Abagail: What do you—I mean—what does this mean? Shouldn't we talk about it?

  • "Who knows?"
  • "I like you!" (No effect)
  • "Don't question the faery!" (No effect)

Episode 10 Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: As for you... well, it is a party. You're hoping to...

  • Start a new romance. (No effect - See below)
  • Make business connections. (No effect - See below)
  • Avoid looking like an idiot. (No effect - See below)

Although this choice has no lasting impact on gameplay, it has a number of cosmetic effects later in the chapter. This affects the prompt and options in Choice 7 and several instances in the narration throughout the episode.

Choice 2

Prompt: It's gorgeous... will you take the plunge?

  • "This dress is perfect!" (💎20 Diamonds)
  • "I'll wear my own dress." (No effect)

Choice 3 (Romanced Mishel)

Billie: Uh, we don't have time for that.

  • "Billie's right." (No effect)
  • "Let's make time." 
  • "Later, maybe." (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: The place is huge—all glass and concrete and wood.

  • "Beautiful." (No effect)
  • "Ostentatious AF." (No effect)
  • "I Want To Go To There." (No effect)

Choice 5

Mishel: I think I'm freaking out. Am I freaking out? I totally am...

  • Give her a good luck kiss.
    • Note: Choice only appears if you have pursued Mishel previously?
  • Give her a hug.
    • ❕You offered your support. Mishel will remember that.
  • Tell her to snap out of it.
    • ❕You calmed Mishel down. She'll remember that.
  • Give her a pep talk.
    • ❕You're a one-woman pep rally! Mishel will remember this.

Choice 6

You can't help but...

  • Aspire to be her. (No effect)
  • Covet that hair. (No effect)
  • Fantasize about her. (No effect)

Choice 7 (Romance)

Choice 7 (Connections)

Prompt: But how are you supposed to impress this total stranger?

  • Be honest. (No effect)
  • Lie.
  • Just ask for a job.

Choice 7 (Idiot)

Prompt: She already thinks you know each other; but how long can you hang out with someone so clearly part of this rarified world?

  • Talk about the party. (No effect)
  • Compliment her. (No effect)
  • Apologize. (No effect)

Choice 8

Delia: How do you know our host?

  • Tell the truth. (No effect)
  • Make something up. (No effect)
  • Escape. (No effect)

None of these work.

Choice 9

Prompt: Or keep your wits about you and go the Shirley Temple route?

  • Drink up! (No effect)
  • Stay sober. (No effect)

Choice 10

Prompt: Seeing him, you feel...

  • Regretful. (No effect)
  • Over it.
  • A little turned on. (No effect)
  • Surprised.
  • Relieved. (No effect)

First two options appear if you broke up with Jaime. Third option appears if you romanced Jaime, regardless of the current status of your relationship.

Choice 11

Jaime: MC. I'm really glad you're here.

  • "Same." (No effect)
  • "Feeling's not mutual." (No effect)
  • "How'd you score an invite?" (No effect)
  • "Nice outfit." (No effect)

The second option appears if you broke up with Jaime and chose "over it" at Choice 10.

Choice 12

Jaime: The NGOrganize job.

  • "So you're applying." (No effect)
  • Tell him the job is fake. (No effect)
  • "You can do better." (No effect)

Choice 13

If I'm going to move up after this internship—actually kick-start my career—I don't know how discriminating I can be.

  • "Kind of a cop out."
    • ❕You were critical of Jaime's motivations. He'll remember that.
  • "So you're my competition."
    • ❕Jaime took your competitive comment in stride.
  • "I understand."
    • ❕You were sympathetic. Jaime will remember that.

Choice 14

Jaime: Good luck tonight. Hope you, uh... get whatever you're after.

  • "Find me later?" (No effect)
  • "Whatever." (No effect)
  • "It's not looking good." (No effect)
  • "Remember me when you're rich." (No effect)
  • "Fingers crossed." (No effect)

First option only appears if ? The second option appears if you broke up with Jaime and chose "over it" at Choice 10.'

Choice 15

Prompt: You're falling backward!

  • Call for help! (No effect)
  • Grab something! (No effect)
  • Go limp to avoid injury! (No effect)

Choice 16

Prompt: Had you gone over that railing it would have been broken bones at the least.

  • "You saved me!" (No effect)
  • "So embarrassing." (No effect)
  • "Death by selfie." (No effect)

Choice 17

Prompt: Instantly, he shrugs off his suit jacket, moving to drape it over your shoulders.

  • "Maybe nobody will notice..." (No effect)
  • "Thanks for that." (No effect)
  • "Damn. Fancy jacket." (No effect)

Choice 18

Handsome Stranger: I know this cobbler—he's a miracle worker. Guaranteed he'll be able to fix them.

  • "That's twice you've saved me." (No effect)
  • "A cobbler? Is this the 1800s?" (No effect)
  • "I can't afford that." (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt: Does that mean you're...

  • "An environmentalist?"
    • ❕Mr. Charming appreciates your quick wit.
  • "As poor as me?"
    • ❕Mr. Handsome appreciates your playfulness.
  • "A fan of super old shoes?"
    • ❕Clooney here digs your humor. Obviously a man of taste.

Choice 20

Etan: Forgive me for saying so, but—you don't really seem like the venture capital type.

  • "That an insult?" (No effect)
  • "'Cause I'm not an asshole." (No effect)
  • "What type do I seem like, then?" (No effect)

Choice 21

Prompt: It makes you feel...

  • Anxious. (No effect)
  • Uncomfortable. (No effect)
  • Excited. (No effect)

Choice 22

Etan: Temperature drops fast up here in the hills. I'm surprised you're not shivering by now.

  • "Lucky guess." (No effect)
  • "Jacket doesn't go with this outfit." (No effect)
  • "What else do you know about me?" (No effect)

Choice 23

Etan: I'm thinking... a second career, maybe.

  • "Spot on." (No effect)
  • "Okay, did you secretly Google me?" (No effect)
  • "Maybe I'm in the witness-protection program." (No effect)

Choice 24

Etan: Which means this place hasn't broken you down yet.

  • "This is getting uncanny." (No effect)
  • "Should I just tell you my job?" (No effect)
  • "All that from a dress." (No effect)

Choice 25

Etan: Well... It's a little bit... complicated.

  • "You're CIA." (No effect)
  • "Oh god, are you a VC asshole?" (No effect)
  • "You're totally unemployed." (No effect)

Choice 26

Prompt: There's a low table nearby—on which a sizable quantity of white powder has been cut into messy lines.

  • Try to get a closer look. (No effect)
  • Quietly back out. (No effect)
  • "Oh, shit." (No effect)

Choice 27

Bear Lady: The fuck.

  • "Ohmygod bear mask." (No effect)
  • "I was just leaving." (No effect)
  • "Where's the bathroom?" (No effect)

Choice 28

Prompt: Then looks back at you, his expression... impossible to read.

  • "Looks like you found it." (No effect)
  • "Didn't mean to interrupt." (No effect)
  • "What's going on in here?" (No effect)

Choice 29

Benji: Why don't you join us. Have a drink.

  • Hard pass. (Choice 30 [Pass/Excuse])
    • ❕Benji is agitated. Careful...
  • Make up an excuse. (Choice 30 [Pass/Excuse])
    • ❕Benji is trying to coax you. Tread lightly.
  • Just go with it. (Choice 30 [Go with It])
    • ❕The tension lifts. Your next choice will be crucial.

Choice 30 (Choice 30 [Pass/Excuse])

You get the first prompt if you gave it a hard pass and the second if you made up an excuse?

Benji: Y'know... I'm sure I'm not hearing you correctly. Because it sounded like you were being rude.

Benji: I'm trying to be hospitable here. I'd hate to think you were being rude.

  • "That's not my intention." (No effect)
  • "Is that a threat?"
  • "If you think this is rude..." (No effect)

Choice 30 [Go with It])

  • "My' job?" (No effect)
  • "I'm still not sure I'm applying."
  • "Tell me more."

Choice 31

But how to extricate yourself from this delicate situation without losing your job—or anything else?

  • Record the evidence! (💎20 Diamonds)
  • Fake sick.
  • Ruin their party.

Diamond Choice 1

With the lens hidden behind your back, you ask a leading question.

  • "Drink, or you'll fire me?" (No effect)
  • "Drink and you'll hire me?" (No effect)
  • "Where'd you get the coke?" (No effect)
  • "Sorry I walked in on you." (No effect)

First option if you didn't break the tension and second if you did.

❕Busted! Time to make a speedy getaway!

Choice 32

Prompt: And is hustling you down the hall, back toward the safety of the crowd.

  • "You just got me fired!"
    • ❕You're pissed at Etan. He'll remember that.
  • "I was handling that."
    • ❕You rejected Etan's help. He'll remember that.
  • "How do you two know each other?"
    • ❕You askd Etan about Benji.
  • "My hero!"
    • ❕You appreciated the assist. Etan will remember that.

Second option appears if you recorded Benji and the Bear Lady.

Choice 33

Billie: Let's get the fuck out of here. I'm pretty sure I just saw your boss down the hall and I'd guess he's looking for you.

  • "This guy—" (No effect)
  • "My coat—" (No effect)
  • "Let's GTFO." (No effect)

Choice 34

Who is this guy?

  • "Intriguing." (No effect)
  • "Hot."
  • "I... don't know, really." (No effect)
  • "Some weirdo." (No effect)
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