If you haven't read/caught up or completed the show you are reading the walkthrough about, please be aware of spoilers.

The Eternal City walkthrough exists to help others make right choices for their game. Choices you make lead to different paths and ! achievements leading to several different outcomes. This walkthrough is incomplete as some choices have not yet been explored. If you have anything to contribute to it, please do so.

Note: If it says "No effect" after an option, it means that this option does not trigger an immediate achievement. If it triggers a different path, the "No effect" can be replaced with "Path A/B/C".

If there is no info after an option, it means that that option has not yet been explored.

Episode 1: Seed

Choice 1

Bezoar: Hurry, girl! We've barely started the day!

  • Refuse. Move at your own pace. (No effect)
  • Obey him. Climb faster. (No effect)
  • Rebel. Rest awhile. (No effect)

Choice 2

Bezoar: What are you stopping for? Up! Up! The Garden's thirsty!

  • Pick the fruit and eat.
    •  ! Feeder: You ate the mysterious fruit.
  • Resume climbing. 
    • ! Cautious: You refused to be tempted by the fruit.
  • Throw the fruit at him.
    •  ! Aggressor: You threw the fruit at Bezoar.

Choice 3

Prompt: Page, frustrated, doesn't realize he need to pull by the roots; he keeps plucking leaves. Violet throws clods of dirt at Bezoar's back

  • Show Page how to weed. (Path A)
  • Throw dirt clods with Violet. (Path B)
  • Keep your distance. (Path C)

Choice 4 (Path A)

Prompt: She wrestles him to the ground and sits on his stomach. "I don't care about the stupid trees," she snarls.

  • Drag Violet off Page.
    • ! Guardian: You befriended Page as a child.
  • Make peace between them.
    • ! Uniter: You made peace with Page and Violet.
  • Laugh with Violet.
    • ! Troublemaker: You befriended Violet as a child.

Choice 4 (Path B)

Prompt: Page focuses on the ground, avoiding looking at either of you. Finally you hear him whisper, "Stop it."

  • Try to convince him to join in.
    • ! Uniter: You made peace with Page and Violet.
  • Stop. For his sake.
  • Throw dirt at Page.

Choice 4 (Path C)

Prompt: Halfway through their meal, Page approaches you, holding out his own bowl. "You can have some," he says. Violet scowls at his back.

  • Refuse to take his food.
    •  ! Above It All: You didn't befriend Page or Violet.
  • Share the meal.
    •  ! Uniter: You made peace with Page and Violet.
  • Snatch the bowl from Page.

Choice 5

Prompt: "Mudboy hasn't a tongue. Doesn't listen well either. Teach him our ways," Bezoar declares.

  • Talk to Mudboy. Make him welcome. (No effect)
  • Ask where Mudboy came from. (No effect)
  • Just ignore him. (No effect)

Choice 6

Prompt: So you watch the Caretakers. You watch the gates. You watch for opportunities.

  • Try to sneak out alone.
    • ! Loner: You tried to escape on your own.
  • Plan to escape as a group.
    • ! Teamwork: You worked together to escape.

[ Alone ] Choice 1

Prompt: You're running in the Garden for less than a minute before you encounter a trio of surprised Caretakers.

  • Turn around, go back.
  • Surrender. (No effect)
  • Run. Just run. (No effect)

[ Group ] Choice 1

Prompt: In their haste, they leave the gate open.

  • Admit no wrongdoing. (No effect)
  • Beg forgiveness. (No effect)
  • Run for the gate. Try to escape. (No effect)

Choice 7

Prompt: You tried. That was bold.

  • "Am I dreaming?" (No effect)
  • "Thanks?" (No effect)
  • "Get away." (No effect)

Choice 8

Cinder: There's not much—guess they don't really feed us here.

  • "That's your food. Keep it." (No effect)
  • "How'd you end up in the Garden?" (No effect)
  • Snap up the bowl. (No effect)

Choice 9

Cinder: There isn't anything new. It's not like it changes.

  • "It must be better than this." (No effect)
  • "What does it look like?" (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Choice 10

Prompt: They go on like this, tension building and ebbing, half-angry and half-companionable. But Cinder is watching you.

  • "I want to see everything." (No effect)
  • "I want to destroy the Garden." (No effect)
  • "Stop fantasizing! This is stupid." (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: Violet squints at Page. Page watches you, expectant.

  • "We stay together."
    • ❕Sworn: You vowed to stay together.
  • Walk away in silence.
    • ❕Unbound: You wouldn't promise to stay together.

Choice 12

Bezoar: You all want to leave. Not one of you appreciates what I do—you hate and mock and hate, and try to leave...

  • "You're working us to death." (No effect)
  • "We don't make fun of you." (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Choice 13

Bezoar: Could be better for you too. I know it's not wonderful. But that's not my fault. It's no reason to hate.

  • "Couldn't you stop all this?" (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry, sir." (No effect)
  • "I'll make you pay for everything." (No effect)

Due to the nature of the game's Choice/Consequence system, some choices will be free at first then become Diamond options. The prompt also changes the second time around. Please, reflect on this to avoid creating any confusion.

Choice 14

Second prompt replaces the first after you have made one choice.

Prompt: There's little free time in the Garden, but you find opportunities to pursue what matters.

Prompt: You have needs. You have goals. How will you pursue them?

  • Spy on the Caretakers. (Free or 💎12 Diamonds)
  • Train to fight. (Free or 💎12 Diamonds)
  • Relax with Violet. (Free or 💎12 Diamonds)
  • Let the year pass you by.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can spend diamonds on one more.

Choice 15 (Spy)

Prompt: And silently, unobtrusively, Page begins to join you. One day after the next.

  • Welcome Page's company. (No effect)
  • Ignore Page. (No effect)
  • Shoo Page away. (No effect)

Choice 16 (Spy)

Prompt: Page says nothing, but at every pause he glances your way. Judging your reaction.

  • "What are they doing?"
  • "Did you know this would happen?" (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

❕Spy: You watched the Caretaker ritual.

Choice 17 (Spy)

Page: If we'd been born Caretakers, maybe that would be us.

  • "You did good, Page." (No effect)
  • "I would never join the Caretakers." (No effect)
  • "This is too dangerous for you." (No effect)

Choice 15 (Train)

Cinder: They keep us too weak. You know that. So why waste time?

  • "Getting stronger will protect me." (No effect)
  • "We need to be ready." (No effect)
  • "Shut up."

Choice 16 (Train)

Prompt: I'm nothing special, but I can show you.

  • "Fine. Show me." (No effect)
  • "Thank you." (No effect)
  • Strike him. (No effect)

Choice 17 (Train)

Prompt: You won't stop them all. You can't.

  • "Why teach me, then?" (No effect)
  • "How did you learn all this?" (No effect)
  • "We'll see." (No effect)

Choice 18 (Train)

Prompt: I want to make sure you're all safe. Wherever we go.

  • "Me too." (No effect)
  • Embrace him. (No effect)
  • "Don't be stupid, Cinder."

❕Skill Acquired: Street Fighting

Choice 15 (Relax)

Prompt: I don't hate Cinder or anything, but if I see his face tomorrow morning I'm going to puke.

  • "Cinder's not so bad." (No effect)
  • "So why talk about them?" (No effect)
  • "I know what you mean."

Choice 16 (Relax)

Prompt: Not like you never lick Bezoar's boots. You're at least... you. We're the only ones who remember who we are.

  • "So let's stick together."
  • "But I don't know who I am." (No effect)
  • "The boys know who they are too." (No effect)

Choice 17 (Relax)

Prompt: He's Garnet. You don't get to tell anyone.

  • "Why didn't you mention this?"
  • "The two of you really get along." (No effect)
  • "No one else will know." (No effect)

Choice 18 (Relax)

Prompt: In the days that follow, you come to a decision.

  • Tell everyone Garnet's name.
    • ❕Namegiver: You helped Mudboy become Garnet.
  • Ask Garnet what he wants. (Choice 19 [Relax])
  • Keep the secret.
    • ❕Secret Keeper: You told no one about Garnet.

Choice 19 (Relax)

  • Tell everyone Garnet's name.
    • ❕Namegiver: You helped Mudboy become Garnet.
  • Keep the secret.
    • ❕Secret Keeper: You told no one about Garnet.

Choice 20

Prompt: You see no one. For this moment, all the Garden is yours.

  • Seek out food. (No effect)
  • Search for vulnerabilities. (No effect)
  • Wander. See it all. (No effect)

Choice 21

Prompt: What do you want?

  • "I want to be free." (No effect)
  • "Who's there?" (No effect)
  • "Revenge. I want revenge." (No effect)

Choice 22

Prompt: It was just growing here. Mudboy found it. Got to finish it by morning or Bezoar will steal it.

  • "Give me my share." (No effect)
  • "You all seem happy." (No effect)
  • "I was in the groves." (No effect)

❕You have mastered a sigil!

Choice 23

Prompt: You're not sure you believe it. Violet and Page clearly do. Mudboy growls softly to one side.

  • Agree to escape. Now is the time. (No effect)
  • Object. It's too soon. (No effect)
  • Say nothing for now. (No effect)

Choice 24

Prompt: You see them in the distance—silhouettes through the rain, marching in your direction. They don't appear to have spotted you.

  • "We need to hide." (No effect)
  • "We'll keep moving." (No effect)
  • "Turn back. This won't work." (No effect)

Choice 25

Prompt: Fury and lightning glimmer in the Caretaker's eyes.

  • [Skill: Street Fighting] Stand and fight. (Choice 26)
    • ❕Fighter: You went toe-to-toe with the Caretakers.
  • "Scatter!" (Episode 2, Choice 1)
    • ❕Flight: You told your companions to run!
  • "Push through them! Go!" (Episode 2, Choice 1)
    • ❕Charge! You tried to push through the Caretakers.

Choice 26

Prompt: You're sitting on your foe's chest, hearing screaming all around you.

  • "Run, I'll hold them off!" (No effect)
  • Fight to win. (No effect)
  • Beat the caretaker beneath you. (No effect)

Episode 2: Nightmare

Choice 1

Prompt: Your mother's dead too. But your father's even deader.

  • "I feel strange..." (Choice 2)
  • "Don't be cruel, Violet." (Choice 3?)
  • Inspect your surroundings. (Choice 3)

Choice 2

Prompt: All of this has happened before. Hasn't it?

  • "My parents will save me."
  • "How about your parents, Violet?" (No effect)
  • Try to concentrate.

Choice 3

Prompt: The ninth attempts to communicate. The ninth attempts to communicate. The ninth attempts to communicate.

  • "Tell me what's going on!"
  • "Speak to me. Let me hear." (No effect)
  • Strangle Cinder. (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: They resonate inside your skull, aggravating your wounds. She is failing.

  • "Help me." (No effect)
  • Call out for the others. (No effect)
  • Ignore the words. Keep moving. (No effect)

Choice 5

Prompt: Feed. Commune. Choose the essence of you.

  • Demand answers. (Choice 6 [Answers])
  • Choose an angry, bloodred fruit. (Choice 6 [Angry])
  • Be curious. Search for hidden fruit. (Choice 6 [Curious])
  • Be compassionate. Take the berries to share. (Choice 6 [Compassionate])
  • Choose nothing. (Choice 6 [Nothing])
    • ❕Defied: ???

What you choose here should correspond to your choices in previous episodes. Doing so gives the Attuned achievement after Choice 6.

Choice 6 (Answers)

Prompt: Feed. Commune. It must be done.

  • Choose an angry, bloodred fruit.
  • Be curious. Search for hidden fruit.
  • Be compassionate. Take the berries to share.
  • Choose nothing.
    • ❕Defied: ???

Choice 6 (Angry)

Prompt: You did kill him, you think, and you had a reason. You had a reason...

  • "He was a predator." (No effect)
  • "I was protecting myself." (No effect)
  • "Why not?" (No effect)
  • You killed no one. Ignore the vision. (No effect)

Choice 6 (Curious)

Prompt: You came here for a reason. You intend to descend into the crevice. But for what... ?

  • "The truth." (No effect)
  • "I need what's down there." (No effect)
  • "Who knows? Who cares?" (No effect)
  • This isn't real. Ignore the vision. (No effect)

Choice 6 (Compassionate)

Prompt: You look down at the dying woman and seek the answer in your heart.

  • "She's family." (No effect)
  • "Someone I owed a debt to." (No effect)
  • "She's no one." (No effect)
  • She isn't real. Ignore the vision. (No effect)

Choice 6 (Nothing)

Prompt: Why do you refuse?

  • "I don't obey your commands." (No effect)
  • "Why are you doing this?"
  • Say nothing.

❕Attuned: You chose an essence true to your past choices. (If selected option at Choice 5 corresponds to past choices)

Choice 7

Prompt: It is trying to communicate. You feel like you could guide it to a more pleasing appearance.

  • Make the Entity look like this. [Small Girl] (💎20 Diamonds)
  • Make the Entity look like this. [Buff Man] (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕Reshaper of Men: You defined a form for the Entity.
  • Accept the Entity's current form. (No effect)

Choice 8

Entity: Choose the form. Choose your reconstruction. Choose your future.

  • "I want to be a leader." (Choice 10)
  • "I want to lurk in the shadows." (Choice 10)
  • "I want to know dangerous secrets." (Choice 10)
  • "This isn't fair." (Choice 9)

Choice 9

Entity: Choose. I cannot. Or there will be death.

  • "I want to be a leader." (Choice 10)
  • "I want to lurk in the shadows." (Choice 10)
  • "I want to know dangerous secrets." (Choice 10)

Choice 10

Prompt: You belong to the Garden.

  • "I don't belong to anyone." (No effect)
  • "I've sensed you before..." (No effect)
  • "What happens now?" (No effect)

Choice 11

Entity: Why?

  • Choose a flowing symbol? (No effect)
  • Choose an angular symbol? (No effect)
  • Choose at random. (No effect)
  • Refuse to choose. (No effect)

Choice 12

Entity: Speak words. Why do you seek to leave?

  • "Living here is torture." (No effect)
  • "I want to be free." (No effect)
  • "You wouldn't understand."

Choice 13

Prompt: Who can remember all the stars in the sky? The impression returns, but the words are slipping away...

  • Fight to remember. (💎15 Diamonds)
    • ❕You have mastered a sigil!
  • Fight and fail. (No effect)
  • Let go. Let it fade away. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

  • "Thank you for your help." (No effect)
  • "Take your name and go." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Choice 14

Cinder: We thought you died.

  • "Are you all okay?" (No effect)
  • Join them silently. (No effect)
  • Embrace them. (No effect)
  • Embrace Cinder. (No effect)
  • "You were all pathetic." (No effect)
  • Shush them. (No effect)

Options vary based on ?

Choice 15

Violet: Looks like you got off easy, anyway.

  • Say you found an ally.
    • ❕Evasive:
  • Tell the truth, as best you can.
    • ❕Forthright: You told the truth about the Entity.
  • Reveal nothing of what happened.
    • ❕Secretive: You told your companions nothing about the Entity.

Choice 16 (Forthright?)

Cinder: I believe you. But I don't know if we can.

  • "I need you to trust me." (No effect)
  • "We've got to keep fighting." (No effect)
  • "Then I'll do it alone." (No effect)

Choice 16 (if?) Alt Prompt: I... believe you. But it won't be long until day, and we don't even know where we're heading.

  • "Come with me." (No effect)
  • "We have to try." (No effect)
  • "So much for your plan."

Choice 17

Prompt: They keep looking at you.

  • Keep moving. (No effect)
  • Try to soothe Mudboy. (No effect)
  • Threaten Mudboy. (No effect)

Episode 3: Flight

Depending on your relationship with the characters and past choices (how you chose to spend your time in Episode 1 and how you handled the Caretakers at the end of Episode 1) you will talk to Cinder, Page, or Violet here.

Choice 1 (Cinder)

Cinder: I got impatient and you almost died.

  • "Apology accepted." (No effect)
  • "It wasn't your fault." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 2 (Cinder)

Cinder: Whatever happens to me... maybe it'll help you and the others avoid punishment.

  • "No. They'll kill you." (No effect)
  • "All right."
  • "Stop it. Enough self-pity." (No effect)

Choice 1 (Page)

Page: You could've died tonight. Now you're back. That's all.

  • "I'm tired."
  • "Thank you, Page. Really." (No effect)
  • "We're going to be free." (No effect)

Choice 2 (Page)

Page: To your surprise, there's no need in his voice. No sign he wants reassurance.

  • "I can get us out of the Garden." (No effect)
  • "I don't know if we'll escape."
  • "Don't be wishy-washy." (No effect)

Choice 1 (Violet)

Violet: Obviously—I know you did more wrestling than I did. You looked mean out there. But I got in some good blows too.

  • "I bet you were fierce." (No effect)
  • "It's not a competition."
  • "There may be worse coming."

Choice 2 (Violet)

Violet: Didn't think he'd scream like that at the Caretakers. Don't think he will again.

  • "Let's keep an eye on him." (No effect)
  • "What's he thinking?'
  • "He almost got me killed."

Choice 3

Prompt: Along with the smell of rain comes a faint odor of honeysuckle and fermentation.

  • Examine the body. (No effect)
  • "I bet my ally did this." (No effect)
  • "I think I know what did this." (No effect)
  • "Everyone stay away."
  • "Good riddance." (No effect)

You get the second option if you were evasive about the Entity in the previous chapter, the third if you were forthright, and the fourth if you were secretive.

Choice 4

Prompt: Bury her?

  • "We need to keep moving." (Choice 5 [Don't Bury Her])
  • "Okay. We'll bury her." (Choice 5 [Bury Her])
  • "She's the enemy." (Choice 5 [Don't Bury Her])

Choice 5 (Bury Her)

Page: Should we... say anything?

  • "Why don't you say something?"
  • "We've done enough." (No effect)
  • "What would the Caretakers say...?" (No effect)
  • "She deserved better." (No effect)

❕Memorial: You respected the dead caretaker.

You get option 2 if you did not spy on the Caretakers in Episode 1 and option 3 if you did spy on them.

Choice 5 (Don't Bury Her)

Prompt: Violet begins grunting, almost screaming. Half her blows fail to land. Once she slips on the wet grass before rising and kicking again.

  • Wait for her to finish.
  • Pull her away. (No effect)
  • Join in.
    • ❕Desecrator: You lashed out at the dead caretaker

Choice 6

Page: Something's happening. That harvester didn't just die, and... I don't know. Something's happening.

  • "We should hurry." (No effect)
  • "It's to our advantage." (No effect)
  • Listen. (No effect)

Choice 7

You get the first prompt if you did not fight the Caretakers in Episode 1 and the second if you did.

Bezoar: You'll turn around now. Back to the work area with you, and we'll wait out the storm and talk consequences tomorrow.

Bezoar: Your brawling may have cost poor Floret her sight. Time to go home—wait out the storm and make ready for the consequences.

  • "We're leaving." (No effect)
  • "What kind of consequences?" (No effect)
  • "Don't challenge us."
  • "We'll do worse to you." (No effect)

Fourth prompt replaces the third if you fought back against the Caretakers.

Choice 8

Prompt: Page trembles, never meeting Bezoar's eyes.

  • "Answer him, Page." (No effect)
  • "Talk to me, Bezoar." (No effect)
  • Stay silent. (No effect)

Choice 9

Bezoar: You never cared. None of it mattered. Here you are, here you are...

  • "What am I supposed to say?" (No effect)
  • "Please understand. Help us." (No effect)
  • "You're pathetic." (No effect)

Choice 10 (if?)

Prompt: Don't you dare ignore me, MC! We're going going home! Right now!

  • Ignore him. Start walking. (No effect)
  • "You should run, Bezoar! Go!"
  • "I'm going to enjoy this." (No effect)

Choice 10 (if?)

Prompt: But neither Bezoar nor anyone else appears to hear the voice. It speaks to no one but you.***

  • "Just let us go. Do what's right."
    •  ! Empathy: You convinced Bezoar to let you go.
  • "You need to run. Save yourself."
  • "I won't beg."

It's also possible that this choice is only available if you were nice to Bezoar in previous episodes.

Choice 11

Prompt: The image of the thing that saved you flickers behind your eyes. It asks. It demands. It pleads for release.

  • Take control of the Entity's power. (💎20 Diamonds)
  • Try to reply. (No effect)
  • Give it no answer. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: But it will set you free.

  • "I want the Caretakers to suffer."
    • ❕Destroyer: You made the Entity hurt your foes.
  • "No. Harm no one!"
    • ❕Merciful: You curtailed the Entity's wrath.

❕You have mastered a sigil!

Choice 12 (Non-Diamond)

Prompt: But movement is difficult amid the bedlam. To your left Violet stumbles and falls. To your right a Caretaker draws near Page.

  • Head for the portal.
  • Attempt to guide Page. (No effect)
  • Give Violet a hand. (No effect)

Choice 13

Prompt: Mudboy doesn't move—one perfect point of stillness in the center of the chaos.

  • Call out to Mudboy. (Choice 14 [Call Out/Run Back])
  • Run back for him. (Choice 14 [Call Out/Run Back])
  • Don't stop for anything. (Choice 14 [Don't Stop])

Choice 14 (Call Our/Run Back)

You get the first prompt if you didn't ask the Entity to hurt the Caretakers and the second if you did.

Prompt: Bezoar stalks forward, braced against the wind. He looms behind Mudboy, far closer than you.

Prompt: As other Caretakers are stolen by horrors all around you, Bezoar stalks forward. He looms behind Mudboy, far closer than you.

  • "Please! Come on!" (No effect)
  • Try to grab him. (no effect)
  • Turn back around.

Choice 15 (Call Out/Run Back)

Prompt: You almost got us all killed! Were you going to stay with him? With Bezoar?

  • "Not now, Violet!" (No effect)
  • "You owe me, Mudboy." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 14 (Don't Stop)

Prompt: Mudboy does not join you beyond the portal.

  • "I didn't see him."
  • "He froze up. He's back there." (No effect)
  • "We've got to go!"

Choice 15 (Don't Stop)

Prompt: I'm going back. We have to go back...

  • "I'm sorry, Violet." (No effect)
  • Drag her forward.
  • "If you want to go, go." (No effect)

❕Abandoned: You left Mudboy behind.

Choice 16

Prompt: The others settle onto the earth to rest.

  • "We made it." (No effect)
  • "Is everyone okay...?" (No effect)
  • "We'll find Mudboy someday."
  • Rest. Wait. Look into the dark. (No effect)

Option 2 if Mudboy came with you. Option 3 if you left him behind.

Choice 17

Prompt: The City stretches below, creeping beyond the horizon. It is as strange as anything you've seen in your life.

  • Cry in amazement. (No effect)
  • Laugh at it all. (No effect)
  • Watch the others. (No effect)

Episode 4: Feral

Choice 1

Prompt: Maybe he does. Maybe they all do—though Mudboy follows Violet so closely he nearly trips.

  • "Where are we going?" (No effect)
  • "Stop joking around."
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 2

Cinder: I used to hide here when I was little. Should be enough.

  • "You want us to live here?" (No effect)
  • "It's perfect." (No effect)
  • "We've got a lot to do." (No effect)

Choice 3

Page: Guess it's a lot different from the Garden, huh?

  • "I want to see everything." (No effect)
  • "Why don't people rebel?" (No effect)
  • "We're on our own now." (No effect)

Choice 4

Cinder: Tomorrow we'll have to figure out a plan. but for now...

  • "Let's just enjoy this." (No effect)
  • "We should all rest." (No effect)
  • "Quit trying to take charge." (No effect)

Choice 5

Second prompt replaces the first once you have made a selection.

Prompt: The city awaits you.

Prompt: Once again, you're left to manage your own time.

  • Map out the City with Cinder. (Free) / Tour the City with Cinder. (💎19 Diamonds)
  • Earn a living alongside Page. (Free) / Work alongside Page. (💎19 Diamonds)
  • Hunt down food with Violet. (Free) / Scrounge for food with Violet. (💎19 Diamonds)
  • Try to do whatever you can.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can spend diamonds on one more. Second option replaces the first after you have made a selection.

Choice 6 (Cinder)

Cinder: None of it's changed. I'd just forgotten what it was like.

  • "What do you mean?" (No effect)
  • "You're wrong. It's amazing." (No effect)
  • "The whole world is ugly." (No effect)

Choice 7 (Cinder)

Cinder: Did I thank you for that? For getting us out of the Garden?

  • "You don't have to." (No effect)
  • "I did it for myself."
  • "We all worked together." (No effect)

Choice 8 (Cinder)

Prompt Varies based on what you chose at Choice 7?

Cinder: Sure. I insisted. I wanted to get the others out... and you saw how well my plan worked.

Cinder: I tried to get them out. To get you out. You saw how well I did.

  • "That's not important." (No effect)
  • "You were incredible!" (No effect)
  • "Stop pitying yourself." (No effect)

Choice 9 (Cinder)

Prompt: They need you. That's all I wanted to say.

  • "I'm here for them." (No effect)
  • "You need me. It's okay." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

❕Mapmaker: You wandered the City and bonded with Cinder.

Choice 6 (Page)

Page: But if you know where to look, way out from the Garden, there are places where the walls are broken. People scavenge for shards.

  • "How often have you done this?" (No effect)
  • "Who built all this?" (No effect)
  • "We ought to chisel our own."

The first option leads to extended dialogue and an addditional choice if?

Choice 7 (Page)

Prompt: He's hurrying onward an instant later. This is your morning: following Page and trying to see what he sees in the stone.

  • Scavenge what you can. (Choice 8A)
  • Ask questions. Learn from him. (Choice 8B)
  • Drift away. Explore. (Choice 8A)

The second option gives the best outcome.

Choice 8A (Page)

Prompt: He shrugs limply, his gaze meeting yours.

  • "It's more than we had." (No effect)
  • "What's going on with you?"
  • Smack the grain away.

Choice 8B (Page)

Prompt: He looks at you with clear, sincere eyes. He doesn't explain what he's thanking you for.

  • "Thank you." (No effect)
  • You've got surprising skills." (No effect)
  • "It's not enough."

❕Scavenger: You scavenged for stone with Page.

Choice 6 (Violet)

Violet: Fish are stupid too.

  • "Are you okay?" (No effect)
  • "Fish are stupid."
  • "We can't give up again." (No effect)

Choice 7 (Violet)

Violet: I just––I thought all this would go faster. That's all.

  • "None of this is fast or easy." (No effect)
  • "Something you'd rather be doing?" (No effect)
  • Concentrate on the water. (No effect)

Choice 8 (Violet)

Prompt: His expression is more exasperated than angry, but he waves his spear threateningly as he approaches.

  • Refuse to leave. (No effect)
  • Go somewhere else. (No effect)
  • Push the man into the water. (No effect)

Choice 9 (Violet)

Violet: You're an idiot, and I'm hungry, and we've got nothing to eat...

  • "But we had fun, right?" (No effect)
  • Embrace her. (No effect)
  • Walk away.

❕Hunter: You went hunting and fishing with Violet.

Choice 10

Cinder: We just need.... a plan. We have to do something.

  • "We can figure this out." (No effect)
  • "Who could help us?" (No effect)
  • "We need to get aggressive." (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt varies based on if you chose "We need to get aggressive" or not.

Prompt: There's always just taking what we want—if someone has it. So long as no one gets hurt.

Page: Maybe it'd be okay. Stealing. So long as no one gets hurt.

  • "You mean stealing..." (No effect)
  • "Who would we steal from?" (No effect)
  • "I don't like this." (No effect)
  • "Worry about us, not them." (No effect)

You get the first option if in the previous choice you chose "We can figure this out" or "Who could help us?" and the second option if you chose "We need to get aggressive".

Choice 12

Cinder: We have to do something.

  • "Let's steal what we need."
    • ❕Thieves: You decided to steal what you need.
  • "We go begging. But with a plan."
    • ❕Beggars: You decided to beg for what you need.
  • "We take what we need by force."
    • ❕Robbers: You decided to take what you need

Taking what you want by force also gives you the ambush skill later on.

Choice 13 (Steal/Force)

Prompt: But Mudboy doesn't look up.

  • "This is for the best." (No effect)
  • "It won't be forever." (No effect)
  • "We can't endure like this." (No effect)

Choice 14 (Steal)

Prompt: So I ask again: What do we look for? What do we steal?

  • "Nothing that'll be missed."
    • Your gang will be named the 'Glitterfingers,' 'Longstep Lifters,' 'Crooked Wind Thieves,' or 'Market Magpies' depending on location.
  • "Food and necessities only."
    • Your gang will be named the 'Daughters of Cats,' 'Miserlings,' '???,' or 'Spiders of Spur Street' depending on location.
  • High-value objects."
    • Your gang will be named the 'Sharpglass Prowlers,' 'Green-Eyed Skulks' ,' '???,' or '???' depending on location.

Choice 15 (Steal)

Prompt: So how do we do it?

  • "Work together and communicate." (No effect)
  • "Let me distract him." (no effect)
  • "I'll go in alone." (No effect)

Choice 16 (Steal)

Prompt: We sticking with old merchant men, or can we do this for real from now on?

  • "Do what it takes to be safe." (No effect)
  • "Target anyone who can afford a loss." (No effect)
  • "We go after everyone."

! Skill Acquired: Sleight of Hand

Choice 13 (Beg)

Prompt: All right. That's a plan, then.

  • "It might even be fun." (No effect)
  • "We can't endure like this." (No effect)
  • "The City's full of easy marks." (No effect)

Choice 14 (Beg)

Prompt: A story could help. Beggars tell stories. Also one more thing that could go wrong.

  • "No stories. No lies."
    • possible names for the group: 'Cadger Kinfolk' { fill in here }
  • "Play on people's sympathies."
    • possible names for the group: 'Carrion Crows', 'Open Hand Urchins', {fill in}
  • "Appeal to their own greed."
    • possible names for the group: 'Ragged Whisperers', 'Alleywatchers', 'Tatter-Guilders', {fill in}

Choice 15 (Beg)

Prompt: When a well-dressed woman carrying a basket of fruit hurries by, you see an opportunity.

  • Follow the woman. (No effect)
  • Cry out for help. (No effect)
  • Insult her.

Choice 16 (Beg)

Prompt: Didn't earn much along Spittlecanal. But I got an eyeful of the brothel's clientele. The more people we know about, the easier this'll be.

  • "Watch everyone. Learn their secrets." (No effect)
  • "We all did well today."
  • "The City's full of idiots."

! Skill Acquired: Streetwise

Choice 14 (Force)

Cinder: Probably. But if we don't pick our targets carefully, we're asking for trouble.

  • "Don't rob the poor."
    • possible names for the group: 'Howlers of Hunt Street', 'Markroad Marauders', 'Negotiators', or 'Smilers' (?)
  • "Avoid the guilds."
    • possible names for the group: {fill in}
  • "Go for anyone vulnerable."
    • possible names for the group: Peddlers of Pain (Market) {fill in}

Choice 15 (Force)

Prompt: He shouts at you angrily. demanding you get out of his way. You don't.

  • Tell him to cooperate. (No effect)
  • Reassure him he won't be harmed. (No effect)
  • Kick him.

Choice 15 (Force)

Prompt: Your victim looks up at you, speechless, from where he's huddled on the ground.

  • Warn him not to tell anyone. (No effect)
  • Apologize for everything. (No effect)
  • Kick him.

❕Skill Acquired: Ambush

Choice 17

Second prompt repalces the first after you have made one selection.

Prompt: "Go see the City," Cinder repeats. So you do.

Prompt: The days pass. The work continues. Still, there is time to explore.

  • Visit the impoverished Squats. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Tour the upscale Glimmerward. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Trek to mysterious Broken Hill. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Stay close to home.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can spend diamonds on one more.

Choice 18 (Squats)

Crutch: The casing look, the hunter's look; look of a thief and a scoundrel in a foreign land.

  • "I don't know what you mean."
  • "Who are you?" (No effect)
  • "That's right. So what?"

Choice 19 (Squats)

Ceutch: Find something legit to do while you're scouting patsies. Folks here aren't stupid, and you're not the first to think otherwise.

  • "You're quite the expert."
  • "Why are you helping me?" (No effect)
  • "Stop moving closer."

Choice 20 (Squats)

Crutch: Figured I'd whisper a few secrets to a would-be thief.

  • "We're beggars, actually."
  • "We're robbers, not thieves." (No effect)
  • "I'm listening." (No effect)
  • "I don't believe you."

First option varies depending on how you decided to support the group.

Choice 21 (Squats)

Crutch: It's tough work, what you do. Spend your life this way, people will treat you like you're small. Only makes you smaller.

  • "People can think what they want."
  • "I won't do it forever." (No effect)
  • "I'm leaving."

Choice 22 (Squats)

Prompt: You could show it to the others back home, this means of scurrying free and invisible through the Squats.

  • Make the squats your next target. (The Squats become your target area)
  • Leave the Squats alone. (You do not target the Squats)

Choice 18 (Glimmerward)

Prompt: You traverse a honeycomb of ur-stone plazas and archways, each polished to gleam. Old men sweep dirt trailed in by the wealthy.

  • Seek out the baths. (No effect)
  • Visit the fortune-teller. (No effect)
  • Speak to the sweepers. (No effect)

Atlthough there is no long-term effect on gameplay, the third option is the most informative.

Choice 19 (Glimmerward)

Prompt: She watches you, trembling in fear.

  • "Are you lost?" (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)
  • Snatch her belongings. (No effect)

Choice 20 (Glimmerward)

Cinder: It's a good win. How was the Glimmerward?

  • "It'll make a good target." (Glimmerward will become your target area)
  • "I wish we could live there." (No effect)
  • "It's full of idiots." (No effect)

Choice 21 (Glimmerward)

Violet: Shouldn't I get the prize?

  • "We should trade it for supplies."
    • ❕Unravelled: You kept the scarf that Violet coveted.
  • Give her the scarf.
    • ❕Silken: You gave Violet the scarf.
  • "Maybe if you ask nicely."
    • ❕Unravelled: You kept the scarf that Violet coveted.

Choice 18 (Broken Hill)

Prompt: Crowds lap like waves against low platforms and stalls. You smell smoke and hear chiming metal. The air glistens as if bedizened with suspended raindrops.

  • Mingle with the celebrants. (No effect)
  • Question one of the locals. (No effect)
  • Observe from a distance.

Choice 19 (Broken Hill)

Prompt: But there are a thousand diversions here—bells and puzzle boxes and crooning entertainers. You could ignore the glassblower and disappear.

  • Approach the glassblower.
    • ❕Festive: You experienced the wonder of the Locksmen celebration.
    • ❕Witness: You observed the Locksmen ritual.
  • [Sleight of Hand] Steal an object of value.
    • ❕Thief of Crows: You stole a statue from the festival.
  • Observe the Locksmen.
    • ❕Witness: You observed the Locksmen ritual.

Choice 20 (Broken Hill)

Prompt: What did you see?

  • "It was amazing..." (No effect)
  • "I stole us something." (No effect)
  • "I brought you a present." (No effect)
  • "Just another neighborhood."

Option 2 appears if you stole something. Option 3 appears if you approached the glassblower instead.

Choice 21 (Broken Hill)

Prompt: Do we go back as a group? Work the streets there, like we've been doing?

  • "I think so, yes." (Broken Hill becomes your target area)
  • "We stay away." (No effect)

Choice 23

Page: I'm fine.

  • "Let's take a look." (No effect)
  • "If you say so, I believe you." (No effect)
  • "Who did this?" (No effect)

Choice 24

Violet: And since we're half their size, we couldn't do a lot when they asked for our sack of rice.

  • "Damn it." (No effect)
  • "We need to be more careful." (No effect)
  • "We should go after them." (No effect)

Choice 25

Cinder: Soon as we had any success, it had to. We were doing good. Now we're getting attention we don't want.

  • "We made ourselves targets." (No effect)
  • "Any suggestions?" (No effect)
  • "You could've said so earlier." (No effect)

Choice 26 (Told Group About the Entity)

Prompt: You remember the whispers. The wasps. The thing that fed you its fruit. You spoke of it to Cinder, but he can't truly understand.

  • "I barely know what happened." (No effect)
  • "I can ask the Entity for help." (No effect)
  • "You don't want any part of that." (No effect)

Choice 26 (Did Not Tell Group About the Entity)

Prompt: You remember the whispers. The wasps. The thing that fed you its fruit.

  • "I don't know what you mean."
  • "There might be a way to get help."
  • "You don't want any part of that." (No effect)

Choice 27

Prompt: You feel its presence just out of reach—as if it's no longer with you, but you are still attuned to its essential being.

  • Make contact with the Entity. (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕Summoner: You reached out to the Entity.
  • Allow the sense to pass. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Entity: Why are you in the Garden?

  • "What do you mean?" (No effect)
  • "I need your help." (No effect)
  • "You reached out to me."

Diamond Choice 2

Prompt: Somewhere among a thousand voices you hear: "There is a crossing."

  • "What's going on?"
  • Listen to the voices. (No effect)
  • Follow the corridor. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3 💎

Entity: You are not the master of this house.

  • "All right! Go away!"
  • "I demand your aid!" (No effect)
  • Turn around. Face the shadow. (No effect)

❕You have mastered a sigil!

Episode 5: Stolen

Choice 1

Cinder: Even when the trouble isn't real, it's enough to drive us crazy.

  • "Being recognized is a problem." (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry that happened." (No effect)
  • "No one ever hassles me." (No effect)

Choice 2

Cinder: Maybe we need allies who can shield us—friends with knives and connections. But then I think about Page...

  • "What sort of allies?" (No effect)
  • "You're worried he's too gentle." (No effect)
  • "He's not our problem." (No effect)

Choice 3

Cinder: Maybe he has family still alive. Or one of the Guilds—they'd never take us all, but Page is smart. As an apprentice...

  • "We're not sending him away." (No effect)
  • "It's worth considering." (No effect)
  • "You're still talking about Page?" (No effect)

Choice 4

Cinder: No point in making a fuss. Hurt a caretaker, you'll never eat again.

  • "Why are they short?"
    • ❕Inquisitive: You began asking about the food shortage.
  • [Sleight of Hand] Steal from the ward's food.
    • ❕Quick Fingered: You purloined food from the Caretaker delivery.
  • Try to rile the crowd.
    • ❕Unrest: You sowed seeds of anger at the Caretakers.

Choice 5

First prompt replaces the second once you have made a selection.

Prompt: Between the ventures of the [Group Name], you're left with time to spare.

Prompt: You don't return home until after dark. You see no sign of your stalker again. Life resumes its course.

  • Search for Page's relatives. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Gather rumors and news of the City. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Seek out the Garden Entity. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Wait for a change.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can spend diamonds on one more.

Choice 6 happens after you have finished your first scene.

Choice 6

Prompt: Yet the streets are busy. A glance behind you reveals nothing.

  • [Streetwise] Chase down your stalker.
    • ❕Watchful: You spotted your stalker.
  • Slip away into the crowd. (No effect)
  • Call out to whoever's there. (No effect)

Choice 7 (Page)

You get the first prompt if you visited the Squats in Episode 4 and the second if you did not.

Prompt: It may take some time before you find what you're after.

Prompt: Perhaps it's time you learned it better. Perhaps you'll need to, to find what you seek.

  • Ask traders about Page's family.
  • Befriend the Squats' homeless residents.
  • Seek youths who might remember Page.
  • Offer a reward for information.
  • Claim to work for the Ragwoman. (No effect)

Fifth option appears if you visited the Squats in Episode 4.

Choice 7 (Page)

Prompt: You stand before Page's home together. "Shame about the plague," he says. "Whole neighborhood liked the family."

  • Thank him for his help.
  • Ask about living relatives. (No effect)
  • Tell him Page survived. (No effect)

Choice 8 (Page)

Prompt: Back at home, you find Page sitting alone—apparently oblivious to all you've done these past few days.

  • Give him the figurine; tell the truth. (No effect)
  • Talk about family. Reveal nothing. (No effect)
  • Leave him alone.

Choice 9 (Page)

Page: it's just feelings left.

  • "We're your family now." (No effect)
  • "I wish I remembered that much." (No effect)
  • "You're better off without."

❕Page's Heritage: You learned the truth about Page's parents.

Choice 7 (City)

Prompt: But no one pays too much mind to a scrawny urchin girl.

  • Listen for word of the Caretakers. (No effect)
  • Try to learn about your reputation. (No effect)
  • Look for opportunities to profit. (No effect)

Choice 8 (City)

Prompt: The aroma is as enticing as anything you've ever smelled.

  • Take the nuts. (No effect)
  • Ask her about it. (No effect)
  • Leave the nuts behind. (No effect)

Choice 9 (City)

Clothier: It's all right. Can't pretend I don't see you, though––you and your skinny bones.

  • "You're trying to help me?" (No effect)
  • "I don't need your aid." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 10 (City)

Maize: I'm Maize. You're safe around here. And I don't expect nothing in return.

  • Introduce yourself. (Choice 11 [City])
  • "Thank you, Maize." (No effect)
  • "Then you shouldn't have spoken." (No effect)

❕Familiar: You got to know the merchants in the Market.

Choice 11 (City)

This is a fill-in-the-blank choice. The default is you name.

  • You introduce yourself as...

Choice 7 (Entity)

Prompt: They hiss and sputter and swipe at knees and hair. They mewl and weave about your ankles. They pack alleys so tight the ground seems made of fur.

  • Pick your way past the cats. (No effect)
  • Feed the cats. (No effect)
  • Force your way through.

Choice 8 (Entity)

Prompt: The ur-stone ruins are still but not silent. The stale air hums with some suppressed voice.

  • Call out to anyone nearby. (No effect)
  • Explore... and leave a trail. (No effect)
  • Sneak through the tunnels. (No effect)

❕You have mastered a sigil!

Choice 9 (Entity)

Prompt: Everything is ordinary again. Or as ordinary as this world beneath the City can be.

  • Go farther into the tunnels. (No effect)
  • "What's this about?" (No effect)
  • Return home.

Choice 10 (Entity)

Violet: Where've you been?

  • Go to her for comfort. (No effect)
  • "Do you know what's below the city?" (No effect)
  • "Just wandering."

Choice 12

Violet: He's gone, okay? The asshole took him.

  • "Did you recognize the attacker?" (No effect)
  • "At least you're okay." (No effect)
  • "You let Cinder get taken?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Violet: Asshole said something, though. Some garbage about meeting at Weavelane before dawn.

  • "So Cinder's a hostage." (No effect)
  • "Are you fit to go?" (No effect)
  • "We shouldn't act rashly."

Choice 14

Prompt: So we'll find somewhere to hide. Somewhere to watch.

  • "Watch, but don't act without me." (No effect)
  • [Ambush] Ready a trap. Just in case. (No effect) (You can catch Haunt if you don't go peacefully)
  • "Prepare a distraction. Maybe a fire?" (No effect) (You can set the Squats on fire if you don't go peacefully)

Choice 15

Stranger (Haunt): You Cinder's friend?

  • "That's me." (No effect)
  • "Tell me where he is." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 16

Haunt: I defended myself. I could've left Cinder bleeding on the ground, but I got him out. He's shaky. He'll live.

  • "Why were you in my home?" (No effect)
  • "If he's alive, let me see him." (No effect)
  • "Again. Where is he?"
  • "Violet told a different story." (No effect)

You get option three if you said "tell me where he is" at Choice 15.

Choice 17

Haunt: Let me walk you there—you and the other "[Your group's name]." We can talk. And you can get Cinder back.

  • "What's all this about?" (No effect)
  • "I don't trust you." (No effect)
  • "I want him back now." (No effect)
  • Signal your allies to strike.

You either get option two or three. (???Depends on relationship with Cinder???)

Choice 18

Haunt: Now are you coming? All of you? Or do we toss Cinder in the catacombs?

  • "We'll come with you."
    • ❕Negotiator: You agreed to go peacefully with the Cager.
  • "Betray us and you suffer."
    • ❕Negotiator: You agreed to go peacefully with the Cager.
  • Signal your allies to strike.
    • ❕Outfought: The man who kidnapped Cinder slipped away.
    • ❕Hard Bargain: You captured the man who kidnapped Cinder.

You get "Outfought" after option three if you don't have the ambush skill and "Hard Bargain" if you do.

Choice 19 (Haunt Escaped)

Prompt: Got to be. Maybe we can catch him.

  • "We'd better move fast."
  • "Tell me about the prison."
  • "There must be other options."

Choice 19 (Captured Haunt)

Violet: Still don't have Cinder. But we got something to trade at the prison. huh?

  • "Let's get moving." (No effect)
  • "I'd like to ask him some questions."
  • Kick him. (No effect)

Choice 20 (Captured Haunt)

Cager: I imagine you're looking for a trade? Mine for your Cinder?

  • "Let's start there, yes." (No effect)
  • "Are you in charge?"
  • "Cinder first, or your man dies."

Choice 21

Prompt: He takes long, unsteady stride toward you—hurrying and desperate not to show it.

  • Rush to embrace him. (No effect)
  • "Are you okay?" (No effect)
  • "We need to get out of here."

Choice 22 (Peaceful/Haunt Escaped)

Night-Mother: If I wanted you captive and uncooperative, I'd have had Haunt drag you here in your sleep.

  • "Are you the leader here?" (No effect)
  • "You're overconfident."
  • Follow in silence. (No effect)

Choice 22 (Captured Haunt)

Night-Mother: —and until tomorrow's dawn, I offer you sanctuary in our prison. None will harm you, and we'll discuss your circumstances in the City.

  • "That's acceptable."
  • "Cinder? Should we...?" (No effect)
  • "I want guarantees." (No effect)

Choice 23

Prompt: Violet shouldn't have been hurt. You shouldn't have had to come after me. Was anyone else... ?

  • "It'll all be okay." (No effect)
  • "Not now, Cinder." (No effect)
  • "You almost got us killed!" (No effect)

Choice 24

Prompt: If she says more, you don't hear it. Your attention is on the patterns in the stone, and the certainty that you know them.

  • Decipher the arcane symbols. (💎16 Diamonds)
    • ❕Vision of the Well: You saw a glimpse into the past.
  • Shake off the memory.

Diamond Choice 4

Night-Mother: Would that I knew. Why is it you ask?

  • "I'm curious. That's all." (No effect)
  • "I saw a vision..." (No effect)
  • "Never mind." *No effect)

Choice 25

Night-Mother: Tell me child. MC. If you were granted any favor, what could my guild offer you?

  • "We need a home." (No effect)
  • "Protection from our enemies." (No effect)
  • Evade the question. (No effect)

Episode 6: Bondage

Choice 1

Night-Mother: You know little of the Cagers, I imagine? You must see us as the gruesome cousins of more respectable guilds.

  • "I wouldn't really know." (No effect)
  • "I've heard a few things..." (No effect)
  • "You're arrogant aristocrats." (No effect)

Choice 2

Night-Mother: We provide for those prisoners locked in the catacombs below. Hundreds—or perhaps a thousand now. My predecessors did not deign to count.

  • "That's monstrous." (No effect)
  • "Why not just... execute them?" (No effect)
  • "People suffer. That's life." (No effect)

Choice 3

Night-Mother: —we are a part of the system that maintains the City. There is certainty in that—a certainty, I think, that is denied the [Group Name].

  • "We have liberty instead." (No effect)
  • "What are you getting at?" (No effect)
  • "Go back. Were you a prisoner?" (No effect)

Choice 4

Night-Mother: You were locked away for no crime at all—an injustice if ever there was one. Your existence has been struggle and deprivation.

  • "There've been good moments." (Choice 5 [Good Moments])
  • "Where did you learn all this?" (Choice 5 [Where Did You Learn This?])
  • "My life has made me tough."
  • "That is existence." (Choice 5 [Existence])

You will get option three or four depending on previous choices.

Choice 5 (Good Moments)

Night-Mother: When you look upon a Caretake, do you feel no envy? No ache at everything you were denied?

  • "I do, of course." (No effect)
  • "What good would that do?"
  • "I don't envy Caretakers."

Choice 5 (Where Did You Learn This?)

Night-Mother: I will not share my sources. Yet no one here will lead the Caretakers to you.

  • "Are you spying on other guilds?" (No effect)
  • "I'm impressed. That's all." (No effect)
  • "We'll talk more about this later."

Choice 5 (Existence)

Night-Mother: Is it not possible that there is more to life than misery?

  • "What do you believe?" (no effect)
  • "I'm not sure."
  • "You're fooling yourself."

Choice 6

Prompt: The Night-Mother watches the beating dispassionately, then turns to catch your eye. With a shrug and a gesture, she motions you toward the prisoner.

  • "Is all this necessary?"
    • ❕Dissenter: You questioned the Cagers' harsh ways.
  • "Stop this!"
    • ❕Protector: You stepped in and helped a prisoner.
  • Join the beating.
    • ❕Brute: You were once a victim. Now you inflict the beatings.

Choice 7

Night-Mother: The City and the systems that uphold it—the arrangement of guilds and guildless—are not kind. Nor can they last forever.

  • "So what are you doing about it?" (No effect)
  • "Is that why we're here?" (No effect)
  • "It's lasted so far." (No effect)

Choice 8

Night-Mother: You would serve as apprentices in our order. You would be given food, a home, protection from your enemies.

  • "Why would you do this?" (No effect)
  • "Apprentices. Meaning what?" (No effect)
  • "We've been slaves before." (No effect)

Choice 9

Night-Mother: Stay with us through the evening. Eat with us. Sleep. In the morning you will deliver your decision.

  • "I already know our answer." (No effect)
  • "Thank you for the offer." (No effect)
  • I still don't trust you." (No effect)

Choice 10

Page: I don't trust them. I say we go home.

  • "Why do you feel that way?" (No effect)
  • "I don't trust them either." (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Choice 11

Violet: If you haven't noticed, our lives are pretty shitty. These people—they don't look miserable.

  • "We'd be giving up a lot." (No effect)
  • "I agree." (No effect)
  • "I'm surprised at you, Violet." (No effect)

Choice 12

Cinder: Between this and the [Group Name]? There's no choice.

  • "Agreed. We need this." (No effect)
  • "Let's talk through our options." (No effect)
  • "You mean to force this?" (No effect)

Choice 13

Prompt varies based on ?

Prompt: So what do you say, MC?

Violet: We're all agreed, then?

  • "Let's try this for now."
    • ❕Reluctant: You agreed to join the Cagers... for now.
  • "This could be a real home."
    • ❕Aspirational: You hope for a home among the Cagers.
  • "We'll take everything they have."
    • ❕Scheming: You declared your intent to use the Cagers.

Choice 14

Page: We stay together. If that means we're Cagers, we're Cagers.

  • "We should celebrate." (No effect)
  • "It'll be okay, Page." (No effect)
  • "Let's get some rest." (No effect)

Choice 15

Prompt: You try to picture your skin marked...

  • Choose this tattoo. (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕Marked: You earned a special Cager tattoo.
  • Choose this tattoo. (💎20 Diamonds)
    • ❕Marked: You earned a special Cager tattoo.
  • Choose this tattoo.
    • ❕Marked: You earned a special Cager tattoo.

Choice 16

Prompt: They ask you questions you can't answer, and many return to work as soon as they've said a word to you.

  • Look for your friends. (No effect)
  • Try to speak to Haunt. (No effect)
  • Find somewhere private. (No effect)

Choice 17

Cinder: You won't miss this place.

  • "You're wrong." (No effect)
  • "What about you?" (No effect)
  • "Probably not." (No effect)

Choice 18

Cinder: Not joining the Cagers either. But not coming back here."

  • "Wait—what?" (No effect)
  • "You're done with us. Is that it?" (No effect)
  • "You wanted this!" (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt varies based on ?

Cinder: You kept everyone going. You're safe with the Cagers; there's nothing I can do without dragging you down.

Cinder: You don't need me. You're safe with the Cagers. Nothing else I can do, and you're better off without.

  • "That's no reason to go." (No effect)
  • "We still need you." (No effect)
  • "Can't argue with that." (No effect)

Choice 20

Cinder: I'm not telling the others. Wanted you to know, though.

  • "Don't do this, Cinder." (No effect)
  • "We promised to stay together." (No effect)
  • "What will our friends think?" (No effect)
  • "Understood." (No effect)

You get the second prompt if you promised to stay together and the third if you did not.

Choice 21

Cinder: You'll have everything you need before I go. But I'm going.

  • "Take me with you." (No effect)
  • "Please don't." (No effect)
  • "All right. Good luck." (No effect)

Choice 22

Cinder: MC. One day you'll be amazing.

  • "We've still got until morning." (💎17 Diamonds)
  • "So will you." (No effect)
  • "Goodbye, Cinder." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Cinder: Where do you want to go?

  • "Let's find some excitement." (No effect)
  • "Somewhere quiet."
  • "I don't care." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Cinder: I don't remember how to swim anymore.

  • "You could try now." (No effect)
  • "We've had some rough years." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt varies based on ?

Cinder: You. But you know that.

Cinder: I'll miss you, though. You. All of you.

  • Kiss him. (No effect)
  • Embrace him.
  • "Tell me why you'l miss us."
  • "You may be better off."

Diamond Choice 4

Prompt: Exhaustion weighs down your eyelids as you sit beside Cinder and listen to his breath.

  • "Come back someday." (No effect)
  • "Don't go." (No effect)
  • Remain silent.

❕Intimate: You spent one last night with Cinder.

Choice 23

Prompt: Page says nothing through the announcement. He barely seems to hear you at all.

  • "We're going to be okay." (No effect)
  • "I don't know what to say." (No effect)
  • "Forget Cinder." (No effect)

Choice 24

Page: It's an offer—an offer to apprentice with the Locksmen guild.

  • "How is that possible?" (No effect)
  • "You spoke to Cinder?" (No effect)
  • "Let me see." (No effect)

Choice 25

Violet: Well? You hate the Cagers. You're afraid, right? Now's your chance to go.

  • "Stop it, Violet." (No effect)
  • "What do you think, Page?" (No effect)
  • "Violet has a point." (No effect)

Choice 26

Page: We promised to stay together. I promised.

  • "No one will make you leave." (No effect)
  • "Tell me more about the Locksmen." (No effect)
  • "Cinder didn't care." (No effect)

Choice 27

Page: I'm sorry, MC.

  • "Sorry for what?" (No effect)
  • Embrace him. (No effect)
  • "You might be happier elsewhere." (No effect)
  • "You're not Cager material.

You either get option three or four depending on (???your relationship with Page???)

Choice 28

Pahe: Do you want me to go?

  • "You need to decide this."
    • ❕The Boy Cager: Page will stay and join the Cagers.
  • "I think you have to."
    • ❕The Boy Locksman: Page will join the Locksmen Guild.'
  • "Yes. Time you grew up."
    • ❕The Boy Locksman: Page will join the Locksmen Guild.'
  • "No, I don't."
    • ❕The Boy Cager: Page will stay and join the Cagers.

You will get option two or three depending on (???your relationship with Page???)

Choice 29 (Locksmen)

Page: Will we still see each other?

  • "Of course we will." (No effect)
  • "We can try." (No effect)
  • "It's unlikely, I think."

Choice 30

You get the first prompt and option if Page became a Cager and the second if he became a Locksman.

Night-Mother: I understand you've lost a man already. Night-Mother: I understand you've lost two of your own already.

  • "Cinder wanted to leave." (No effect)
  • "They wanted to leave."
  • "Word spreads fast." (No effect)
  • "The others aren't my responsibility." (No effect)

Choice 31

Night-Mother: Now begins your apprenticeship, child. Now you become a Cager.

  • "I'm ready."
  • "I look forward to it." (No effect)
  • "I'm joining you. I won't become you." (No effect)

Episode 7: Apprentice

Choice 1

Haunt: Some Cagers spend their days guarding the Catacombs, true enough. Others cook, or mend, or run errands in the City.

  • "And what about me?" (No effect)
  • "Where are my friends?" (No effect)
  • "Where's Violet?" (No effect)
  • "And you're stuck teaching." (No effect)
  • "Is this your punishment, or what?" (No effect)

You either get option two or three depending on who from the Garden joined the Cagers. You either get option four or five depending on if you captured Haunt.

Choice 2

Haunt: That's the final test for an apprentice—when she's ready, she makes the prison rounds herself. Goes in an initiate, comes out a Cager.

  • "Then train me." (No effect)
  • "That sounds cruel." (No effect)
  • "Send me in now." (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: You recognize the casual, bitter loathing in their eyes.

  • Question Haunt about their crimes. (No effect)
  • Keep your distance. (No effect)
  • Stare down the prisoners. (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: The residents of the Catacombs don't flourish. But you've seen worse.

  • Focus on the layout. (No effect)
  • Ask about the living conditions. (No effect)
  • Observe Haunt's behavior. (No effect)

Choice 5

Carnival: 'Twas I who concocted the unguents and salves that scrubbed your body of stains—my gift to the Night-Mother and you!

  • "I'm duly grateful."
  • "Who are you? How do you know me?" (Choice 6)
  • Remain silent. (Choice 7)

Choice 6

Prompt: "I tried to befriend Haunt here too. Such a generous man, yet so cruel to those he dislikes.

  • "I've noticed that about him."
  • "Tell me about the Night-Mother."
  • "Why don't you like Carnival, Haunt?"

Choice 7

Carnival: I'm sure you're in a hurry, MC, but—how are you adapting to Cager life so far?

  • "It's too early to say." (No effect)
  • "It's going well, I think." (No effect)
  • "I'm leaving as soon as I can."
  • Turn away. (No effect)

You either get option three or four depending on whether you spoke to Carnival in Choice 5.

Choice 8

Prompt: In your whole life, you've never needed to learn so many things.

  • Stay intent on your training.
    • ❕Student: You dedicated yourself to your apprenticeship.
  • Befriend the Cagers.
    • ❕Charmer: You've been making friends among the Cagers.
  • Steal whatever you can.
    • ❕Swindler: The Cagers are your marks.

Choice 9

Night-Mother: Should we pity such men, MC, who steal because they starve? Because the Garden's bounty is denied them?

  • "It's all a tragedy." (No effect)
  • "I blame the Caretakers." (No effect)
  • "Pity won't change anything." (No effect)

Choice 10

Night-Mother: Each prisoner who comes to us may one day become a Cager. And many carry the scars of Caretaker avarice.

  • "Are you recruiting people with grudges?" (No effect)
  • "That's cold comfort for prisoners." (No effect)
  • "What's your point?" (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: Yet somehow you find time for yourself.

Prompt: Still, you find time now and again to slip away.

  • Ask the Night-Mother about arcane secrets.* (Free or 💎16 Diamonds)
  • Go enjoy the City with the Cagers. (Free or 💎16 Diamonds)
  • Search for Cinder. (Free or 💎16 Diamonds)
  • Follow instructions.

*Leads to a sigil.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can spend diamonds on one more.

Choice 12 (Arcane Secrets)

Prompt: What lurks beneath the ground, and what brought the storm that enabled your escape?

  • Hint about what you've seen. (Choice 14 [Arcane Secrets])
  • Tell her about your strange "ally." (Choice 13 [Arcane Secrets])
  • "Are you going to help or not?" (Choice 14 [Arcane Secrets])

Choice 13 (Arcane Secrets)

Prompt: What do you believe it is? The thing that spoke to you?

  • "Something cruel and inhuman." (No effect)
  • "It's guarding me, I think."
  • "I'd rather not say."

Choice 14 (Arcane Secrets)

Prompt: Under the Catsbreath Gate there are tunnels. Perhaps you might find clarity there?

  • "I'll pay them a visit." (No effect)
  • "I've been underground before." (No effect)
  • "Have you seen things?" (No effect)
  • "That's not very satisfying." (No effect)

You get option one or two depending on if you sought out the Garden Entity in Episode 5.

Choice 16 (Arcane Secrets)

Prompt: Distant voices. Human voices. Speaking in unison.

  • Follow the voices. (No effect)
  • Wait and listen. (No effect)
  • Return to the surface. (No effect)

Choice 17 (Arcane Secrets)

Prompt: It's impossible, of course. Nonetheless, you are here. Trapped.

  • Search for a way out. (No effect)
  • Scream for help.
  • Wait. (No effect)

❕You have mastered a sigil.

Choice 12 (Search for Cinder)

Prompt: So you go searching, though the trail grows colder every day.

Prompt: You see spectacular sights. Things you'd have never dreamed of in the Garden. But you don't find Cinder.

Prompt: Traers ignore you. Children mock you. You return to the Well with sore feet.

  • Ask for help from the Cagers. ⬅️ Correct?
  • Talk to Page and Violet. ⬅️ Correct?
  • Visit his old hiding spots. (No effect?)
  • Seek rumors in the City. (No effect?)

Choice 13 (Search for Cinder)

Prompt: Then the two fall into arguing. The man insisting "the boy" is dead and the woman demanding silence.

  • Plead for answers.
  • Apologize. Soothe them. (No effect)
  • Threaten the two. (Mo effect)

Choice 14 (Search for Cinder)

Prompt: "The boy ran," the father says. "He ran away. and we don't think of him anymore."

  • Ask why he ran. (No effect)
  • Ask about Cinder's sister. (No effect)
  • Express outrage. (No effect)

Choice 15 (Search for Cinder)

Prompt: "It's best this way, for us, for him," the man says. "He knew it after Silt."

  • Speak of Cinder's virtues. (No effect)
  • Talk about Cinder's torment in the Garden. (No effect)
  • Tell him nothing.

Choice 16 (Search for Cinder)

Prompt: They drove him away. To his life on the streets, where the Caretakers found him.

  • Find a way to help the couple.

❕Cinder's Heritage: You learned the truth about Cinder's parents and ?.

  • Leave the Squats behind.
    • ❕Cinder's Heritage: You learned the truth about Cinder's parents.
  • Take revenge for Cinder.
    • ❕Cinder's Heritage: You learned the truth about Cinder's parents.

Choice 12 (Enjoy the City)

Prompt: And the others begin to disperse, seeking their desired pleasures in groups of three or four.

  • Visit the baths. (No effect)
  • Observe the entertainers. (No effect)
  • Wander alone.

Choice 13 (Enjoy the City)

Maize: But you're a Cager? You're with the scoundrels, the bastards, now...

  • "It's good to see you." (No effect)
  • "What's wrong with Cagers?" (No effect)
  • "I took the chance I was offered." (No effect)

Choice 14 (Enjoy the City)

Maize: Got a stepson locked in your dungeons. Less than half my age, but that's all the life he's got.

  • "Why is he locked up?" (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry, I didn't know." (No effect)
  • Walk away.

Choice 15 (Enjoy the City)

Maize: Name's Eave. Eave. You remember him. You walk and you remember what you've done.

  • "I could help you talk to him."
    • ❕Maize's Messenger: You helped the old clothier.
  • "I'll remember."
    • ❕Maize's Memory: You pledge to remember Eave the prisoner.
  • Extort her.

Choice 18

Prompt: "Show you around," Fervor says. "It's a good job, this one—fresh prisoners mean we get what they owned, if'n they ever owned anything. Good loot."

  • Follow the Cagers' lead. (No effect)
  • Ask about the assignment. (No effect)
  • Take charge of the job. (No effect)

Choice 19

Prospect: Ought to be, will be. We'll get the goods back from whoever snatched them.

  • "Let's go looking." (No effect)
  • "The goods don't belong to us." (No effect)
  • "We'll never find anything." (No effect)

Choice 20

Prospect: Sorry. I am. But next time, don't sell what's not yours.

  • "Let them keep it all."
    • ❕A Merciful Judge: You helped the family as you could.
  • "We should punish the buyers instead."
    • ❕Deliberative: You set things right and followed the rules.
  • Confiscate the family's items.
    • ❕Unswayed: You confiscated the family's belongings.

Choice 21

Violet: MC didn't know how to use a commode in the Garden. But that's why she's an apprentice now, right?

  • Confront her. (Choice 22)
  • Mock her in return. (Choice 22)
  • Say nothing. Move on. (Choice 23)

Choice 22 Prompt: ...even as she leans toward her companions. Leans toward the Cagers.

  • "Where have you been?" (No effect)
  • Embrace her. (No effect)
  • Punch her. (No effect)

Choice 23

Prompt: Normally hushed voices rise and fall. Giddy laughter—the laughter of intoxication—rises. Amid the ease may be opportunities. Prompt: Through it all, the festivities do not stop.

  • Gather your peers from the Garden in private. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Speak to Violet in private. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Learn about Haunt. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Investigate the Night-Mother's goals. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Retire from the party.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can spend diamonds on one more. You either get option one or two depending on if Violet's the only one left or not.

Choice 24 (Gather Your Peers)

Violet: I guess this is us now, huh? Not really the same.

  • "It's good to be together." (No effect)
  • "It feels strange, I know." (No effect)
  • "We need to stay in contact." (No effect)

Choice 25 (Gather Your Peers)

Violet: Mudboy's doing catacomb supply runs. Still sticks with me in the evening, though.

  • "They're training me too." (No effect)
  • "I'm glad you're doing okay." (No effect)
  • "You're going soft." (No effect)

Choice 26 (Gather Your Peers)

This choice only appears if yu searched for Cinder earlier.

Page: Are they the people Cinder thought they were?

  • "They're decent folk."
  • "Some are good. Some are bad." (No effect)
  • "Don't start trusting them." (No effect)

Choice 27 (Gather Your Peers)

Prompt: Together, you speak and you eat and you drink as the echo of the celebration washes over you.

  • Enjoy the moment with each other. (No effect)
  • Mingle together with the Cagers. (No effect)
  • Remain distant. Observe.

❕Chambertide Reunion: Some bonds remain unbroken.

Choice 24 (Investigate the Night-Mother)

Prompt: ...and you hunt, searching for men and women who'll spill secrets to an apprentice.

  • Coax the Cagers into sharing. (No effect)
  • Be forthright. Ask the elders. (No effect)
  • Eavesdrop on conversations. (No effect)

Choice 25 (Investigate the Night-Mother)

Night-Mother: Chamber was the third to lead this guild—my predecessor's predecessor—and it was under his watch that I was imprisoned.

  • "You sound bitter."
  • "How long ago was that?" (No effect)
  • I care about the future, not the past."

Choice 26 (Investigate the Night-Mother)

Night-Mother: Under Chamber, the catacombs were a place of punishment and torment. Whatever my faults, that is not true anymore.

  • "So why celebrate his life?" (No effect)
  • "You improved things." (No effect)
  • "It hasn't changed that much."

❕Lorekeeper: You've begun to learn about Cager history.

Choice 24 (Learn About Haunt)

Haunt: She's slower now, but just as mean. She ever picks up a staff, give her some space.

  • "The Night-Mother can fight?"
  • Introduce yourself. (No effect0
  • Hang back. Observe. (No effect)

[ Haunt ] Choice 2

Choice 25 (Learn About Haunt - Captured Haunt)

Prompt: He waves a hand over his face. It takes you a moment to realize he's miming a hood—the sort you used when you captured him."

  • "She really blames you?" (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry about that."
  • "That was your own fault." (No effect)

Choice 26 (Learn About Haunt)

Haunt: During my initiation I—well, I did something regrettable. She should've left me in the catacombs, but she spared me.

  • "Tell me the details?" (No effect)
  • "Now you owe her?" (No effect)
  • "My last teacher was... different." (No effect)

Choice 27 (Learn About Haunt)

Haunt: What about you? Your first Chambertide memorable so far?

  • "It's a new experience for me."
  • "Are you being nice to me?" (No effect)
  • "It's a waste of time." (No effect)

Choice 28 (Learn About Haunt)

Haunt: But tonight, MC? Just enjoy yourself.

  • "Thank you."
  • "We could enjoy it together?" (No effect)
  • Take his drink. (No effect)

❕Haunted : You spent the evening with the Night-Mother's lieutenant.

Choice 29

Carnival: I should've asked to meet days ago. I hear things, yet I've been so busy—well. No excuses.

  • "You've been 'busy'?" (No effect)
  • "Shall we chat?" (No effect)
  • "Make this good, or I leave." (No effect)

Choice 30

Carnival: Well, you're improvising rather spectacularly, but that lack of education is holding you back.

  • "I'm doing well enough." (No effect)
  • "Who tells you these things?" (No effect)
  • "And you want to make an offer?" (No effect)

Choice 31

Carnival: And the deeper mysteries—we can plumb those too. Have you heard voices, seen impossible things underground?

  • "Yes. I have."
  • "The Night-Mother said you know secrets." (No effect)
  • "People keep hinting at that." (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Options vary depending on if you talked to the Night-Mother in this episode.

Choice 32

Carnival: But I can start you down the path. We may even be able to walk it together.

  • "I'll accept your tutlage."
    • ❕Carnival's Offer: You've taken on a new mentor.
  • "Make me a better offer."
    • ❕Carnival's Offer: You refused the strange man. For now.
    • ❕Carnival's Offer: You refused temptation.
  • Turn away. Leave.
    • ❕Carnival's Offer: You refused temptation.

Episode 8: Letters

Choice 1 (Accepted Carnival's Help)

Carnival: Pick another topic. Once choice, so make it a god one!

  • "Guild politics." (No effect)
  • "Mathematics." (No effect)
  • "You." (No effect)

Choice 2 (Accepted Carnival's Help)

Carnival: Other powers, other beings, with goals and forms unlike yours and mine.

  • "The Night-Mother talked about them too." (No effect)
  • "You've suggested as much." (No effect)
  • "What sorts of goals?" (No effect)
  • "You think you're an expert. You're not." (No effect)

First option if you talked to the Night-Mother in the previous episode and second option if you didn't?

Choice 3 (Accepted Carnival's Help)

Carnival: Their hungers drive them to cruelty or kindness by happenstance, not intent. They do not have human minds.

  • "And you study them." (No effect)
  • "Where do they come from?" (No effect)
  • "Who else knows about them?" (No effect)

❕You have mastered a sigil!

Choice 4 (Accepted Carnival's Help)

Prompt: All he asks for is stories.

  • Promise him news of the City. (No effect)
  • Tell him about being in the Garden. (No effect)
  • Mix truth and lies about the Cagers. (No effect)

Choice 1 (Refused Carnival's Help)

Prompt: By the time Fervor grasps the prisoner, the Ur-Masons have already turned away.

  • Ask about the prisoner. (No effect)
  • March the prisoner up to the Well. (No effect)
  • Shout frustration at the Ur-Masons. (No effect)

Choice 2 (Refused Carnival's Help)

Prompt: The prisoner groans and nearly misses a step.

  • "I've endured worse, Fervor." (No effect)
  • Guide the prisoner gently. (No effect)
  • Hurry the prisoner along. (No effect)

Choice 3 (Refused Carnival's Help)

Prompt: And you turn to your prisoner, latest of the Well's denizens, and you tell him what you often tell new arrivals:

  • "There's hope for you here."
    • ❕Warden: You watch over the prisoners.
  • "You belong to me now."
    • ❕Extorter: You make prisoners think they owe you.
  • Nothing at all.
    • ❕Apart: You don't associate with the prisoners.

Choice 5 (Student/Swindler)

Night-Mother: Spend time with Carnival if you like, but you can't afford to ignore your fellow Cagers—or make them your enemies

  • "I've been focused on my studies." (No effect)
  • "You know about Carnival?" (No effect)
  • "I'm doing fine on my own." (No effect)

Choice 5 (Charmer)

Night-Mother: Yet you must do more to earn respect. To convince your guild to follow when times are difficult.

  • "What do you suggest?" (No effect)
  • "You're watching my relationships?" (No effect)
  • "I'm not here to become a leader."

Choice 6

Night-mother: From us. From your time among the Cagers. What do you want of yourself and your City?

  • "I want to keep my friends alive." (No effect)
  • "I want to make the City better." (No effect)
  • "I want revenge on the Caretakers." (No effect)
  • "I want to be left alone." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Choice 7

Night-mother: I intend to remedy this. To challenge you and to ensure your potential is met.

  • "As part of my apprenticeship?" (No effect)
  • "I welcome your efforts." (No effect)
  • "You don't understand me." (No effect)

Choice 8

Haunt: You're apprenticing with me until I say otherwise.

  • "I can't say I'm surprised." (No effect)
  • "What are we doing?" (No effect)
  • "Are we both being punished?" (No effect)

Choice 9

Haunt: Better run fast.

  • "This isn't about tea." (No effect)
  • "You're a bastard." (No effect)
  • Start running. (No effect)

Choice 10

Haunt: Prospect will bring a salve for the aching. Something to eat too. You're done for the day.

  • "But there's more tomorrow." (No effect)
  • "Stay with me awhile?" (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: He makes you race canal rafts on foot. He rarely offers a kind word and gives only the most sardonic of smiles.

  • Focus on the exercises. (Choice 12 [Focus/Question Haunt?])
  • Question Haunt. Search for explanations. (Choice 12 [Focus/Question Haunt?])
  • Push Haunt. Test his patience. (Choice 12 [Push Haunt])

Choice 12 (Focus/Question Haunt)

Haunt: Our isolation. I'm not thrilled with it myself, but we need to push through to the next phase.

  • "What's the next phase?" (No effect)
  • "Did the Night-Mother plan all this?" (No effect)
  • "This isn't fair."

Choice 12 (Push Haunt)

Prompt: With that, he stalks away.

  • Follow Haunt and apologize. (No effect)
  • Wait a day. Then return. (No effect)
  • Await an apology from the guild. (No effect)

Choice 13 (Push Haunt)

Prompt: Not just for initiation—for something bigger. Something the Night-Mother has planned. Let's be done with it.

  • "What does she want?"
  • "Agreed." (No effect)
  • Mock him. (No effect)

Choice 14

Haunt: The tower. How would you climb to the top without being seen?

  • Look for the stealthiest route. (No effect)
  • Look for the fastest route. (No effect)
  • Look for a distraction. (No effect)

Choice 15

Haunt: "Transcribe any writings you find," Haunt said.

  • Start working. You may be here awhile... (No effect)
  • Peruse the scrolls. (No effect)
  • Use this opportunity. Rest. (No effect)

Choice 16

Prompt: He sends you back the next day. "Copy all of it," he says. But that will take weeks.

  • Pace yourself. Work slowly and steadily. (No effect)
  • Focus. Intensify your efforts. (No effect)
  • Hurry through it, if you must. (No effect)

Choice 17

Prompt: ...and you can't help but wonder what secrets the sheets hold. The ancient mysteries of the Cager fortress are no small matter.

  • Make your own copy. Study the Well's secrets. (💎18 Diamonds)
    • ❕Secret Keeper: You transcribed the map of the Well.
  • Waste no time with the scrolls. (No effect)

If Page joined the Locksmen, he will join you here shortly. If he is a Cager, you get the choices without Page.

Choice 18 (Without Page)

Prompt: But it's still breathtakingly dull, and the piles don't seem to be getting any smaller.

  • Keep reading, writing, and copying. (No effect)
  • Skip over the boring scrolls.
  • Burn the piles. (Choice 23)
    • ❕Burned Letters: You read well enough. You escaped your tedious task.

Choice 19 (Without Page)

Prompt: On the fourteenth day, you realize you can read the word favorite without sounding out the letters.

  • Keep reading, writing, and copying. (No effect)
  • Skip over the boring scrolls.
  • Burn the piles.

Choice 20 (Without Page)

Prompt: On the seventeenth day, you transcribe a lurid sheet full of short, intimate descriptions of kssing and coupling.

  • Keep reading, writing, and copying.
  • Skip over the boring scrolls.
  • Burn the piles.

Choice 21 (Without Page)

Prompt: On the twenty-first day, you realize you're almost exactly halfway done.

  • Keep reading, writing, and copying. (No effect)
  • Skip over the boring scrolls.
  • Burn the piles.

Choice 22 (Without Page)

Prompt: On the thirtieth day, Haunt compliments you—for the first time—on your penmanship.

  • Keep reading, writing, and copying. (No effect)
    • ❕Literate: You've mastered the skill of letters.
  • Skip over the boring scrolls.
  • Burn the piles.

Choice 18 (Page)

Page: MC?

  • "What are you doing here?" (No effect)
  • Embrace Page. (No effect)
  • Trap him inside the room. (No effect)

Choice 19 (Page)

Prompt varies depending on whether or not Mudboy came with you from the Garden.

Page: Are you-how are things with the Cagers? Are Violet and Mudboy okay?

Page: Are you-how are things with the Cagers? is Violet okay?

  • "We're all okay." (No effect)
  • "We're okay." (No effect)
  • "I've been worried about you." (No effect)
  • "The Cagers treat me like dirt." (No effect)

You only get option one or two depending on Mudboy.

Choice 20 (Page)

Page: I can't stay long. Just a minute or two. My mentor's waiting for me.

  • "Tell me about you." (No effect)
  • "What is this place exactly?" (No effect)
  • "The Locksmen-what are they like?" (No effect)

Choice 21 (Page)

Prompt: He doesn't ask what you're doing here. He must wonder. He asks, "Is there anything you need?"

  • "I have to learn to read."
    • ❕Literate: You've mastered the skill of letters.
  • "Can you help me copy all this?"
    • ❕Literate (mostly)
  • "Don't tell anyone I was here." (Choice 18 (Without Page))

Choice 23

Haunt: If they can't get their hands on blank sheets, they use whatever scraps they've stowed.

  • "Did you learn anything?" (No effect)
  • "You wanted me to learn to write..." (No effect)
  • "Then it's all just garbage." (No effect)

Choice 24

Prompt: You'd forgotten what that was like. You barely remember the faces of your peers, or what it's like to wander the City without purpose.

  • Prove yourself to Haunt and the Cagers. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Ask the Night-Mother about Carnival. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Pay a visit to Page. (Free or 💎19 Diamonds)
  • Study the scroll describing the Well. (Free)
  • Let the days pass.

Option three only appears if you spent diamonds to make a copy.

Only scenes you haven't taken will be available. You can select one for free and spend diamonds on one more.

Choice 25 (Haunt)

Haunt: What brings you both here?

  • "We've been working..." (No effect)
  • "Enjoying the day, same as you." (No effect)
  • Let Prospect answer. (No effect)

Choice 26 (Haunt)

Prompt: Prospect stifles a protest and is gone soon thereafter. You're left alone with Haunt, who wipes a bead of water from his forehead.

  • "What was all that about?" (No effect)
  • "So... you went swimming." (No effect)
  • "You need something from me?"

Choice 27 (Haunt)

Prompt: From there you work your way through a series of alleys. Haunt observes the beggars and pays you little mind.

  • Converse with him casually. (No effect)
  • Ask about his friendly mood. (No effect)
  • Focus on the job.

Choice 28 (Haunt)

Haunt: ––well. I didn't think much of where you came from. I had objections. Made me stupid enough to misjudge.

  • "Apology accepted." (No effect)
  • "Why did you object to us?" (No effect)
  • "You're getting soft." (No effect)

Choice 29 (Haunt)

Prompt: What was the Garden like? For the lot of you, I mean?

  • Focus on the miseries you suffered. (No effect)
  • Talk about the Garden's lushness. (No effect)
  • Avoid the question.

❕ A Peaceful Moment : You're getting to know Haunt well.

Choice 25 (Carnival)

Night-Mother: What do you see when you look at him? What is he to you, above all else?

  • "He may be a danger." (No effect)
  • "A victim of the Cagers."
  • "He's a resource."

Choice 26 (Carnival)

Night-Mother: He studied anatomy and medicine and possessed extraordinary skill. He did much good before imprisonment.

  • "What happened to him?" (No effect)
  • "Tell me about his studies."
  • "I doubt he was kindhearted."

Choice 27 (Carnival)

Night-Mother: It was around that time he was accused of organ theft and murder. Naturally, he was sent here.

  • "Did he really kill people?"
  • "And now he gives Cagers advice." (No effect)
  • "His obsession drove him mad."

Choice 28 (Carnival)

Night-Mother: His tutlage can be of great benefit, as you've seen. But in all these years, I've never been fool enough to trust him.

  • "I'll remember that."
  • "But what's his real goal?" (No effect)
  • "He's manipulating you!"

Choice 29 (Carnival)

Prompt: It was Carnival who suggested the Locksmen archives for your education. I think he wanted you literate.

  • "Did he plan all this?" (No effect)
  • "Thank you for telling me."
  • "Maybe I shouldn't play along."

❕Carnival's Writings: You delved into the strange man's work.

Choice 25 (Page - Cager)

Page: What are you doing here?

  • "I wanted to check on you." (No effect)
  • "I missed spending time together." (No effect)
  • "Nothing better to do."

Choice 26 (Page - Cager)

Prompt: He smiles sometimes, but he doesn't laugh or joke.

  • Ask him how he's feeling. (No effect)
  • Discuss your peers from the Garden.
  • Question him for Cager secrets. (No effect)

Choice 27 (Page - Cager)

Page: You're basically a born Cager.

  • "We all wish we were still together." (No effect)
  • "I don't understand it either."
  • "I've got it harder than anyone!"

Choice 28 (Page - Cagers)

Prompt: They say it's not hard. That the prisoners don't stop you if you aren't stupid. But I don't know how to—I don't know what to do.

  • "Let me show you what I can." (Choice 29 [Page - Cagers])
  • [Street Fighting] "Let's practice fighting." (Choice 29 [Page - Cagers])
  • "Then figure it out." (Choice 30 or 24?)

Choice 29 (Page - Cagers)

Prompt: You build up his strength with exercises and discipline. You stare at him and demand he stare back.

  • Support Page. Don't let him break. (No effect)
  • Speak gently but work him hard. (No effect)
  • Push Page to his limits. (No effect)

❕Page's Tutor: You readied Page for his initiation. (If he stayed with the Cagers and you didn't pick "Then figure it out.")

Choice 25 (Page - Locksmen)

Page: I know it's a long walk from the Well. Thank you for coming.

  • "I'm glad to do it."
  • "So what's the plan then?"
  • Shrug it off. (No effect)

Choice 26 (Page - Locksmen)

Prompt: You spend the afternoon immersed in this blend of strange and familiar. The Page you know and the Page you don't.

  • Ask after his well-being.
  • Let the conversation progress naturally. (No effect)
  • Try to learn about the Locksmen.

Choice 27 (Page - Locksmen)

Page: They're not all bad people, but—it's good to talk. That's all.

  • "It's lonely in the Cagers too." (No effect)
  • "You need to make friends."
  • "Guild members are awful."

Choice 28 (Page - Locksmen)

Page: I'm okay here. But I don't want you to forget. We're still—all of us from the Garden. We're special. We'll see each other again.

  • "Don't let the past define you."
  • "We will keep visiting together. "
    • ❕Page's Promise: You met with Page and pledged your loyalty.
  • "We've got separate lives now."
    • ❕Page's Path: You met with Page and pushed him away.
  • "Just remember we owe each other."

Choice 25 (Scroll)

Prompt: You know so little of the Well's history. What was it? Why did it change?

  • Investigate what the Well was. (No effect)
  • Seek answers about why it changed.
  • Focus on interpreting the pages. (No effect)

Choice 26 (Scroll)

Prompt: So each time you patrol with Fervor, you watch for an opportunity to abandon your duties and search.

  • Admit to Fervor what you're looking for. (No effect)
  • Lie to her and slip away.
  • Arrange a distraction for her.

❕You have mastered a sigil!

Choice 27 (Scroll)

Fervor: They get lost and die and rot in there, prisoners do. Exploring's for fools.

  • "What's in there?" (No effect)
  • "You sound knowledgeable."
  • "It was an accident!" (No effect)
  • "You didn't warn me."

You either get option three or four depending on if you told Fervor what you were looking for or not.

Choice 28 (Scroll)

Prompt: But the diagrams you possess are a map, of sorts. And that knowledge, it seems, has value.

  • Share your findings with the guild. (No effect)
  • Suggest selling the map to criminals. (No effect)
  • Keep your findings to yourself.

Choice 30

Prospect: Your friend Violet's starting her initiation. Haunt thought you'd want to see.

  • "Her initiation? Already?" (No effect)
  • "Thanks for coming." (No effect)
  • "Violet's not my friend."

Choice 31

Prompt: She says it like a vow. The crowd is silent. The loudest sound is your own hissing, exhausted breathing.

  • Observe the ceremony. (No effect)
  • Watch the crowd. (No effect)
  • Back away and catch your breath. (No effect)

Choice 32

Violet: You almost missed it.

  • "I didn't know." (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry." (No effect)
  • "Would you have cared?" (No effect)

Choice 33

Prompt: She's already moving on. But she's slow to step away.

  • "Are you sure you can do this?"
  • "Good luck, Violet." (No effect)
  • Embrace her. (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

You get the second option if you are not close to Violet and the third option if you are.

Choice 34

Night-Mother: Hers may only be beginning. Give her time, and we will see.

  • "Something could be wrong." (No effect)
  • "How much time?" (No effect)
  • Shrug in reply. (No effect)

Choice 35

Prompt: The Well sleeps.

  • Go to the Catacombs. Find Violet.
    • ❕Violet's Rescue: You went after Violet.
  • Stand vigil and wait.
    • ❕Violet's Vigil: You decided to wait.
  • Rest and dream.
    • ❕Violet's Initiation: You let Violet venture alone.

Your choice here will also determine which path you follow in Episode 9.

Episode 9: Oubliette

Choice 1 (Find Violet)

Carnival: What sort of trouble do you imagine she's found?

  • "Something with the prisoners." (No effect)
  • "She could be lost."
  • "You tell me." (No effect)

Choice 2 (Find Violet)

Carnival: Somewhere in the deep levels, perhaps, far below here.

  • "Tell me about the deep levels." (No effect)
  • "Who would take her there?" (No effect)
  • "You could be lying."

❕Carnival's Guidance: You've begun your search for Violet.

Choice 3 (Find Violet)

Carnival: I've not seen much beyond my cell, I'm afraid. This is all the aid I can give.

  • "What's your price?" (No effect)
  • "Thank you, Carnival."
  • "You could come with me..." (No effect)

❕Down: Into the Catacombs.

Choice 1 (Wait/Rest)

Prompt: Sentry parties search the catacombs for signs of the missing apprentice. Prisoners are brought for interviews with the Night-Mother.

  • Assist in the search for Violet. (No effect)
  • Focus on your lessons. (No effect)
  • Observe the Cager's response.

Choice 2 (Wait/Rest)

Prompt: Violet's gait is unsteady and her eyes unfocused. Blood and dirt cake her legs.

  • Approach her cautiously. (No effect)
  • Rush to her. (No effect)
  • Hang back. Let her pass.

Choice 3 (Wait/Rest)

Prompt: For initiation. Violet endured. So will you.

  • "I'm ready."
  • "She seems... traumatized." (No effect)
  • "I should've gone first." (No effect)

Choice 4 (Wait/Rest)

Prompt: When you emerge, you shall be made a member of our guild.

  • "You make it sound so simple." (No effect)
  • "Any rules I should know?" (No effect)
  • "And then... no more secrets?" (No effect)

❕Initiation: "I am the key."

Choice 5 (Wait/Rest)

Prompt: Almost immediately, the crowd contracts around you. Cagers call out congratulations and wish you well.

  • Proceed to the catacombs. (No effect)
  • Linger. Say your goodbyes. (No effect)
  • Ask Haunt for advice.

❕Down: Into the Catacombs

Choice 6

Prompt: In every chamber the prisoners seem to draw nearer.

  • Speak to them respectfully. (No effect)
  • Warn them to move away. (No effect)
  • Don't respond. Ignore the prisoners. (No effect)

In Choice 7, only the prompt seems to change, the options remain the same.

Choice 7

Prompt: Ignoring the inmates worked before. Now they're closing in again. / You recognize individuals you've been warned about. Prisoners even the sentries avoid.

  • [Streetwise] Elude them in the corridors.
    • ❕Elusive: You used your skills to slip past the prisoners.
  • Call their bluff. Dare them to attack.
    • ❕Chased: You couldn't escape the prisoners.
  • Use your reputation among the Cagers.*
    • ❕Infamous: Your reputation among the Cagers is strong.
  • They owe you. Remind them.
    • ❕Owed: You called in your debts.
  • Run. Just run.
    • ❕Chased: You couldn't escape the prisoners.

*Only available if you spent time with Cagers.

The following branch choice appears if you used your Streetwise skill, your reputation with the Cagers or you're still searching for Violet. The prompts are different, but the options are almost the same.

Choice 8 (Streetwise/Find Violet/Infamous)

Prompt: Have you strayed from the sentry path? Or have the catacombs changed? The black chasm offers no answers.

Prompt: You kneel at the chasm's edge. In the wet moss is a footprint small enough to be Violet's.

  • Peer into the chasm.
  • Press on. Follow the path.
  • Attempt to descend. (No effect)
  • Turn around. Go back.

You get the second option if you used the Streetwise skill. The third appears if you decided to search for Violet, regardless of whether or not you used the Streetwise skill while doing so.

Choice 9

Prompt: ...and you fall.

  • Fall. (No effect)
  • Seek a handhold.
  • Scream. (No effect)

"Seek a handhold" or "scream" disappears after this choice if you select them? Choosing both results in proceeding directly to Choice 12?

Choice 10

Prompt: The chasm closes around you. There is darkness and the sensation of air rushing past.

  • Fall.
  • Seek a handhold. (No effect)
  • Scream. (No effect)

"Seek a handhold" or "scream" disappears after this choice if you select them? Choosing both results in proceeding directly to Choice 12?

Choice 11

Prompt: There is no more light—not even a starry glimmer from above.

  • Fall.
  • Seek a handhold.
  • Scream.

Choice 12

Prompt: You taste blood running over your tongue. You hear a low ringing beyond the rush of wind.

  • Fall. (No effect)
  • Seek a handhold.
  • Scream.

❕Down: The Deep Levels

Choice 13

Prompt: Your mouth is dry and dusty. Your stomach twists with hunger. It seems you have been lying here for some time.

  • Seek out water. (No effect)
  • [Ambush] Hunt for food.
    • ❕Sated: You used your skills to feed.
  • Explore the dark. (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: With every step the darkness thickens. Your mind drifts. Exhaustion soaks deep into your bones.

  • Sleep. Until you wake again. (No effect)
  • Rest awhile. But not too long. (No effect)
  • Keep moving. (No effect)

❕Down: The Underworld

Choice 15

Prompt: Now and again you hear other footsteps. They tap without pattern, like rain.

  • Cry out to anyone nearby.
  • Follow the footsteps.
  • Stay silent and stealthy. (No effect)

Choice 16 (Wait/Rest)

Chord: "You real? Or another spook?"

  • "What's going on?" (No effect)
  • "I'm real." (No effect)
  • "I'm a spook." (No effect)

Choice 16 (Find Violet)

Violet: Not where either of us expected to end up, huh?

  • "I'm so glad you're okay." (No effect)
  • "What happened to you?"
  • "Not really, no."

Choice 17

You get the second prompt if you searched for Violet and the first if you did not.

Chord: What are you doing here, girl? Awfully small for a Cager.

  • "This is my initiation." (No effect)
  • "I came here for Violet." (No effect)
  • "I assume you're a prisoner?" (No effect)
  • "I'm tougher than I look." (No matter)

Choice 18

You get the second prompt if you searched for Violet and the first if you did not.

Chord: Me too. Haven't found a way out yet. Been looking around—awhile. Been down here awhile.

Chord: I've been down here a lot longer than your friend. Fell into this mess, been looking around. Haven't found a way out yet.

  • "Tell me what you have found." (No effect)
  • "For how long?"
  • "Any idea where we are?" (No effect)
  • "We're underneath the City."

You get option three if you haven't previously explored the underground and option four if you have.

Choice 19

You get the second prompt if you searched for Violet and the first if you did not.

Chord: We split up, we're apt to starve to death. But you want to trek along with me, I'll take the help.

Chord: You both need me. I've been here the longest; I know the dead ends.

  • "Agreed." (No effect)
  • "Why should I trust you?"
  • "You can help me."
  • Fine, but I'm in charge. (No effect)

The third option depends on whether you're alone with Chord or Violet is also present.

Choice 20

Prompt: Out of the corner of your eye, you watch her toy with an object in one hand: a shard of stone with sharp, ragged edges.

  • [Sleight of Hand] Steal the shard.
    • ❕Thief Among Thieves: You stole Chord's weapon.
  • "Get rid of the weapon." (No effect, she will throw it away)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 21

Prompt: Took a wrong step. At first I thought I'd found something interesting down here. Place is a weird shithole, though. Messes with your head.

  • Ask what's "weird" about the place. (No effect)
  • Ask about her time as a prisoner. (No effect)
  • Say no more than needed. (No effect)

Choice 22 (Find Violet)

Prompt: You hear the resentment in her voice. You don't need her to finish the thought: I walked everywhere alone, until you came.

  • "I couldn't let you be hurt." (No effect)
  • Mock her certainty.
  • "Don't you dare complain."

Choice 23 (Find Violet)

Violet: If we find eggs, I'll take the first one because it was my idea. Then Chord, then MC.

  • Concede the point to Violet.
  • Reminisce about times spent starving. (No effect)
  • Snap at her.

Choice 23 (Wait/Rest)

Prompt: The man I drowned was a bastard twice over. If I hadn't done it, he'd have handed worse to me.

  • Ask her about what happened. (No effect)
  • Express sympathy.
  • Shrug it all off.

Choice 24 (Wait/Rest)

Chord: The man I drowned was a bastard twice born. If I hadn't done it, he'd have handed worse to me.

  • "What did you just say?"
  • "This is crazy."
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 25

Prompt: Chord's breath hisses between her lips. She covers her ears, then tears her hands away, leaving drops of blood where her nails cut her skull.

  • Urge her to continue. (No effect)
  • Stay with her. Calm her. (No effect)
  • Warn her to control herself.

❕Down: ???

Choice 26

Prompt: A droplet strikes the surface of the pool and vanishes without a ripple. Translucent colors churn.

  • Try to drink the liquid.
  • Refuse to drink first.
  • Stare into the pool.
  • Step back cautiously.

[ Stare ] Choice 1

Prompt: The figures blur together, melding on the liquid canvas.

  • Try to drink the liquid.
  • Refuse to drink first.
  • Stare into the pool.
  • Step back cautiously.

[ Stare ] Choice 2

Prompt: Slender figures dance across a hundred metal prongs engraved with bone-white symbols.

  • Try to drink the liquid.
  • Refuse to drink first.
  • Stare into the pool.
  • Step back cautiously.

[ Stare ] Choice 3

Prompt: An ur-stone labyrinth. Streets exposed to sun bloom with red and green foliage. Corpses—like that of the Caretaker you saw—lie in neat rows.

  • Try to drink the liquid.
  • Refuse to drink first.
  • Stare into the pool.
  • Step back cautiously.

[ Stare ] Choice 4

Prompt: Silver-white stars drift from the sky, piling on impossibly green domes. A thousand black ropes crisscross among the domes. They make your nose buzz.

  • Try to drink the liquid.
  • Refuse to drink first.
  • Stare into the pool.
    • ! Vision: You saw the memories of the pool.
  • Step back cautiously.

[ Stare ] Choice 5

Prompt: The visions are gone. A sharp pain is all that's left in your mind.

  • Try to drink the liquid.
  • Refuse to drink first.
  • Step back cautiously.

[ Drink ] Choice 1

Prompt: Well, you can swallow the stuff. Can you keep it down?

  • "It's safe. Go ahead."
  • "Don't drink it. Just don't."

Choice 19

Chord: Must think you're something real special. Probably don't even think of yourself as a kid.

  • "I've never been a kid."
  • "What's your point?" (No effect)
  • "I know my limitations." (no effect)

Choice 20

Chord: That what you expect if you get out of here? You want to spend your life scrounging with the Cagers?

  • "Not really, no." (No effect)
  • "Maybe I do. Yes." (No effect)
  • "It's just temporary." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Episode 10: Rise

Choice 1

Entity: There must be understanding. Choose the graft. Choose the aspect you have joined to yourself.

  • Choose the star like a Cager tattoo.
  • Seize the star like a scholarly eye.
  • Grasp the lone, burning star.
  • Choose nothing.
    • ! Obstinate: You refused to choose a fruit.

Like in Episode 2, when you choose a star, the game checks your choices in previous episodes. Doing so gives the Rettuned or Schism achievements. Connected to the scholarly eye are among others (not restricted to) becoming literate, focusing on studies, accepting Carnival as tutor. Associated with the Cager tattoo are the joining of the guild and spending enough time with Haunt and the other Cagers. The Lone burning star is associated with abandoning Mudboy in the Garden, sending Page to join the Locksmen, Cinder leaving, and not following Violet.

! Reattuned: You chose the path true to your choices.

! Schism: You chose a path in conflict with your choices.

Choice 2

Entity: You are below, in No One's house now. Why?

  • "This is my initiation." (No effect)
  • "I came to save my friend." (No effect)
  • "What is this place?" (No effect)
  • "You wouldn't understand." (No effect)

First option is only available if you didn't go after Violet and the second only if you did.

Choice 3

Entity: Feed.

  • You've mastered the sigils. Take control. (💎0 Diamonds) (Only choosable if you discovered all the sigils.)
  • Accept the feeding. Open your soul. (No effect)
  • Defy the Entity with all your strength. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1 💎

Prompt: This place is for memory only. You should not have sought communion.

  • "What are you?" (No effect)
  • "I didn't ask for this." (No effect)
  • "But I'm here."

Diamond Choice 2 💎

Prompt: You belong to the Garden. You must return to your house.

  • "I don't want to go back."
  • "Why must I return?" (No effect)
  • "Or else what?" (No effect)

! You have mastered a sigil!

Diamond Choice 3 💎

Prompt: You drew attention. Never draw their attention—better to stay away from them completely.

  • "I just want to understand..." (No effect)
  • "They never give me much choice." (No effect)
  • Look behind you.

Choice 4

Chord: Get it together. Who knows where we're walking today?

  • "I'm ready to go." (No effect)
  • "Did you dream about anything?" (No effect)
  • "I didn't sleep well." (No effect)

Choice 5

Chord: You going to speak up for me? Get me into the Cagers?

  • "You want to join the guild?" (Choice 6)
  • "You deserve something, at least." (Skip Choice 6)
  • "Just be glad if we make it out."

Choice 6

Chord: No one wants to be a Cager—not you, not me. But sometimes it's the best answer.

  • "I'll do what I can." (No effect)
  • "I'm proud of being one."
  • "You're better off without them."

Choice 7

Prompt: Thunder rattles your bones. Water is spilling into the chamber. The wheels do not turn.

  • Seek the source of the water. (No effect)
  • Explore the strange chamber. (No effect)
  • Forge on. (No effect)

Choice 8

Prompt: I don't like it. I really don't like it.

  • Stand atop the dais.
    •  ! The Throne-Dais: You touched glory.
  • Try to damage the dais.
    •  ! The Throne-Dais: You tore it down. You tried.
  • Keep walking.
    •  ! The Throne-Dais: You defied temptation.

Choice 9

Prompt: Far behind you, you hear a gurgling, whistling sound. You hear wheels spinning. An echo speaks: You should not be below.

  • Start running.
  • Show no fear. (No effect)
  • Look back. (No effect)

! The Sound of Water: It pursues.

Choice 10 (if Violet is with you)

Prompt: I don't want it. Whatever you're doing—whatever you do to people, whatever awful you bring, I don't want it.

  • "We're going to be okay." (No effect)
  • "I don't like it either."
  • "You're speaking nonsense."

Choice 10 (no Violet)

Prompt: Want to bet they won't miss you either?

  • "They need me up there."
  • "No. I suppose they won't." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: Up farther, till your arms tremble with effort and your toes are numb. You listen to thunder. You feel something watching.

  • Climb.
  • Rest awhile.
  • Call to your companion(s).

As soon as you choose 'Call to your companion(s)', the option will disappear in the following choices.

Choice 12

Prompt: How is it possible that the water seems even closer? The thunder booms.

  • Climb.
  • Rest awhile.
  • Call to your companion(s).

Choice 13

Prompt: The water roars below you—an unmistakable cry of despair as you outpace the rising river.

  • Climb.
  • Rest awhile.
  • Call to your companion(s).

Choice 14 (if Violet is with you)

Prompt: The prisoner's fingers squeeze Violet's leg. Violet cries out. And you're too far away to reach them—too far away to do anything.

  • Urge Chord to reconsider. (No effect)
  • Scramble down toward them. (No effect)
  • Climb away; leave them behind.

Choice 15 (if Violet is with you)

Prompt: And suddenly, with the thunder silenced and the air dry, you remember last night's dream.

  • Fight against Chord.
  • Try to speak to Chord. (No effect)
  • Focus. Reach out to the Entity. (No effect)

Branch Choice 14 (no Violet)

Prompt: Somehow you catch yourself on a ledge while your legs dangle over the abyss. Darkness and stone fill your vision; you hear no water.

  • Try to pull yourself up.
  • Call out to Chord.
  • Study your surroundings. (No effect)

Choice 15 (No Violet)

Prompt: Chord kneels on the ledge above you, observing with a yellow-toothed smile.

  • "Help me." (No effect)
  • "I know what you're thinking..." (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 16 (No Violet)

Prompt: ...and I don't entirely recall why I was helping you to begin with. What do you suppose?

  • "You help me, you gain a lot."
  • "You're a decent person, Chord."
  • "I won't beg."
  • Focus. Reach out to the Entity.

! Trusted: You escaped with Chord. (If Chord helped you. Only possible if Violet isn't with you?)

! Rescuer: You escaped with Violet. (If you went to find Violet)

! Loner: You escaped. You survived. (If you didn't go to find Violet and didn't befriend Chord)

Choice 17

Night-Mother: You are well?

  • "I'm all right. Thank you."
  • "What was that place?" (No effect)
  • "You said it would be safe!" / "Violet and I could've died!"

Choice 18 (If you escaped with Chord)

Night-Mother: And you, MC? This... woman was an ally to you?

  • "We helped each other." (No effect)
  • "She deserves her freedom."
  • "She almost let me die."

Choice 18 (if Violet is with you)

Violet: But I didn't need you. I didn't need it to be we.

  • "But it was, and I'm glad." (No effect)
  • "Then I won't help you again."
  • "You owe me."

Choice 19 (if Violet is with you)

Violet: Thanks.

  • "Anytime." (No effect)
  • "What happens now?"
  • Kiss her forehead. (No effect)

Choice 20

Prompt: It's all hazy, though, and the days blur together. As if you're still dizzy from the climb, or as if you left a part of yourself down below.

  • Try to return to your duties. (No effect)
  • Seek answers about what happened. (No effect)
  • Allow yourself to recover. (No effect)

Choice 21

Night-Mother: I am proud to share a guild with you.

  • "Thank you." (No effect)
  • "And now... what?" (No effect)
  • "No one should go through that."

Choice 22 (If you picked the Diamond option in Choice 3)

Prompt: "Bind them. Cage them forever. But never kill."

  • "Why did they declare that?" (No effect)
  • "How am I seeing this?"
  • Shake off the strange vision.

! Cager: You were initiated into the guild.

Choice 23

Night-Mother: There's no oath of loyalty. Nothing more than myths. You needn't believe a word of it.

  • "I will be loyal, though."
  • "What did you just read?" (No effect)
  • "You're awfully irreverent." (No effect)

Choice 24

Night-Mother: Do you know why I sought you out? Why I sent Haunt looking for the Garden's lost children?

  • "Don't play games. Tell me." (No effect)
  • "You pitied us."
  • "You wanted something." (No effect)

Choice 25

Night-Mother: What would you do, MC? What justice would you call for, if you could?

  • "The Garden should be freed." (No effect)
  • "The Caretakers should be punished." (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Choice 26

Prompt: Will you join us?

  • "Yes. I'll fight to take the Garden." (No effect)
  • "How long have you planned this?" (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)
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