If you haven't read/caught up or completed the show you are reading the walkthrough about, please be aware of spoilers.

The Edge of Extinction walkthrough exists to help others make the right choices for their game. Choices you make lead to different paths and ! achievements leading to several different outcomes. This walkthrough is incomplete as some choices have not yet been explored. If you have anything to contribute to it, please do so.

Note: If it says "No effect" after an option, it means that this option does not trigger an immediate achievement. If it triggers a different path, the "No effect" can be replaced with "Path A/B/C".

If there is no info after an option, it means that that option has not yet been explored.

This show uses the relationship system similar to The X Files one. Which means that depending on your actions, choices, and relationship status, characters will react differently to your presence.

NOTE: Before you start this show, you should know that your character might die in the first minutes of the game. EVERY CHOICE MATTERS! Pick carefully.

Setup Choices

Choice 1

  • Choose this appearance (Female)
  • Choose this appearance (Male)

Choice 2

Pick your gear:

  • Choose the Survivalist Gear. (12💎) (Has major effects on choices and story later)
  • Choose the Basic Gear.

Some of the following choices will affect your character's personality.

Episode 1: Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: Suddenly your reverie is broken by a loud snap as the binding on one of your skis pops free, sending you hurtling forward into the powder.

  • Shout out a curse! (No effect)
  • Laugh it off. (No effect)
  • React with stoic silence. (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: Gazing up at the glory of the northern lights makes you feel...

  • ...hopeful. (No effect)
  • ...humble and melancholy. (No effect)
  • ...bitter and defiant. (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: Ignoring your growling stomach—you ran out of food two days ago—you swap the broken binding on your ski with a spare from your pack. Your last one.

  • Crack a joke. (No effect)
  • Say a quick prayer. (No effect)
  • Double-check the binding. (No effect)

Choice 4

Prompt: You narrowly avoided a similar fate yourself. Luckily, in your fevered state you stayed inside your cabin... though you have little memory of that time.

  • Respectfully cover his remains.
    • ❕You helped the dead find rest
  • Ignore the body.
    • ❕You have no use for the dead
  • Scavenge anything useful.
    • ❕You make use of every resource

Choice 5

Prompt: Usually the only things you discover are the abandoned bodies of the owners, a grisly sight you've already seen far too often.

  • Go inside the first cabin. (Choice 6 [Go inside])
  • Scout the exterior. (Choice 6 [Scout])
  • Head for the town center. (Choice 8)

Choice 6 (Go inside)

Prompt: You still haven’t come across the bodies of whoever lived here. But there is a hall leading from the kitchen to the rear of the house, presumably to the bedrooms.

  • Investigate the bedrooms (Choice 7 [Go inside])
  • Let the dead rest in peace (Choice 8)

Choice 7 (Go inside)

Prompt: The apocalypse came quickly. Millions were far from their loved once when they fell ill, and died alone or surrounded only by strangers.

  • Cover the family with blankets. (Choice 8)
  • Head for the town center. (Choice 8)

Choice 6 (Scout)

Prompt: You exit the vehicle and notice a nearby shed. But the winter days are short, and the light is already fading.

  • Explore the shed. (Choice 7 [Scout])
  • Head for the town center. (Choice 8)

Choice 7 (Scout)

Prompt: Seeing him there, dead by his own hand, makes you feel...

  • ...pity. (No effect)
  • ...contempt. (No effect)
  • ...nothing. (No effect)

Choice 8

Prompt: Another gust of wind reminds you of the coming blizzard. Once it hits, the tracks will be lost. But if you don't find shelter, you could freeze to death in minutes.

  • Follow the small tracks. (You have perished)
  • Follow the larger tracks (You have perished)
  • Head to the town hall. (Choice 9)

Choice 9

Prompt: As you revel in the warmth, you hear the blizzard still raging outside. Knowing you're trapped here for the night, you decide to explore your surroundings and look for...

  • Signs of other survivors. (No effect)
  • Food. (No effect)
  • Something to barricade the door. (No effect)

Choice 10

Prompt: Below that is a list of names: "Grace," "David," "Dag," "Hilde," "Marco," and a date: "23-01-25." Just a few weeks ago.

  • Decipher the note. (No effect)
  • Keep searching the office. (No effect)

Choice 11

Prompt: As you leave the town hall, you feel...

  • ...hopeful. (No effect)
  • ...frustrated. (No effect)
  • ...focused. (No effect)

Choice 12

Prompt: The bear's gaze is riveted on you as it tries to determine if you're something it can eat. It snorts and snuffles loudly, then lets loose with a low, rumbling growl.

  • Run! (Choice 14)
  • Freeze in place. (Choice 13)
  • Fire the pistol to scare it (Choice 14)

Choice 13

Prompt: You remain frozen, hoping it will ignore you. But the near rears up on its hind legs and lets out a wailing, desperate moan, then drops down on all fours and charges!

  • Run! (No effect)
  • Stay your ground. (You have perished)
  • Fire the pistol to scare it. (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: The great beast shakes itself desperately from side to side, and the husky is thrown off. It lands on its feet in the snow, snapping and barking at the bear.

  • Shoot the bear.
    • ❕You went from Hunted to Hunter
  • Fire your pistol in the air.
    • ❕You outwitted the brown bear
  • Command the dog to attack
    • ❕Together, you drove the brown bear away

Choice 15

Prompt: It sits down in the snow, then cocks its head to one side and stares expectantly.

  • Call the dog over (No effect)
  • Approach the dog. (No effect)
  • Do nothing. (No effect)

Choice 16

Prompt: She heads around to the back of the house. Apart from the dog’s own tracks in the new-fallen snow, you don’t see any signs of life.

  • Search the home. (Choice 17 - You learn the dog's name is Skadi)
  • Follow the dog. (Choice 18)

Choice 17

Prompt: You check the best before dates, confirming what you suspected: Everything was packaged after the toxins contaminated the food supply.

  • Check the bedrooms. (No effect)
  • Go back outside. (No effect)

Choice 18

Prompt: If it's accurate, the jerky—and possibly everything in the cellar—has been here for almost eighteen months. Since well before the world's food supply became infected.

  • Leave it alone. (You have perished)
  • Eat some jerky.
    • ❕You made your first new friend...
  • Test it on the dog. (No effect)

Choice 19 (Learned the Name)

Prompt: The dog doesn’t seem to react, and you realize it’s probably been weeks—if not months—since anyone called her that name.

  • Give her a new name. (Choice 20)
  • Keep calling her Skadi. (Choice 21)

Choice 20

Prompt: Your dog's name is...

  • This is a fill-in-the-blank choice.

Choice 21

Note: Second prompt replaces the first if you choose to train the dog.

Prompt: You wake the next morning, feeling better than you have in days. Skadi perks up when you greet her.

Prompt: You give her another jerky treat and scratch her behind the ears, pondering your next move.

  • Teach Skadi to obey commands. (💎18)
    • ❕You cemented your bond with Skadi
  • Explore the rest of the town. (Choice 21)
  • Head for Tormstad. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: Running full speed, the husky leaps up and slams you square in the chest, knocking you over. Landing on top of you, she begins licking your face, whining with excitement.

  • Wrestle with the dog. (No effect)
  • Yell at her.
  • Swat her nose. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Prompt: You point at the floor as you give the command. Skadi barks and spins in a circle, eager to please but completely missing the intent of your command.

  • Guide her hindquarters. (No effect)
  • Sit down to show her.
  • Give the command in Finnish. (No effect)

Return to Choice 21.

Choice 22

Prompt: Eventually you realize that it's time to move on.

  • Leave fish out for the bear. (No effect)
  • Just depart from the village. (No effect)

Episode 2: Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: Now that you've finally reached your destination, you feel...

  • ...a cautious optimism. (No effect)
  • ...a looming sense of dread. (No effect)
  • ...a strange emptiness. (No effect)

Choice 2

Prompt: You're torn between the urge to help and the certainty that running in a random direction would be a foolish and reckless plan.

  • Focus. Study the clues. Find the shooter. (💎20)
    • ❕You showed nerves of steel
  • Wait by the sled for the owner. (Choice 3 [Wait])
  • Hide to spy on the sled owner. (Choice 3 [Hide])

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: Instead, the wolves break into a snarling howling chorus, gathering courage as they ready themselves to attack their cornered prey.

  • Fire at the wolves.
  • Sic Skadi on the pack.
  • Distract the pack with food.

Diamond Choice 2

Prompt: With the pack successfully distracted, you shout at the people:

  • “Let’s get out of here!”
  • ”Quick—finish them off!”
    • ❕Your relationship with Anna and Pavel have improved

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: She also sounds Russian, though her accent isn’t as thick as her partner’s.

  • “Happy to do it.” (Choice 4 [Wait])
    • ❕Your relationship with Anna and Pavel have improved
  • ”You should be more careful.”
  • “You didn’t need me.”

Choice 3 (Wait)

Prompt: You nod a reply to her question. The woman has a strong Russian accent.

  • Ask about the gunshots. (No effect)
  • Ask about her accent. (No effect)
  • Introduce yourself. (No effect)

Choice 4 (Wait)

Anna: Don’t worry—they’re good people. We all are.

  • "This feels like a miracle." (No effect)
  • "Let's go meet them." (No effect)
  • "I find that hard to believe." (No effect)

Choice 5 (Wait)

Anna: You're being ridiculous, David! Grace wouldn't want you to leave us out here in the cold.

  • "He's just being cautious." (No effect)
  • "Get Grace out here." (No effect)
  • "You better step aside." (No effect)
    • ❕ You are not alone.

Choice 3 (Hide)

Prompt: His English has a thick accent you can't quite place; it might be Middle Eastern. He takes a step forward and repeats his question, his voice rising slightly.

  • "I don't mean any harm." (Choice 5 [Hide])
  • Order Skadi to attack. (You have perished)
  • "Don't threaten me." (Choice 4 [Hide]
    • ❕Your relationship with David has suffered

Choice 4 (Hide)

Man: Why don’t we all start over? Pretend like this whole incident never happened? “Sorry. I acted on instinct.” ”Fair enough.” ”He started it.” (No effect)

Choice 5 (Hide)

Joseph: Listen... we don't have to do this in the cold. Pavel, Anna, and David can unload the sled while we go inside and I introduce you to the others.

  • "Let me help with the sled." (No effect)
  • "Sounds good." (No effect)
  • "Just don't try anything." (No effect)
    • ❕You are not alone

Choice 6

Grace: We built this together. Everyone contributes in some way. Everyone is useful. Everyone serves a purpose. It's how we survive.

  • "But you're in charge." (No effect)
  • "It sounds amazing." (No effect)
  • "I'll earn my keep." (No effect)

Choice 7

Joseph: She was stationed at the NATO base in Stavanger before...well, before all of this happened.

  • "I don't think she likes me." (Choice 8)
  • "What's your story?" (Choice 9)
  • "Let's meet the others." (Choice 10)

Choice 8

Joseph: Come on—let me introduce you to the rest of the group.

  • “Tell me about yourself first.” (Choice 9?)
  • ”I’d like that.”
  • ”Does this happen often?”

Choice 9

Joseph: I wandered around for about a week, starving and desperate, before I stumbled across Grace.

  • "Was it just you two at first?" (No effect)
  • "You didn't continue your work?" (No effect)
  • "What about the others?" (No effect)

Choice 10

Joseph: He says he's glad you came, but he's disappointed you didn't get the message to bring cigarettes. We haven't been able to find his brand lately.

  • "He shouldn't smoke." (No effect)
  • "I'll keep my eyes open." (No effect)
  • "I was focused on survival." (No effect)

Choice 11

Joseph: She says to please excuse her. She's tired and she needs to lie down.

  • "Did I offend her?" (No effect)
  • "She's pregnant? That's... rough." (No effect)
  • "Not one for chitchat, then." (No effect)

Choice 12

Joseph: Not that she would take antidepressants anyway; she wouldn't want to risk harming the baby.

  • "If there's anything I can do..." (No effect)
  • "Someone should watch her." (No effect)
  • "You make it sound bleak." (No effect)

Choice 13

Joseph: Louis doesn't speak much English. But he's an excellent musician. Whenever we're feeling down, he plays his guitar to lift our spirits.

  • "I'd love to hear him now." (Choice 14)
  • "You're lucky to have him." (Choice 15)
  • "Maybe later. I'm tired." (Choice 15)

Choice 14

Prompt: When the song ends, there’s a smattering of applause and laughter from the group. Louis welcomes it all with a series of exaggerated bows.

  • “Does he give lessons?” (No effect)
  • ”Thank you.” (No effect)
  • ”The world is too silent now.”

Choice 15

Joseph: It's been a while since someone new showed up. It reminds us that there are still people out there somewhere. It gives us hope for the future.

  • "Sometimes that's all we have." (No effect)
  • "I'm no one's best hope." (No effect)
  • "I'm happy to be here." (No effect)

Choice 16

Joseph: Hello? MC? Are you awake?

  • "Is everything okay?" (No effect)
  • "I am now." (No effect)
  • "Let me sleep." (No effect)

Choice 17

Joseph: Sorry we don't have anything fancier. In a perfect world, we'd throw a banquet in honor of your arrival. But we make do with what we've got.

  • "This is perfect." (No effect)
  • "At least it's not jerky." (No effect)
  • "This isn't what I ordered." (No effect)

Choice 18

Joseph: Uh... I have a spoon here if you want it.

  • "Gee, thanks for telling me." (No effect)
  • "I've been alone too long." (No effect)
  • "Spoons are for the weak." (No effect)

Choice 19

Joseph: How much do you know about what happened?

  • "Just the basics." (No effect)
  • "I know it was bad." (No effect)
  • "Less than you, I bet." (No effect)

Choice 20

Joseph: Wheat, corn, and rice were contaminated. Every fruit and vegetable, in every country around the world.

  • "Nobody noticed?" (No effect)
  • "Sounds like biowarfare." (No effect)
  • Just listen to the story. (No effect)

Choice 21

Joseph: In just a month, thousands of years of human culture and achievement came crashing down.

  • "But it wasn't just humans." (No effect)
  • "Wasn't anyone immune?" (No effect)
  • "It was bound to happen." (No effect)

Choice 22

Joseph: I... I came close to the breaking point myself. Before I found this group, I thought about ending it all.

  • "I thought about it too." (No effect)
  • "I'm glad you didn't." (No effect)
  • "I'd never give up like that." (No effect)

Choice 23

Joseph: Which reminds me: Grace asked to speak with you. Alone.

  • "That sounds ominous." (No effect)
  • "Can you be there?" (No effect)
  • "I'll go see her now." (No effect)

Choice 24 (Wait)

Grace: I suppose you could say the same about me.

  • "You're just being careful." (No effect)
  • "You can trust me." (No effect)
  • "Is there a point here?" (No effect)

Choice 24 (Hide)

Grace: David is still upset that you were spying on us. I suppose I am as well.

  • "I'm sorry about that." (No effect)
  • "I was just being careful."
  • "I don't like being scolded."

Choice 25

Prompt: What skills did you have before the Collapse?

  • "Weapons and tactics. I'm a cop." (💎18)
  • "Medicine. I'm a doctor." (💎18)
    • ❕All those years in medical school were worth it
  • "I'm just a survivor."
    • ❕You’re a survivor, isn’t that enough?
  • "Nothing I can think of."
    • ❕You still need to prove yourself

Choice 26

Grace: You'll have some time to prove yourself. See if you fit in. And then we'll vote to decide if you can stay.

  • "Prove myself?" (No effect)
  • "You'd really cast me out?" (No effect)
  • "The choice works both ways." (No effect)

Episode 3: Choices

Choice 1

Joseph: How did your meeting with Grace go?

  • "Very enlightening." (No effect)
  • "Like I expected." (No effect)
  • "Not great." (No effect)

Choice 2

Joseph: She wants to make you uncomfortable. See if you can keep your anger in check, or if you fly off the handle when someone pushes your buttons.

  • "I'm not like that." (No effect)
  • "Seems unnecessary." (No effect)
  • "She better not push too far." (No effect)

Choice 3

Prompt: You're not sure if you're up for it so soon after your long trek to reach Tromstad.

  • "Let's go skijoring!" (💎20)
    • ❕You and Skadi decided to skijor with Joseph
  • "I'd rather rest." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt: With her paws scratching and clawing at the frozen ground, she pulls you forward...slowly at first, but you quickly gain speed.

  • Urge her on.
  • Let her go.
  • Rein her in.

Diamond Choice 2

Joseph: Are you okay? Is anything broken?

  • “Relax, I’m fine.”
  • ”Maybe I should take it slow.”
  • ”That was awesome!”

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: You look around and realize daylight is fading. Skadi barks once and looks at you expectantly.

  • Drive back to the church.
  • Ski normally back to the church.
  • Keep going through the night.

Diamond Choice 4

Joseph: Welcome back. I was starting to wonder if we’d have to send out a search party.

  • “Sorry to make you worry.”
  • ”Skijoring is amazing!”
  • “I can look after myself.”

Choice 4

Prompt: Realizing she's been noticed, the young woman takes a few hesitant steps forward, her gaze going from you to Skadi and back again.

  • "Is everything okay?" (No effect)
  • "Skadi won't bite." (No effect)
  • "I'm kind of busy here." (No effect)

Choice 5

Prompt: As Mari strokes her soft fur, Skadi snuggles up close, pressing herself tight against the young woman. Mari laughs in surprise.

  • "Want to see her do a trick?"
  • “You can give her a treat.”
    • ❕Your relationship with Mari has improved
    • ❕Your relationship with Joseph has improved
  • "She likes you."
  • ❕Your relationship with Joseph has improved
  • "Okay, that's enough." (No effect)

The first prompt replaces the second, if you trained Skadi to do tricks.

Choice 6

Joseph: I guess that I am a bit overprotective. I hate to admit that. Being a father figure makes me feel ancient.

  • "How about a big brother?" (Choice 7)
  • "The others do look up to you." (Choice 7)
  • "Did you need something?" (Choice 8)

Choice 7

Joseph: If I want someone to make fun of my age, I can go hang out with Louis.

Joseph: So you're saying Grace is the overly strict mother, and I'm the easygoing father? Great. That doesn't make me feel old at all.

  • "You should lean into it." (No effect)
  • "I like older guys." (No effect)
  • "I still think you look good." (No effect)
  • "You'll get over it." (No effect)

You get different prompts, depending on what you answered in Choice 6.

You either get option two or three depending on the gender of the MC.

Choice 8

Joseph: Hopefully we can find a pharmacy we haven't already picked clean.

  • "I'm glad you're coming." (No effect)
  • "I'll be ready." (No effect)
  • "Sounds like an audition." (No effect)

Choice 9

Joseph: We're going to have to turn back soon if we want to get home before sunset.

  • "I agree." (No effect)
  • "I'm not afraid of the dark." (No effect)
  • "Maybe we should split up." (No effect)

Choice 10

You get the first prompt if you agreed, the second if you’re not afraid of the dark and the third if you suggest you split up.

Grace: I’ve been watching the sun. We still have some time. Let’s keep searching.

Grace: None of the supplies we need are critical. And exploring in the dark is foolish and reckless. It's not going to happen.

Grace: No. We stay together. There's a reason we don't send people out alone. It's too dangerous.

  • “Are you giving orders?” (Choice 11)
  • “It’s your call, Grace.” (Choice 12)
  • ”Are you testing me?” (Choice 12)
  • "You're being too cautious." (Choice 12)
  • "I survived alone for weeks." (Choice 12)

Depending on your previous answer, you either get option, three, four or five as the third option in the list.

Choice 11

Joseph: Come on. Quit acting like children. We’re supposed to be a team.

  • “Sorry. I overreacted.” (Choice 12)
  • “Tell her that!”
    • ❕Your relationship with Joseph has suffered

Choice 12

Prompt: The polar bear is still crouched down, lying in ambush. But you estimate it's roughly twice the size of the grizzly you and Skadi faced before.

  • "Any ideas?" (No effect)
  • "Let's get out of here." (No effect)
  • "We have it outnumbered." (No effect)

Choice 13

Prompt: The bear snorts and growls, rising on its hind legs to its full ten-foot height. Then it drops onto all fours and charges toward your two helpless companions.

  • Be a hero. Attack the bear. (💎18)
  • Protect Grace.
    • ❕You saved Grace, but Joseph paid the cost
  • Protect Joseph.
    • ❕You saved Joseph, but Grace paid the cost

Diamond Choice 5

Prompt: The bear slams into you, knocking the wind from your chest and pinning you beneath its bulk. The pistol slips from your hand as you struggle to breathe.

  • Grab for your gun.
  • Call for Skadi to help. (No effect)
  • Gouge the bear's eye. (No effect)
    • ❕You slew the polar bear and saved your companions

Diamond Choice 6

Prompt: Your aim is perfect. The bullet pierces the bear's skull, dropping the beast in its tracks.

  • Check on Grace and Joseph. (No effect)
  • Check on Skadi. (No effect)
  • Make sure the bear is dead. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Joseph: What... what happened? Did you...did you just kill a polar bear single-handed?

  • "I had to protect you." (No effect)
  • "Skadi helped." (No effect)
  • "Not my first bear."

Diamond Choice 8

Joseph: I think... I think I'm still in shock. I... I don't know what to say.

  • "You'd have done the same." (No effect)
  • "How about thank you?" (No effect)
  • "We should head back."
    • ❕Your relationships with Grace and Joseph have improved
    • ❕Your relationship with David has improved

Diamond Choice 9

David: Thank you. I... I don't know what else to say. If we lost Grace—or Joseph—I... I don't know what we would have done.

  • "I got lucky." (No effect)
  • "You'd keep going." (No effect)
  • "So I finally impressed you." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 10

Prompt: As she gets up to greet you, the rest of the group—led by Louis—jump to their feet and give you a standing ovation.

  • "I'm honored." (No effect)
  • "I could get used to this." (No effect)
  • "This has to stop."

Choice 14 (Protect Grace/Joseph)

You get different prompts, depending on whether you saved Grace or Joseph.

Prompt: It slumps over on its side, motionless. Its fur and the surrounding snow are stained with blood—the bear’s and Grace’s.

Prompt: It slumps over on its side, motionless. Its fur and the surrounding snow are stained with blood—the bear’s and Joseph’s.

  • Help Grace. (No effect)
  • Help Joseph. (No effect)
  • Make sure the bear is dead. (No effect)

Choice 15 (Grace/Joseph)

You get different prompts, depending on whether you saved Grace or Joseph.

Grace: Cuts, scrapes, and bruises mostly. That bear roughed me up a bit, but I’m doing better than Joseph. Thanks to you.

Joseph: Cuts, scrapes, and bruises mostly. That bear roughed me up a bit, but I’m doing better than Grace. Thanks to you.

  • “You’d have done the same.”
  • ”The group needs you.” (No effect)
  • ”Let’s get Grace home. (Choice 16 [Grace])
  • “Let’s get Joseph home.” (Choice 16 [Joseph])

The third option appears if you saved Grace and the forth option if you saved Joseph.

Choice 16 (Grace)

David: Thank you. I... I don't know what else to say. If we lost Grace—or Joseph—I... I don't know what we would have done.

  • "I got lucky." (No effect)
  • "You'd keep going."
  • "So I finally impressed you."

Choice 16 (Joseph)

David: How the hell did you let this happen?

  • “I had to make a choice.”
  • “Nobody could stop this.” (No effect)
  • ”Hey—I saved her life!”

Choice 17 (Grace)

Louis: Merci. Thank you. Joseph… will alive. Thank you.

  • “No thanks necessary.”
  • ”I wish I could have done more.” (No effect)
  • ”Can I see him?”

Choice 17 (Joseph)

Joseph: Louis says you’re a true hero. He wants to compose a song celebrating what you did.

  • “I’m honored.”
  • ”David wouldn’t approve.” (No effect)
  • ”Please don’t.”

Choice 18 (Grace)

Prompt: You follow Grace to the front of the church, where everyone has gathered in the pews. Joseph is sitting beside Louis, his arm in a sling.

  • “You should be resting.” (Choice 19 [Grace/Joseph])
  • “Good to see you up again.”
  • “That looks painful.”

Choice 18 (Joseph)

Prompt: The left side of her face is scarred and scabbed, and a thick patch covers her eye. She rises as you approach, and Joseph takes a seat next to Louis.

  • “You should be resting, Grace.” (Choice 19 [Grace/Joseph])
  • “Good to see you up again.”
  • ”That looks painful.”

Choice 19 (Grace/Joseph)

You get different prompts, depending on whether you saved Grace or Joseph.

Prompt: You realize he doesn’t remember the details of what happened. Joseph has no idea you chose to save Grace first instead of him.

Prompt: You realize she doesn’t remember the details of what happened. Grace has no idea you chose to save Joseph first instead of her.

  • Tell him the truth.
    • ❕Your relationship with Joseph has suffered
  • Tell her the truth.
    • ❕Your relationship with Grace has suffered
  • Accept her thanks. (No effect)
  • Accept his thanks. (No effect)

The third option appears if you saved Grace and the forth option if you saved Joseph.

Choice 20

Grace: MC, do you have anything to say on your own behalf?

  • "I think I've proved myself." (No effect)
  • "This group is special." (No effect)
  • "Joseph said it all." (No effect)
    • Tromstad, population: you

Choice 21

Anna: Isn't this wine wonderful? Hilde has really outdone herself.

  • "It's very good." (No effect)
  • "You're in a festive mood." (No effect)
  • "Pavel? You're not drinking?" (No effect)

Choice 22

Pavel: I just don't see the point in getting falling-down drunk.

  • "I agree." (No effect)
  • "I don't see the harm." (No effect)
  • "I earned this today." (No effect)

Choice 23

Prompt: Those who remain continue to laugh and drink and sing along with Louis's guitar long into the night.

  • Stay until the party ends. (No effect)
  • Turn in early. (No effect)

Episode 4: Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: Watching them work at their mundane, day-to-day tasks, you realize you feel...

  • if you belong here. (No effect)
  • an outsider. (No effect)
  • ...a sense of foreboding. (No effect)

Choice 2

Anna: Keeping us all safe from the imaginary dangers of an empty world?

  • "It does feel a bit pointless."
  • "Just doing my part." (No effect)
  • "The dangers are real." (No effect)

Choice 3

Anna: I must apologize for the party. I know Pavel and I made you uncomfortable by arguing in front of you.

  • "Not a big deal." (No effect)
  • "I've seen worse." (No effect)
  • "It was a little tense." (No effect)

Choice 4

Anna: He believes it is a sign. He thinks our survival is proof of God's existence...and his plans for us.

  • "That's not so unusual." (No effect)
  • "Maybe he has a point." (No effect)
  • "That's a logical fallacy." (No effect)

Choice 5

Anna: Pavel believes we have been chosen as the next Adam and Eve. He actually thinks God wants us to repopulate the Earth.

  • "What? That's not possible." (No effect)
  • "He sounds crazy." (No effect)
  • "Could he be right?"

Choice 6

Anna: Pavel competed himself a few years ago, though he didn't win a medal. Afterward he became a coach—it's how we met.

  • "And now you're here." (No effect)
  • "Tell me about the sport?" (No effect)
  • "Was he jealous of your skill?" (No effect)

Choice 7

Anna: Maybe that's why he's so fixated on a child. Maybe he thinks a shared purpose will bring us closer together again.

  • "You don't agree?" (No effect)
  • "That's a terrible idea." (No effect)
  • Somebody has to do it." (No effect)

Choice 8

Anna: I came here to apologize for the drama last night, and instead I dump all my problems on you.

  • "I'm glad you told me."
    • Your relationship with Anna has improved
  • "You should leave him." (No effect)
  • "This has been awkward."

Choice 9

Anna: You're welcome to join me. If you're not too tired from standing watch. Or frozen stiff from cold.

  • "I'd love to ski with an Olympian." (💎16)
    • You hit the midnight slopes with Anna.
  • "I'll just go to bed."

Diamond Choice 1

Anna: Sorry. I'll slow down a bit.

  • "Thanks."
  • "Don't. I'll keep up." (No effect)
  • "Why? You tired already?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Anna: MC—I'm impressed!

  • Conserve your breath. (No effect)
  • "It's not my first time."
  • "Is that all you got?"

Diamond Choice 3

Anna: If you're about to pass out, let me know. I'm trained in CPR.

  • "CPR from you might be fun." (No effect)
  • "That was humbling."
  • "At least I made you earn it." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Anna: I needed this. To blow off steam. And I'm glad you came with me.

  • "I'm here for you." (No effect)
  • "Next time I'll do better."
  • "Thanks for inviting me."

Your relationship with Anna has improved.

Choice 10

Prompt: Bleary eyed, you wander over. Neither man notices your approach, their attention focused intently on the pieces spread out around them on the floor.

  • "Can I help?" (No effect)
  • "What are you doing?" (No effect)
  • "Keep the noise down, huh?"

Choice 11

You get the first prompt if you asked to help and the second if you asked what they are doing?

Joseph: Ah. Bad luck for us, then. Looks like the reservoir is damaged.

Joseph: Louis said he'd teach me how to play, but it isn't working. Looks like the reservoir is damaged.

  • "What's a reservoir?" (No effect)
  • "Can you fix it?" (No effect)
  • "It's just an organ." (No effect)

Choice 12 (if?)

Joseph: But if the reservoir is damaged, then nothing of it works.

  • "What's wrong with it?"
  • "I'm sorry to hear that."
  • "We have bigger concerns."

Choice 13 (Grace wounded)

Grace: Damn patch messes up my depth perception. Feel like I'm going to jam that spoon into my one good eye if I'm not careful.

  • "It will get easier."
  • "You need to eat." (No effect)
  • "At least it's not a knife."

Choice 14

Grace: We needed somewhere we could recover from the horrors of the Collapse. We needed stability. We found comfort in our routines and roles.

  • "That makes sense." (No effect)
  • "Is that enough?" (No effect)
  • "This isn't sustainable." (No effect)

Choice 15

Grace: David speaks both English and French. He can coordinate between the three of you.

  • "Sounds good." (No effect)
  • "So David's in charge?"
  • "When do we leave?" (No effect)

Choice 16

David: That storm is coming fast.

  • "So what's the plan?" (No effect)
  • "We have to abandon the sled." (No effect)
  • "We need to find shelter." (No effect)

Choice 17

David: This is hopeless. We'll never find him. We have to turn back.

  • "We can find him!" (No effect)
  • "Then I'll search alone." (No effect)
  • "You're right."

Choice 18

David: He's not here. We'll die if we keep searching. We have to get back to the church!

  • "You're right."
    • You had to abandon Louis in the blizzard
  • "I won't abandon Louis!" (You have perished)
  • "My gear can survive this" (Diamond Choice 5)
  • "This is your fault!"

If you bought the Survivalist Gear in Episode 1, Option 3 will replace Option 2.

Diamond Choice 5

Prompt: His eyes are closed and his breathing is shallow. When you call out his name, he doesn't react. You pull him from the sled.

  • "Hold on. You can make it."
  • Try to wake him up.
  • "Don't you dare die on me!"

You couldn't save him, but you brought Louis home.

Choice 19

Anna: Good morning. Good afternoon, actually. You've been asleep since you got back yesterday. How are you feeling?

  • "I've been better." (No effect)
  • "What are you doing here?" (No effect)
  • "How is David doing?" (No effect)

Choice 20

Anna: He...he didn't make it. Marco and Sophia went out after the blizzard passed and found his body buried in the snow.

  • "I'm sorry we left him." (No effect)
  • "We didn't have a choice."
  • "That's a bad way to go." (No effect)

Choice 21

Pavel: A young man is dead. I'd say that's very wrong.

  • "It's a tragedy." (No effect)
  • "Are you blaming me?" (No effect)
  • "I don't like your tone."

Choice 22

Pavel: All accidents. But all had one thing in common. You. The newcomer.

  • "You think I'm cursed?" (No effect)
  • "This is about you and Anna."
  • "The world is dangerous." (No effect)

Choice 23

Joseph: It's good to see you up and about, MC. I was worried about you.

  • "My condolences about Louis." (No effect)
  • "I appreciate that." (No effect)
  • "What did Grace want?"

Choice 24

Joseph: But Louis...for some reason this is different. I'm not numb at all. It just feels like a knife in my stomach, slowly twisting.

  • "He was special." (No effect)
  • "Were you two a couple?" (No effect)
  • "Life is a struggle."

Choice 25

You get the first prompt if you said Louis was special and the second if you asked if they were a couple?

Joseph: I don't want to make him into some kind of symbolic figure. He was just a person. But I loved him. And now he's gone.

  • "I'm so sorry for your loss."
  • "Stay strong. Keep fighting."
  • Hug him.
    • Your relationship with Joseph has improved
    • You comforted Joseph

Choice 26

Joseph: Going to the museum to find another reservoir was just a silly dream Louis and I had. One of those things you always talk about but never do.

  • "Let's go to the museum." (💎19)
  • "I'll help you clean this up."
    • Your relationship with Joseph has improved
  • "I should go."

Diamond Choice 6

Joseph: She wouldn't let us put ourselves at risk for sentimental reasons.

  • "It's not up to Grace." (No effect)
  • Louis deserves this."
  • "It will give us all closure." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Joseph: She even asked if I wanted anyone else to come along. But I said we could do this on our own.

  • "I agree." (No effect, Joseph appears relieved)
  • "Extra hands wouldn't hurt."
  • "I thought she'd object more."

Diamond Choice 8

Joseph: Not like me. I was always focused on what was wrong with the world. Whenever I saw something broken, I'd try to fix it.

  • "I'm the same way." (Diamond Choice 9)
  • "That's not a bad thing." (Diamond Choice 9)
  • "Some things can't be fixed."

Diamond Choice 9

Joseph: But that kind of feeling can be addictive. It's easy to take it too far. You can become obsessive. Arrogant. Full of hubris.

  • "Pride goes before a fall."
  • "That doesn't sound like you." (No effect)
  • "The meek don't make history."

Diamond Choice 10

Prompt: The exterior is still standing, but its formerly white walls are scorched almost completely black.

  • "Looks dangerous." (No effect)
  • "Nothing survived that fire."
  • "Let's go inside." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 11

Joseph: I hate coming all this way for nothing. And I want to honor Louis's memory. But I don't want us to get killed either.

  • "I'm not giving up." (No effect)
  • "It's up to you."
  • "We have honored him."

Your relationship with Joseph has improved

Diamond Choice 12

Joseph: Thank you, MC. I realize you didn't know Louis very long, but this would have meant a lot to him. And it means a lot to me.

  • "Glad I could help."
  • "Thank you for bringing me." (No effect)
  • "I'm going to miss him." (No effect)

Choice 27

David: How's Joseph doing?

  • "He'll be okay. Eventually." (No effect)
  • "You should go see him." (No effect)
  • "Not great."

Choice 28

David: It's my fault he got lost. It's my fault he died out there.

  • "It's nobody's fault." (No effect)
  • "We're both to blame." (No effect)
  • "It was your fault."

Choice 29

David: But I think the truth is something else. I think...I think I'm just a coward.

  • "You're not a coward."
    • Your relationship with David has improved
  • "Enough with the self-pity."
  • "Maybe you're right."

Choice 30

David: I keep going back to what happened. Wishing I could change things.

  • "I know the feeling." (No effect)
  • "The group still needs you."
  • "You can't." (No effect)

Choice 31

Prompt: As the others file into the church pews, you find yourself standing beside Joseph. He smiles politely, but his nervousness is obvious.

  • "Are you okay?" (No effect)
  • "What's this meeting about?" (No effect)
  • "You've been keeping secrets."

Choice 32

Joseph: I know things have been hard on everyone the past few days. But Grace has a plan to fix it.

  • "Okay, I won't push you." (No effect)
  • "Sounds like you have doubts." (No effect)
  • "Don't blow me off." (No effect)

Choice 33

Pavel: You and Joseph decided this? I thought we made decisions as a group.

  • "Pavel's right." (Choice 34 [Pavel])
  • "Grace is right."
  • Stay silent. (No effect)

Choice 34 (Pavel)

Grace: If we keep going the way we are, eventually we'll run out of food. Then what? Slowly starve together?

  • "Sorry. You're right."
  • "What's your plan?" (No effect)
  • "You just figured that out?"

Episode 5 Choices

Choice 1

Pavel: You say that like we're supposed to know what you're talking about. I've never even heard of this seed vault.

  • "Neither have I." (No effect)
  • "Calm down, Pavel."
  • "I've heard of it." (No effect)

Choice 2

Grace: The hope was that if a specific crop ever went extinct—from drought or disease or war—the seeds in the vault could be used to regrow and replenish it.

  • "Are the seeds still there?" (No effect)
  • "What are we waiting for?" (No effect)
  • "But the crops aren't extinct." (No effect)

Choice 3

Grace: Spitsbergen island is a thousand kilometers away, across one of the roughest and most dangerous stretches of ocean in the world.

  • "Why not mention this idea earlier?"
    • You challenged Grace's communication skills
  • "We're all used to danger."
    • You vouched for the group’s toughness
  • "We'll never make it."

Choice 4

Joseph: That's why getting to the seed vault is so important. It gives me a chance—us a chance—to fix this.

  • "It's worth the risk." (No effect)
  • "What does everyone think?" (No effect)
  • "Better to stay here. This is a fool's hope."

Choice 5

Grace: It's time for the vote. Think carefully before you cast your ballot. We all know what is at stake.

  • Vote yes. (No effect)
  • Vote no.

Choice 6

Grace: David isn't the easiest person to get along with. Fortunately, I think you've managed to win him over.

  • "I like David." (No effect)
  • "It wasn't easy."
  • "Good to know." (No effect)

Choice 7

Grace: Honestly, I think he's trying to impress me. I think... I think he has a bit of a crush on me.

  • "I noticed." (No effect)
  • "You don't feel the same way?" (No effect)
  • "Tell me that won't be a problem."

Choice 8

Grace: He's become a little overprotective. Even tried to talk me out of this mission. Said he was worried I wasn't ready to head back into the field yet.

  • "You seem ready to me." (No effect)
  • "Any chance he's right?"
  • "Why didn't he come with you?" (No effect)

Choice 9

Grace: This looks promising.

  • "Let's go on board." (No effect)
  • "I was hoping for a yacht."
  • "The name's in English?" (No effect)

Choice 10

Prompt: Grace instantly drops to one knee and brings her rifle up to her eye, scanning your surroundings intently.

  • "Relax Grace."
  • “What’s wrong?”
    • You trusted Grace's instincts
  • Draw your pistol.
    • You followed the leader

Choice 11

Grace: There’s something off about this place. It almost feels like we’re being watched.

  • "You’re just nervous.”
  • “Watched?” (No effect)
  • “This place is creepy.” (No effect)

Choice 12

David: Grace told me she felt like someone was watching you down at the docks.

  • “She was just nervous.” (No effect)
  • “Was it you?”
  • “I think I felt it too.” (No effect)

Choice 13

Joseph: By the next morning, I’d convinced myself Sophia was right. Now I’m not so sure.

  • “You imagined it.”
  • “That is a bit weird.” (No effect)
  • “I don’t think we’re alone.” (No effect)

Choice 14

Joseph: We haven’t said anything to Grace yet. We don't want to alarm her unnecessarily if it turns out to be nothing.

  • “She can handle this.” (No effect)
  • ”I agree.”
  • ”We need to investigate.” (No effect)

Choice 15

Joseph: I would have asked you to come, but you were out all day at the docks. You should stay here and rest.

  • “I'm not staying behind!” (💎20)
  • “Be careful.” (No effect)
  • “This is a bad idea.”

Diamond Choice 1

David: Okay, fine. Just be careful out there. We can't afford to have something go wrong.

  • "I'm always careful." (No effect)
  • "That's why you're not coming."
  • "Let's get moving."

Your relationship with David has improved

Diamond Choice 2

Joseph: I'm glad you're the one here with me. Hopefully there's no need for violence tonight. But if things go badly...

  • "Everything will be fine."
  • "I've got your back." (No effect)
  • "I'm expecting the worst."

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: A second later, you hear someone moving around frantically on the floor above you.

  • Charge into the building.
  • Pull your weapon and wait. (No effect)
  • Call out to anyone inside.

Diamond Choice 4

Joseph: There's an open window. Looks like whoever was here went down the fire escape.

  • "Let's search the room." (No effect)
  • "We should follow him." (No effect)
  • "Nice job tipping him off."

Diamond Choice 5

Joseph: I'm going to leave a note. Let him know we have food at the church. Invite him to come and meet us.

  • "Good idea." (No effect)
  • "You can't do that." (No effect)
  • "That's pointless."

You found someone out there

Choice 16 (Non-Diamond)

Prompt: It's getting close to the time when the others normally wake up when the door to the church opens and Joseph and David walk in.

  • “What a relief!” (No effect)
  • ”About time you got back.”
  • ”What did you find?” (No effect)

Choice 17 (Non-Diamond)

Joseph: We left a note in several languages inviting him to come to the cathedral. Not sure if it’ll do much good.

  • “We need to inform everyone.” (No effect)
  • ”So we weren’t paranoid.”
  • ”You shouldn’t have done that.”

Choice 18

Pavel: So that's it? We just wait around while some hermit stalks us? No! We need to find this person!

  • “Pavel’s right.” (No effect)
  • ”I disagree.” (No effect)
  • Stay silent. (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt: Joseph and David pass out ballots. After considering your options, you vote to...

  • patient and wait. (No effect) 
  • ...hunt the survivor down. (No effect)

Choice 20

Anna: Sorry. I guess I’m just nervous. Knowing that this... hermit... could be spying on us right now is a little unsettling.

  • “I’ve got your back.” (No effect)
  • ”I agree.” (No effect)
  • ”The hermit is not a threat.”

Choice 21

Anna: Things are getting worse between us. I even asked Grace not to send me on patrol with him anymore.

  • “If you need anything...”
    • Your relationship with Anna has improved.
  • ”Maybe you should end it.” (No effect)
  • ”Sorry to hear that.” (No effect)

Choice 22

Anna: And his obsession with having children is getting worse. He keeps thinking he can convince me, but I don't think I'll change my mind.

  • “Not even to save humanity?” (No effect)
  • ”Maybe Pavel is the problem.” (No effect)
  • ”Let's not get distracted, okay?”

Choice 23

Anna: But if I think about leaving him, I just imagine how hurt he’ll be. Despite everything that’s happened, I don't want to cause him that kind of pain.

  • “You deserve to be happy.” (No effect)
  • ”I hate seeing you suffer.”
  • "I can't tell you what to do.” (No effect)

Choice 24

Anna: I’m sorry MC. I don't know why I keep pouring my heart out to you. I guess I just have no one else to talk to.

  • “We all need a friend.” (No effect)
  • ”I'm a good listener.” (No effect)
  • ”Let's focus on the mission.”

Choice 25

Anna: I'm sorry. Did that sound weird? I'm a bit of a mess right now. I didn’t mean... actually, I'm not sure what I meant.

  • “I care about you. As a friend.” (No effect)
  • ”I have feelings for you.” (Choice [Feelings])
  • ”Let’s focus on the mission.”
    • Your relationship with Anna has suffered

Choice [Feelings]

Anna: I... I've never been with a woman. Even before Pavel it was only men./

  • "Will that be a problem?" (No effect)
  • "That doesn't matter."
  • Kiss her. (No effect)

This choice appears as is with a Female MC. Will most likely be a little different with a male.

Choice [Feelings]

Anna: She won't be the only one. It's one thing if I tell Pavel I'm leaving. It's another if her thinks it's because of you.

  • "I'm not afraid of him."
  • "I don't like secrets." (No effect)
  • "We should keep this quiet."

Choice 26

Anna: And it’s no fun shooting alone. Pavel used to challenge me, but he got tired of losing. So i just don't bother anymore.

  • Find the perfect target range. Shoot with Anna. (💎15)
  • “I’ll go with you sometime.” (No effect)
  • ”We all made sacrifices.”

Choice 27

Prompt: At the docks the husky rushes off ahead, disappearing from view behind a large tanker. Suddenly you hear her barking furiously.

  • Call her back. (No effect)
  • Draw your weapon and wait. (No effect)
  • Race to investigate. (No effect)

Choice 28

Anna: There’s fire extinguishers on board! Hurry!

  • Hold Anna back. (Choice 29?)
  • Help her put out the fire. (You have perished)
  • Look for the arsonist. (Choice 30?)

Choice 29

Anna: I can't believe how fast it went up.

  • "Lucky we weren't on board."
  • "Sorry I tackled you." (No effect)
  • "What were you thinking?"

Choice 30

Anna: This has to be the hermit, right?

  • “Of course.” (No effect)
  • ”Don't jump to conclusions.”
  • ”Whoever it was will pay.” (No effect)

Episode 6 Choices

Choice 1

Prompt: As Dag finishes, Mari lets out a soft sound between a gasp and a whimper. Hilde wraps her arms protectively around the young woman.

  • “It's okay, Mari." (No effect)
  • "The hermit must be infected." (No effect)
  • "He's a problem. We need a plan." (No effect)

Choice 2

Joseph: We should try to help him. We still have plenty of clean food on hand. We could leave some out for him to find. Maybe he could recover.

  • "I agree. Let's help him." (Choice 4)
  • "I'm more worried about our lost ship." (No effect)
  • "He's too dangerous!" (No effect)

Choice 3 (only if?)

Grace: What other option do we have? We can't ignore him. And I don't thing anyone here wants to hunt him down like some kind of animal.

  • "He's hunting us,"
  • "I guess you're right." (No effect)
  • "Don't twist my words."

Choice 4

Prompt: Knowing they're still willing to try and help a fellow human being despite all they've suffered through since the collapse makes you feel...

  • ...proud. (No effect)
  • ...surprised. (No effect)
  • ...annoyed at their weakness. (No effect)

Choice 5

Pavel: No. It’s about Anna.

  • “What about her?” (No effect)
  • “You should talk to her.” (No effect)
  • ”You need to leave her alone.” (No effect)

Choice 6

Pavel: You're trying to steal her away from me.

  • “We’re just friends.” (No effect)
  • ”You're driving her away.” (No effect)
  • ”Anna makes her own choices.” (No effect)

Choice 7

Pavel: Anna and I are meant to be together. It's God’s will that we bear children and help repopulate the Earth.

  • “That’s crazy.” (Choice 8)
  • ”That's not what she wants.” (Choice 8)
  • ”I refuse to argue.” (Choice 10)

Choice 8

Pavel: She just needs time to accept the truth. Until then, stay away from her.

  • “Is that a threat?” (Choice 9?)
  • ”It's not up to me.” (Choice 9)
  • ”I'm not your enemy.” (Choice 10?)

Choice 9

Pavel: We're married. You'd really come between a husband and wife?

  • "To protect her, I will." (No effect)
  • "Your marriage is over." (No effect)
  • "This conversation is over."

Choice 10

Grace: I want to send you, Anna, and David. The three of you should be able to handle things if there's trouble.

  • “Pavel won't like that.” (No effect)
  • ”Sounds good.” (No effect)
  • ”I'm expecting trouble.” (No effect)

Choice 11

Grace: Stay sharp, and if something looks off, just head back. Don't engage.

  • “Understood.” (No effect)
  • ”Relax. We've got this.” (No effect)
  • ”We may not have a choice.” (No effect)

Choice 12

Anna: He took the food. Is that a good sign?

  • “It looks promising.” (No effect)
  • ”Maybe. It's hard to say.” (No effect)
  • ”Something’s very wrong here.” (No effect)

Choice 13

Prompt: The hermit pops into view, fires off a hurried shot that misses the mark, then ducks back behind the safety of the windowsill.

  • Check on David. (No effect)
  • Charge the building. (You have perished)
  • Return fire. (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: You look over and see Pavel crouches on one knee in a nearby alley as he fires at the hermit’s window.

  • “Why the hell are you here?” (No effect)
  • ”Am I glad to see you!” (No effect)
  • ”Anna—get to cover!” (No effect)

Choice 15

Prompt: With Skadi at your heels, you round the corner of the building. You can just make out the hermit fleeing in the distance.

  • Order him to stop.
    • You took a bullet chasing the hermit
  • Fire your pistol.
    • You took a bullet chasing the hermit
  • Chase him.
    • You took a bullet chasing the hermit

Choice 16

Anna: You’re hit!

  • “He just winged me.” (No effect)
  • ”Check on Skadi!” (No effect)
  • ”He went that way!” (No effect)

Choice 17

Joseph: She did. Unfortunately, she hasn't come back yet.

  • “I have to find her!” (No effect)
  • ”She’ll be okay.” (No effect)
  • “What about everyone else?” (No effect)

Choice 18

Joseph: Anna and Pavel brought you back... along with David’s body.

  • “Pavel saved our lives.” (No effect)
  • ”I'm so sorry about David.” (No effect)
  • ”What about the hermit?” (No effect)

Choice 19

Joseph: And after we got you stabilized, Anna and Pavel got into a huge fight. She's livid he was following you two.

  • “I don't blame her.” (No effect)
  • ”She should be grateful.” (No effect)
  • ”I know they are having issues.” (No effect)

Choice 20

Joseph: Pavel just stood there, stunned. I tried to talk to him, but he just shook his head and went outside to stand guard.

  • "How could they say those things?" (No effect)
  • "We have bigger problems." (No effect)
  • "This will only get worse." (No effect)

Choice 21

Joseph: And I'm worried Pavel is going to do something stupid. But I can't help them both. Not by myself.

  • "I'll go talk to Grace." (Choice 22 [Grace and Anna])
  • "Let me talk to Pavel." (Choice 22 [Pavel])
  • "What about Anna?" (Choice 22 [Grace and Anna])

Choice 22 (Grace and Anna)

Anna: It's good to see you up and around. I wanted to stay with you until you woke, but I was worried about Grace.

  • "I heard about you and Pavel." (Choice 23 [Anna])
  • "I'm worried about her, too." (Choice 23 [Grace])
  • "Joseph asked me to come." (No effect)

Choice 23 (Anna)

Anna: I did. I don't know what came over me. I just lashed out at him. I said awful things.

  • "Maybe he deserved it."
  • "You were upset." (Choice 24 [Anna]?)
  • "You should apologize."

Choice 24 (Anna)

Anna: I don't know if we'll ever be able to get past some of the things we said.

  • "Give it time." (Choice 25 [Anna]?)
  • "Maybe not."
  • "We're all stuck out here together."

Choice 23 (Grace) and Choice 25 (Anna)?

Prompt: You nod, and Anna slips away. You go over to Grace, and she turns toward you.

  • "I'm sorry this happened." (No effect)
  • "We will avenge him." (No effect)
  • Stand silently. (No effect)

Even if you choose to talk to Anna in Choice 22, you will still end up talking to Grace after.

Choice 24 (Grace)

Grace: And you know what was the worst part? I never told him how much I appreciated everything he did.

  • "Why not?" (No effect)
  • "He knew." (No effect)
  • "Tell him now." (No effect)

Choice 25 (Grace)

Prompt: She's overwhelmed with loss and guilt. And you realize the only way she'll get through it is...

  • focusing on something else. (No effect)
  • allowing herself to grieve. (No effect)
  • ...with time and support. (No effect)

Choice 26 (Grace?)

Joseph: I spoke with Pavel. I'm not sure if it helped, though. He's pretty upset.

  • "I'll go speak to him." (💎20)
    • You chose to talk to Pavel
  • "Let's give him some space." (No effect)

You get the following choices if you are not dating Anna? It seems that if you talk to Pavel when dating Anna, your relationship with him will drop.

Choice 22 (Pavel -not dating Anna?)

Pavel: I didn't think you'd be up so soon. I'm glad you're doing better.

  • "I wanted to thank you."
    • Your relationship with Pavel has improved.
  • "How are you doing?"
    • Your relationship with Pavel has improved.
  • "Leave Anna alone."

Choice 23 (Pavel?)

Pavel: I thought Anna would be grateful I was there to help. Instead she's furious with me. It doesn't make sense.

  • "That's not why she's mad." (No effect)
  • "She'll calm down." (No effect)
  • "I heard about your fight." (No effect)

Choice 24 (Pavel?)

Pavel: I don't know what happened. Where things went wrong. But i think it's over between us.

  • "Maybe you can win her back." (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry." (No effect)
  • "I'm glad you see that." (No effect)

Choice 25 (Pavel?)

Joseph: In the end we just left her alone with David’s body. Hopefully she'll come around in time.

  • I'll speak with her too. (💎20 - You talk with Anna and Grace?)
  • Let’s give her some space. (Choice 27)

Choice 27

Joseph: I know it's horrible. But it's true.

  • "You're right. That's an awful thought." (No effect)
  • "It's not horrible." (No effect)
  • "Why are you telling me this?" (No effect)

Choice 28

Joseph: Because of you, I still believe this world—this damaged, barren, poisoned world we live in—is worth fighting for.

  • "You give me too much credit." (Choice 29.a)
  • "I feel the same way about you." (Choice 29.b)
  • "It is worth fighting for." (Choice 29.a)

Choice 29.a

Joseph: I think I've kept you up long enough. I should let you get some rest.

  • "Stay with me. Let's be together. (Choice 30)
  • "Good night, Joseph." (Choice 31)

Choice 29.b

Joseph: No matter what I need, I know you'll be there for me. That's rare and precious. And I want you to know how much I value it. How much I value you.

  • "Stay with me tonight." (Choice 30 a or b)
  • "Let's just be friends."
  • "Sorry. I'm with Anna." (Skip to Choice 31)
  • "That means a lot to me." (Skip to Choice 31)

You either get option two or three depending on the nature of your relationship with Anna.

Choice 30 a (not dating Anna)

Joseph: Are.. are you saying what I think you're saying?

  • "I want you, Joseph."
    • You began a relationship with Joseph!
  • Kiss him.
    • You began a relationship with Joseph!
  • "No, I guess not." (No effect)

If you are currently dating Anna and chose option 1 in Choice 29, you get to choose between them in Choice 30 b.

Choice 31

Grace: We need to double the sentries outside. Extra protection in case the hermit comes around.

  • "We can take care of that." (No effect)
  • "I don't think he will." (No effect)
  • "That's a temporary solution." (No effect)

Choice 32

Prompt: But you could find the strength to join her. You could make the time. Somehow.

  • "I'd like to help bury him." (💎12)
    • You honored David's memory
  • "That's a good idea." (No effect)
  • "You should get some rest." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Prompt: Grace stares at it, horrified and fascinated. She doesn't look away even as Mari returns.

  • "Mari and I can do this." (No effect)
  • "At least he felt no pain."
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 5

Grace: This represents the letter shin, the first letter in Shaddai, one of the names of God.

  • "How do you know all this?" (No effect)
  • "It's perfect." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Diamond Choice 6

Grace: I'll bring him there later. For now, I want to stay with him up here.

  • "Thank you, Grace."
  • "What else can we do?"
  • "What about a eulogy?"

Your relationships with Grace and Mari have improved.

Choice 33

Joseph: Can we really condemn him for what he did? He's sick. Fevered and hallucinating.

  • "David deserves justice." (No effect)
  • "The hermit is still dangerous." (No effect)
  • "The hermit needs our help." (No effect)

Choice 34

Joseph: But when we do find him, we all need to be in agreement about what we do next.

  • "What does Grace think?" (No effect)
  • "The hermit has to die." (No effect)
  • "We take him alive." (No effect)

Choice 35

Prompt: Everyone suddenly seems frozen, waiting for someone else to make the first move.

  • Go to Joseph. Stand with him. (Choice 36 [Joseph])
    • You chose to risk the group to save the Hermit
  • Got to Pavel. Stand with him. (Choice 36 [Pavel])
    • You chose to stop the hermit, whatever it takes

Choice 36 (Joseph)

Joseph: Thank you, MC. For standing with me. Once you came over, the others followed.

  • "It's the right choice." (No effect)
  • "Glad I could help." (No effect)
  • "What about Pavel?"

Choice 36 (Pavel)

Pavel: Thanks for standing with me. The others needed to see someone they respect make the first move.

  • "It's the right choice." (No effect)
  • "I'm sorry it came to this." (No effect)
  • "What about Joseph?" (No effect)

Episode 7 Choices

Choice 1

Joseph or Anna: You look like you had a rough night.

  • “Because you weren’t there.” (No effect)
  • ”That’s not very encouraging.” (No effect)
  • ”I'm fine.” (No effect)

Choice 2

Grace: When he decides to rest, we surround his location, wait for nightfall, then move in. if we’re lucky, we catch him sleeping.

  • "And if he's awake?" (No effect)
  • “We’re due some luck.” (No effect)
  • ”This could work.” (No effect)
  • ”That’s a terrible plan.”

You get the first option if you choose to kill him?

Choice 3

This choice only appears if? Achievement for diamond choice varies based on your background

Grace: They could be waiting for days. We didn't think you'd be up to it in your condition.

  • "I'm not staying behind!" (💎22)
    • Even wounded, you're still the only doctor. They need you. (If medical background)
    •  ! Even wounded, you're still a cop. They need you. (police background)
  • "I guess you're right."
    • You listened to reason

Diamond Choice 1

Prompt depends on your relationship with Anna and/or Joseph

Prompt: Joseph is waiting by the door as you and the others head out. His face is etched with worry.

Prompt: Glancing over at Anna as you head out, you see her face is etched with worry.

  • Reassure him/her. (No effect)
  • Crack a joke. (No effect)
  • Stay silent.

Diamond Choice 2

Grace: Copy that. How are you holding up?

  • "I'll manage." (No effect)
  • "Don't you trust me?"
  • "Room service is a little slow." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: The next twelve hours seem to stretch on forever. As you wait, you feel...

  • ...nervous excitement.
  • ...looming dread.
  • ...nothing. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4 (Kill Hermit)

Pavel: Wait! Don't shoot! It's me—Pavel!

  • "Relax. I see you."
  • "Where's the hermit?" (No effect)
  • "Is everyone okay?"

Diamond Choice 5 (Kill Hermit)

Anna: He slipped by us somehow. I...I couldn't let him get away.

  • "You're in shock."
  • "You did the right thing." (No effect)
  • "Pavel didn't hold his position!"

Diamond Choice 6 (Kill Hermit)

Joseph: Understandable. She's probably never killed another person before. Someone should go speak to her.

  • "Let me do it." (Diamond Choice 7 [Kill Hermit])
  • "We should give her some space."
  • "She's overreacting."

Diamond Choice 7 (Kill Hermit)

Prompt: You head over to Anna's tent. When you get there, she's emerging, with her jacket on.

  • "Where are you going?" (Choice 11)
  • "Are you okay?"
  • Say nothing.

Diamond Choice 4 (Capture Hermit)

Grace: You did it! You got him!

  • "Told you I should be here."
  • "I got lucky."
  • "How are the others?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 5 (Capture Hermit)

Prompt: Pavel's voice is barely more than a whisper. His eyes are unfocused, and his face is pale and soaked in sweat.

  • "Don't give up!"
  • "Shh. Save your strength." (No effect)
  • Say nothing.

Diamond Choice 6 (Capture Hermit)

Anna: No! No!

  • Perform CPR.
    •  ! You tried to save Pavel.
  • Hug Anna.
  • Give Anna her space.

Choice 4 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Joseph: They've got eyes on the hermit. Sophie spotted him a few hours ago.

  • “Good to know.” (No effect)
  • ”That’s the easy part.” (No effect)
  • ”I should have gone with them.” (No effect)

Choice 5 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Joseph: They’re the ones putting lives in danger. What if something happens? What if one of them is injured? Or killed?

  • “The group made its choice.” (No effect)
  • ”Don't think like that.” (No effect)
  • ”It’s too late for regrets.” (No effect)

Choice 6 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Joseph: They captured him alive, but Pavel was shot. They're on their way back now.

  • “How badly is Pavel hurt?” (No effect)
  • ”Pavel tried to warn us.” (No effect)
  • ”We need to get ready.” (No effect)

Choice 7 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Prompt: Pavel’s voice is barely more than a whisper. His eyes are unfocused, and his face is pale and soaked in sweat.

  • ”Dont give up!” (No effect)
  • ”Shh. Save your strength.” (No effect)
  • Hold his hand. (No effect)

Choice 8 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Anna: No! No!

  • Perform CPR.
    • You tried to save Pavel
  • Hug Anna.
  • Give Anna her space.

Choice 9 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Prompt: Then she turns away, heading toward the door that leads outside.

  • “Anna --wait!” (No effect)
  • Let her go. (No effect)
  • Grab her arm.

Choice 10

Joseph: MC? May I speak to you for a minute?

  • “I guess so.” (No effect)
  • ”What's the matter, Joseph?” (No effect)
  • ”Leave Anna alone, okay?”

Choice 11 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Joseph: I can't stop thinking about what happened today. I was the one who wanted to take the hermit alive. Pavel’s death is partly my fault.

  • “It’s my fault too.” (No effect)
  • ”The hermit did this.”
  • ”It’s nobody’s fault.” (No effect)

Choice 12 (Non-Diamond - Capture Hermit)

Joseph: Maybe our only choice is to be ruthless and self serving. Maybe, morally, survival is what matters.

  • “I don't believe that.”
    • Your relationship with Joseph has improved
  • ”Maybe it is.”
  • ”I don't have time for this.”

Choice 11 (Kill Hermit)

Joseph: I'm worried about what happened today. I don't think Anna's going to be the only one affected by the hermit's death.

  • "You tried to warn us."
  • "His blood is on all our hands."
  • "We did the right thing." (Choice 12 [Kill Hermit - Right Thing])

Choice 12 (Kill Hermit - Right Thing)

Joseph: Is that the only way forward? Must we abandon ethics and morality completely?

  • "Maybe not."
    • Your relationship with Joseph has improved
  • "If we want to live."
  • "I don't have time for this."

Choice 13

Prompt: Despite saying his goodbye, Joseph hesitates for just a moment.

  • “Don't go. Stay with me.” (Choice 15 [Captured Hermit?])
    • Your relationship with Joseph has improved
  • ”Good night, Joseph.”

Choice 14 (Killed Hermit)

Grace: How's the shoulder, MC? You think you'll be up for a supply run soon?

  • "I'm ready." (No effect)
  • "I'm worried about Anna."
  • "What's the rush?"

Choice 15 (Killed Hermit)

Prompt: Grace doesn't say anything, but from her expression you ca tell she's concerned.

  • "Is that a problem?"
  • "You think Skadi's dead." (No effect)
  • "You think I'm being foolish."

Choice 16 (Killed Hermit)

Grace: Pavel thought he saw her the other night, far in the distance. But when he called her, she ran off.

  • "She wouldn't come to him.."
  • "I won't abandon her."
  • "Why didn't you tell me?" (No effect)

Choice 17 (Killed Hermit)

Pavel: We need to cross the bridge. Hopefully we can get there before it's too dark to look around.

  • "Thank you for this."
  • "I'm surprised you're here."
  • Don't say anything. (No effect)

Choice 18 (Killed Hermit)

Pavel: I wanted to talk to you. About Anna.

  • "Not this again.."
  • "Leave her alone."
  • "Okay. I'm listening." (No effect)

Second option is only available if you are not in a relationship with Anna?

Choice 19 (Killed Hermit)

Pavel: I'm not going to try and win her back anymore. I won't bother her again.

  • "That's good." (No effect)
  • "Why the change of heart?" (No effect)
  • "I don't believe you."

Choice 20 (Killed Hermit?)

Pavel: I was selfish. Controlling. I only thought about what I wanted, not what Anna wanted.

  • "What about 'divine will'?" (No effect)
  • "You're too hard on yourself."
  • "Words are cheap."
  • "Let's focus on the search."

Choice 14 (Captured Hermit)

Prompt: Stig extends his arm, offering you his hand.

  • Shake his hand. (No effect)
  • Reject his offer. (No effect)

Choice 15 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: I understand you have a medical training. So do I. I'm a surgeon.

  • “Good to know.” (No effect)
  • "Mari will be pleased." (No effect)
  • ”How much do you remember?” (No effect)
  • ”You did a lot of damage to us.”

You either get the first or second option depending on if you have a medical background.

Choice 16 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: But now that you've taken me in, I will do everything I can to help the group. To try and make up in some small way for what the hermit did.

  • “You mean what you did.” (No effect)
  • ”It wasn't your fault.” (No effect)
  • ”Assuming we let you stay.”

Choice 17 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: Grace doesn't say anything, but she and Stig exchange a long look.

  • “Do you know something?” (No effect)
  • ”You think she's dead.” (No effect)
  • ”You think I'm being foolish.”

Choice 18 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: I hid from the beast inside a building for hours. I'm not positive, but I think I could take you there.

  • “What do you think, Grace?” (No effect)
  • ”Let's go.”
  • ”I still don't trust you.” (No effect)

Choice 19 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: We need to cross the bridge. Hopefully we can get there before dark.

  • “Thank you for doing this.”
    • Your relationship with Stig has improved
  • ”Don't try anything funny.” (No effect)
  • Don't say anything.

Choice 20 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: This feels familiar. I think...I think this might be where the hermit hid out when the ice demon chased him.

  • “You are the hermit!” (Choice 21 [Captured Hermit])
  • ”Can you remember anything?” (Choice 23 [Captured Hermit])
  • Search the area

Choice 21 (Captured Hermit)

Stig: I don't expect you to understand, but the only way I can live with this—the only way I can move forward is to separate myself from the monster I once was.

  • "I'm sorry, I didn't know." (Choice 23 [Captured Hermit])
  • "You can't face the truth."
  • "You're too hard on yourself."

Choice 22

Prompt: You slip off your skis and start to scout on foot. After a few minutes, you come across the faint impression of paw prints in hard-packed snow.

  • Call for Skadi. (No effect)
  • Examine the tracks. (No effect)
  • Look around.

Choice 23

Prompt: A few seconds later, Skadi comes barrelling around the corner, tail wagging furiously as she charges toward you.

  • Urge her on.
    • ❕ You found Skadi!
  • Calm her down.
    • ❕ You found Skadi!
  • Hold still and wait.
    • ❕ You found Skadi!

You get the third option if you choose to examine the tracks in Choice 23.

Choice 24 (Captured Hermit)

Prompt: She barks once—a sharp, angry sound. Stig takes a step back, hands raised.

  • “She doesn't like you.” (No effect)
  • ”He’s a friend, Skadi.”
    • ❕Your relationship with Stig has improved
  • ”Let’s head home.”

Choice 25

Mari: And thank you for finding her, MC.

  • “I think Skadi missed you.” (No effect)
  • ”Stig helped me.”
    • ❕Your relationship with Stig has improved
  • "Pavel helped me."
    • ❕Your relationship with Pavel has improved
  • ”Okay. Go easy on her.”

You get the second option if you captured the hermit and the third option is you killed him.

Choice 26

Prompt: Clearly she wants to play. The excitement of coming home has given her energy to burn.

  • Take her to play. Make it amazing. (💎22)
  • Settle her down. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 10

Prompt: After several miles, Skadi finally slows to a mere trot. Seeing her panting heavily you pull on the harness to bring her to a full stop.

  • "About time you tired out!"
  • "I missed you."
  • "Careful. Don't overdo it." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 11

Prompt: You look back at the rack, studying the colors and styles. In the end you decide to go with...

  • and white polka dots.
  • and green plaid.
  • ...solid sunshine yellow.
  • bandana. (No effect)

Episode 8 Choices

Diamond Choice 1 (Medical Background)

Prompt: But now that her time is drawing near, it makes sense she'd want someone with real medical training involved.

  • "Is anything wrong."
  • "About time you came to me."
  • "Why isn't Mari here?" (No effect)

Choice 1

Joseph: MC? We need to speak to you. It’s about Mari’s pregnancy.

  • “Is something wrong?” (No effect)
  • “That’s Mari’s private business.” (No effect)
  • “You need a medical opinion?” (No effect)
  • "Why are you coming to me?"

Third option is only available if you have a medical background and fourth if you don't?

Choice 1

Grace: She says if anything goes wrong, she wants us to save the baby, even at the cost of her own life.

Stig: I've explained/explored the risks to Mari, and she made it very clear. If anything goes wrong, she wants me to save the baby, even at the cost of her own life.

  • "That's understandable." (No effect)
  • "She's not thinking clearly." (No effect)
  • "Nothing's going to go wrong."
  • "Will it come to that?" (No effect)

Third option is only available if you have a medical background? Fourth if you don't have a medical background?

Choice 2

Grace: Not to mention the long-term implications. Mari's an adult; she'll have a lot more value to the group than an infant we have to care for.

  • "What an awful thing to say!"
  • "This is Mari's choice." (No effect)
  • "I agree." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2 (Medical Background)

Grace: It's not really up to us, Joseph. MC will be the one delivering the child.

  • "I'll respect Mari's wishes." (No effect)
  • "I won't let the baby die."
  • "I won't let Mari die."
    • ❕Your relationship with Joseph has suffered

Choice 3 (if you saved Stig?)

Stig: I agree with Joseph about the child. But I don't like the idea of letting Mari die to save the baby.

  • “It’s Mari’s call!” (Choice 3)
    • ❕You and Stig convinced Grace to save the baby OR
    • ❕Your relationship with Grace has suffered
  • ”We have to save the child.”
  • ”We have to save Mari.”

Choice 3

Joseph: Mari could give birth any day now. And I don't think I'm ready. What if something goes wrong? What if I let her down?

  • "Relax. I've got this."
  • “Stig knows what he’s doing.” (No effect)
  • "It's natural to be anxious." (No effect)
  • "I'm worried too." (No effect)

The second option replaces the first if you saved Stig.

Choice 4

Joseph: I'm just so overwhelmed. I've been cramming like a college student every night. But for some reason nothing seems to stick.

  • "Let's study together. It'll help you focus." (💎20)
  • "You'll be ready." (No effect)
  • "Luckily you're not alone." (No effect)

It's not mentioned in-game, but if you are dating Joseph, this premium scene lets you have romantic time with him as well.

Diamond Choice 3

Prompt: As you quiz Joseph on his knowledge, he responds with quick, confident—and correct—answers.

  • "See? You've got this." (No effect)
  • "This is helping me too." (No effect)
  • "Enough with the easy stuff."

Diamond Choice 4

Joseph: But as soon as I imagine it happening, I panic. My mind just starts spinning and I freeze up. I don't know how to get over that.

  • "Let's find a way to keep you calm." (No effect)
  • "Stay in the moment." (No effect)
  • "Focus and toughen up."

Diamond Choice 5

Joseph: You say that. But how can I relax knowing the lives of Mari and her baby will be in my hands?

  • “Music can help.”
  • ”Breathing and meditation.” (No effect)
  • ”Positive visualization.”

Diamond Choice 6

Joseph: I don't believe this. It's working. It's actually working!

  • "I knew you could do it."
  • "You doubted me?" (No effect)
  • "I think we're done here."

❕You did everything possible to prepare.

Diamond Choice 7

Joseph: I was thinking... the key to all this is staying collected, right? Well, I can think of one thing in particular that's great at getting rid of tension.

  • "You read my mind." (No effect)
  • Throw yourself on him. (No effect)
  • "I'd rather not distract you."

Choice 5

Prompt: You kneel down beside her, and Mari gasps in pain as a contraction grips her. Hilde winces as the young woman's grip crushes her hand.

  • Crack a joke.
  • Reassure Mari. (No effect)
  • Focus on the delivery. (No effect)

Choice 6

Mari: Is it bad? Will the baby die?

  • "We won't lie. This is bad." (No effect)
  • "It's okay. Don't worry."
  • "No questions. Listen up!" (No effect)
  • "Stig? Can you handle this?" (No effect)
  • "Joseph! Get ready" (?)

Third option is only available if? Fourth option if Stig is alive and you don't have a medical background?

Choice 7 (Mari and baby alive)

Mari: What's wrong? Why is she crying? Is she hurt?

  • "You did great, Mari." (No effect)
  • "Everything is fine."
  • "Babies cry. Get used to it."

❕You worked with Joseph to save the child ❕You worked with Stig to save the child

The second effect replaces the first if you saved Stig.

Choice 8

Anna: MC? What are you doing up?

  • "You woke me." (No effect)
  • "Are you okay?" (No effect)
  • "Go to bed, Anna." (No effect)

Choice 9 (if Pavel is dead)

Anna: I guess it makes sense. After all, we traded Pavel’s life for his, didn’t we?

  • “I don’t see it that way.” (No effect)
  • ”In a way, I guess we did.”
  • ”She’s trying to honor Pavel.” (No effect)

Choice 9 (Mari and baby alive - you helped?)

Anna: A healthy, happy baby. And a healthy, happy mother. I honestly didn't think it was possible. It's a miracle.

  • "I think I deserve some credit." (No effect)
  • "I'm happy for Mari."

Choice 10 (if Pavel/Mari is dead?)

Anna: Or maybe this is purgatory, and we’re stuck here until we learn our lesson. Until we learn to obey God’s will.

  • “I don’t believe that.” (No effect)
  • ”If that’s true, then what?” (no effect)
  • ”You’re not thinking clearly.”

Choice 10 (Pavel alive - not dating Anna?)'

Anna: Maybe he and I are supposed to be together. Maybe this is a sign I should go back to him.

  • "You were right to leave."
    • ❕Your relationship with Anna has improved
  • "So go back to him."
  • "I can't deal with this anymore."

Choice 11 (if Pavel is dead & MC is not in a relationship with Anna)

Anna: Maybe Pavel was right. Maybe he and I were supposed to be together. Maybe all this is happening because I left him.

  • “You were right to leave.” (Choice 11)
  • ”You can't undo the past.”
  • ”I can't deal with this anymore.”

Choice 11 (Anna and MC dating)

Anna: Maybe I was wrong to leave Pavel for you. Maybe all of this started because I was unfaithful to him.

  • "That's crazy."
  • "We belong together. I love you."
    • ❕Your relationship with Anna has improved
  • "Are you leaving me?" (No effect)

Choice 11

Anna: I keep telling myself I had no choice. That I didn't do anything wrong. But for some reason I just can't get past it. / I know nothing can bring him back. I know I have to move on. But I just can't seems to get past this.

  • "The drinking doesn't help." (No effect)
  • "Let me help you."
    • ❕Your relationship with Anna has improved
  • "We're tired of waiting."

Prompt changes depending on either (?Pavel's life status?) or (?MC's relationship with Anna?). Currently unclear.

Choice 12

Grace: It won't be easy, but we need to get Joseph to the seed vault so he can develop toxin-resistant crops.

  • "What if he can't?"
  • "We need to talk about Anna." (No effect)
  • "We're ready for this." (No effect)

Choice 13

Grace: So much for rallying the troops. I was hoping for cheers and applause. Instead I got mild approval.

  • "We need more than words." (No effect)
  • "I thought you did great." (No effect)
  • "Everyone's just tired." (No effect)

❕Your relationship with the group has improved.

Choice 14

Prompt: Maybe it's time for something new.

  • Find a new indoor outfit for spring. (💎25)
    • ❕???
  • Focus on the supply run. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 8?

Prompt: You wheel around to see Grace.

  • "I needed a change." (No effect)
  • "Thanks."
  • "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

Diamond Choice 9?

Grace: I wanted you to know we're all grateful. Everyone knows how much the group needs you.

  • "We're all in this together."
  • "I'd say the same to you." (No effect)
  • "It's about my survival."

Episode 9: Choices

Choice 1

Grace: We’re not expecting any issues, but once we leave on this journey, there’s no turning back.

  • “We’re ready!” (No effect)
  • ”What if this doesn’t work?” (No effect)
  • Stay silent.

Choice 2

Anna: Exciting, isn’t it? The seed vault, I mean. I was almost starting to wonder if we’d actually ever get there.

  • “We’re not there yet.” (No effect)
  • ”How are you holding up?” (No effect)
  • ”I’m excited too.” (No effect)

Choice 3

Anna will mention either Pavel or the hermit depending on who died. Mari or her baby are mentioned if you had to choose between them.

Anna: Louis. David. Mari's baby. Pavel/Even the hermit. Sometimes it’s hard not to try and drown those ghosts in a bottle.

  • “Stay strong, Anna.” (No effect)
  • ”I’m here if you want to talk.” (No effect)
  • "I'm here for you." (No effect)
  • ”Sobriety isn’t easy.” (No effect)

The third option replaces the second if you are dating her.

Choice 4

Grace: We may not agree with his choice, but we have to respect his decision. Dag wants to stay behind and keep manning the radio after we leave.

  • “He won't change his mind?”
  • ”The radio? Why bother?” (No effect)
  • ”I understand.” (No effect)

Choice 5

Grace: You’re right. I hate to think about him spending his last days all alone. It’s too bad we can’t do something to increase the radio’s range.

  • “Let’s find a way. One last adventure in town...” (16💎)
  • ”He’s at peace with this.” (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Grace: I know I shouldn't complain about the nice weather, but this would probably be easier if we could still use the supply sled.

  • "I'm glad winter's over." (No effect)
  • "I sort of miss the snow."
  • "Some people are never happy."

Diamond Choice 2

Grace: He'd rather stay behind and keep guiding people to safety,

  • "I think it's heroic."
  • "I hope someone comes." (No effect)
  • "It's still depressing."

Diamond Choice 3

Grace: How's it going up there?

  • "Terrible."
  • "So far, so good."
  • "How do you think?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Grace: Dag wants you to know how much he appreciates this, MC. It means a lot to him.

  • "It was my pleasure."
  • "I hope it helps." (No effect)
  • "After all this, it better."

Choice 6 (non-diamond)

Anna: Excuse me, MC. Suddenly I’m feeling very tired. I think I need to go lie down.

  • “Don't start drinking.” (No effect)
  • ”Are you okay to be alone?” (No effect)
  • "Want some company?" (No effect)
  • ”Good night.”

The third option replaces the second if you are dating her.

Choice 7

You get the second prompt and option if you put up the antenna.

Prompt: He smiles, says something in Norwegian, then raises his glass.

Prompt: He smiles and says something in Norwegian. Then he points up at the top of the church and gives you a thumbs-up.

  • “Going to miss you too.” (No effect)
  • "So it's working?"
  • ”You should quit smoking.” (No effect)
  • ”I don't understand.”

Choice 8

Prompt: There’s something almost hypnotic about the shimmering colors dancing overhead.

  • “They’re amazing.” (No effect)
  • ”This is a good omen.” (No effect)
  • Don't say anything. (No effect)

Choice 9

Grace: After everything we’ve been through—the good and the bad—it’s going to be hard to leave this place behind.

  • “I agree.” (No effect)
  • ”We need a fresh start.” (No effect)
  • ”Don't get all sentimental.” (No effect)

Choice 10 (Dating Joseph/Anna)

Joseph: This is probably our last chance to get any alone time for the next little while.

Anna: ?

  • “We better take advantage.”
    • ❕You and Joseph/Anna stole a moment
  • ”You’re insatiable!”
    • ❕You and Joseph/Anna stole a moment
  • ”We better not.”

Choice 11

Prompt: Joseph glances over at you, looking for support.

  • “This is just a sprinkle.”
    • ❕You supported Grace
  • ”Grace knows what she’s doing.”
    • ❕You supported Grace
  • ”Maybe Joseph is right.”
    • ❕You supported Joseph

Choice 12

Grace: I don't like the looks of that storm. It’s big, nasty, and it’s heading right for us.

  • “How bad will it get?” (No effect)
  • ”Can we go around it?” (No effect)
  • ”Do we need to prepare?” (No effect)

Choice 13

Grace: Marco has some experience on boats. He’s going to stay up top and help me. The rest of you need to stay down here when the storm hits.

  • "Let me come with you." (16💎)
  • "Understood."
    • ❕You respected Grace's authority

Diamond Choice 5

Grace: And if we get pushed off course, he'll let us know whether to turn port or starboard. Any questions?

  • "No questions."
  • "Which way is port, again?"
  • "Don't we need life jackets?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 6

Grace: We're turning again! Keep her on course! Pay attention!

  • "I'm trying!"
  • "This isn't working!"
  • Focus on the wheel. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 7

Prompt: The boat has turned broadside to the storm. You can feel it rolling hard with every wave that hits—it's only a matter of time before you capsize!

  • Save Marco.
  • Turn the boat. (No effect)

If you turn the boat, Grace saves Marco.

Diamond Choice 8

Grace: That was one hell of a ride.

  • "Is Marco okay?"
  • "I really hate the sea."
  • "We should check on the others." (No effect)

❕You faced down the terrible storm

Choice 14 (Non-Diamond)

Joseph: I’m starting to see why Dag wanted to stay behind.

  • “Hey—we made it through.” (No effect)
  • ”That really, really sucked.”
  • ”Let’s get cleaned up.” (No effect)

Choice 15 (Non-Diamond)

Grace: Looks like you had a rough ride down here. Sorry about that.

  • “No apology necessary.” (No effect)
  • ”I bet it was worse for you.” (No effect)
  • ”Is there any damage?” (No effect)

Choice 16

Prompt: Anna holds a large butcher knife in one hand, waving it menacingly in Joseph's direction. Her other hand clasps an open bottle of vodka.

  • “What is this?” (No effect)
  • ”Anna! Stop it!” (No effect)
  • ”Are you okay Joseph?” (No effect)

Choice 17

Prompt: Anna lunges across the table toward Joseph, slashing at him with the knife. Joseph scrambles back, narrowly avoiding the blade.

  • Try to talk her down. (Choice 18)
  • Grab Anna. try to take the knife. (Choice 20)

Choice 18

Anna: Where is Pavel? You took him, didn’t you? You took him. Bring him back. Bring him back!

  • “Pavel is dead, Anna.”
  • ”Pavel is fine, Anna.” (No effect)
  • ”Stay calm, Anna.” (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt: She takes a step toward you, the knife held out in front of her.

  • “You don't want to hurt me.” (No effect)
  • ”Please trust me, Anna.” (No effect)
  • Grab Anna. Try to take the knife. (No effect)

Choice 20

Prompt: The knife is still in her hand, and she raises it over your and Joseph’s prone forms.

  • Plead with Anna. (No effect)
  • Protect Joseph. (No effect)
  • Roll clear.

No matter what you choose, Anna will stab herself if your relationship is not high enough. She will live if you are Best Friends, are Trusted and dating her, or are Trusted and chose a medical background in Episode 2. Otherwise, she will die.

Choice 21 (Path A - Anna Dead)

❕You lost Anna

Prompt: You reach out and gently close the lids of her eyes. As you do so, the reality of her death washes over you. You feel...

  • ... overwhelming sorrow. (No effect)
  • ... anger at Anna.
  • ... regret you couldn't help her. (No effect)

Choice 21 (Path B - Anna Alive - if not dating?)

Anna: Am I going to die?

  • “You’re going to be okay.” (No effect)
  • ”I won't let that happen.”
  • ”No. You got lucky.” (No effect)

❕You saved Anna from herself.

Choice 22

Joseph: Anna must have found a bottle somewhere that had been stashed away by the original owners.

  • “She didn't check the date?” (No effect)
  • ”She brought this onto herself.”
  • ”She was affected so fast.” (No effect)

Choice 23 (Anna dead)

Joseph: I'm still having a hard time believing Anna's gone. But I know she was suffering. At least she's in peace now. She's in a better place.

  • "I'll miss her." (No effect)
  • "There is no 'better place.'"
  • "She'd want us to keep going." (No effect)

Choice 23 (Anna alive - not dating Anna)

Joseph: Once her mind is clear, she’s going to need our support. To help her deal with the guilt and shame. And to help her stay clean.

  • “We’ll be there for her.” (No effect)
  • ”That may not matter.”
  • ”She lied to us.” (No effect)

Choice 23 (Anna alive - dating Anna)

Joseph: Once her mind is clear, she’s going to need our support. To help her deal with the guilt and shame. And to help her stay clean.

  • “I won't let her down.” (No effect)
  • ”I tried to help her before."
  • ”I feel so betrayed by her."

Choice 24

Joseph: And what if I can't find a cure? If I fail, then all the sacrifices we’ve made, everyone we’ve’s all for nothing.

  • “You won’t let us down.”/"I believe in you." (No effect)
  • ”Failure isn’t the end.” (No effect)
  • ”Then you better not fail.” (No effect)

Choice 25 (Pavel and Anna alive)

Pavel: I wanted to thank you. if you hadn't been able to talk her down, I don't know what would have happened.

  • "No thanks necessary."
  • "I'll always keep her safe." (No effect)
  • "Luckily, no one was hurt."
  • "I'm worried about her." (No effect)

The second option replaces the first if you are dating Anna.

Choice 26 (Pavel and Anna alive)

Pavel: I still care about Anna. And I still want to be there for her if she needs me. As a friend.

  • "I think she'd like that."
  • "That's up to her."
  • "Stay away from her."

Episode 10: Choices

Choice 1 (Anna Dead)

Grace: Would anyone else like to say a few words?

  • "I would." (Choice 2)
  • Stay silent.

Choice 2 (Anna Dead)

Prompt: Eventually you decide you should...

  • ... give an inspiring message. (No effect)
  • ... focus on who Anna was.
  • ... admit your grief and anger.

Choice 3

Grace: We only have a few hours of light left today. There’s no point in heading to the seed vault until tomorrow.

  • “I need to get off this boat.” (No effect)
  • ”I’m not afraid of the dark.” (No effect)
  • ”I guess we’ll wait here then.” (No effect)

Skip to Choice 8 if Anna is dead.

Choice 4 (Anna Alive)

Prompt: She looks pale and haggard. Exhausted. But at least she’s no longer in the grip of the hallucinogenic fever.

  • “Good to see you up.” (Choice 5 [Anna Alive - Good to See You])
  • ”You should be resting.” (Choice 5 [Anna Alive - Good to See You])
  • ”Leave me alone.” (Choice 5 [Anna Alive - Leave Me Alone])

Choice 5 (Anna Alive - Good to See You)

Anna: I know it was bad. I’m sorry, MC. Sorry for what I did. Sorry for lying. Sorry for drinking again.

  • “Why did you do it?” (Choice 6 [Anna Alive - Good to See You])
  • ”Apologies won't make up for violence.” (Choice 7 [Anna Alive - Good to See You])
  • ”I forgive you.” (Choice 8)

Choice 6 (Anna Alive - Good to See You)

Anna: And then I just...I don’t know. I just decided to have some. I can’t explain it.

  • “Did you learn your lesson?” (Choice 7 (Anna Alive - Good to See You))
  • ”I forgive you.” (Choice 8)
  • ”I'm done with you.” (Choice 8)

Choice 7 (Anna Alive - Good to See You)

Anna: I just know it won’t be easy. Especially if I drive away all the people who care about me.

  • “You didn’t drive me away.” (No effect)
  • ”I’m done with you.” (No effect)

Choice 5 (Anna Alive - Leave Me Alone)

Anna: I don't blame you. I let my addiction put others in danger. And I want to apologize.

  • "Then do it."
  • "I'm done with you." (No effect)

Choice 8

Grace: MC, Joseph, and I will go scout out the seed vault today. The rest of you wait here until we get back.

  • “We should contact Dag in Tromstad.” (No effect)
  • ”I think we should stick together.” (No effect)
  • ”When do we head out?” (No effect)

Choice 9

Joseph: This island is known for its large population of polar bears. Though I don't know how many of them survived the Collapse.

  • “All it takes is one.” (No effect)
  • ”I'm feeling some deja vu.” (No effect)
  • ”We better be ready.” (No effect)

Choice 10

Grace: I’m Grace. This is Joseph. And this is MC and Skadi.

  • “Pleased to meet you.” (No effect)
  • ”Are you alone here?” (No effect)
  • Offer her some food. (No effect)

Choice 11

Char: I’m sorry. That probably seemed crazy. But I’m not. I swear. I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now. My head is spinning.

  • “We understand.” (No effect)
  • ”We have a lot to talk about.” (No effect)
  • ”Could we go inside the vault?” (No effect)

❕You brought home a new survivor: Char

Choice 12

Char: All I know is that when my fever finally broke, everyone else was gone. Two thousand people evacuated. Except they left me behind.

  • “That must have been hard.” (No effect)
  • ”Why were you left behind?” (No effect)
  • ”Maybe they all just died.” (No effect)

Choice 13

Char: That’s when I knew I was stuck here. Nobody was going to come rescue me. The world was gone. It was just me.

  • “We all went through that.” (No effect)
  • “There were no other survivors?” (No effect)
  • ”But you kept going.” (No effect)

Choice 14

Prompt: Thousands and thousands of footlocker-size plastic containers are stacked in row after numbered row.

  • “Incredible!” (No effect)
  • ”I expected something more.” (No effect)
  • ”How many seeds are there?” (No effect)

Choice 15

Char: That’s why I keep coming back to the seed vault. Looking for more variety. Seeds that are easy to grow but still taste good.

  • “You’ve done an amazing job.” (No effect)
  • ”We can help you.” (No effect)
  • ”What about research?” (No effect)

Choice 16

Char: Okay, now you’re the ones who sound insane. You think we can really fix this? That we can somehow save the world?

  • “I do believe that.” (No effect)
  • ”We have to try.” (No effect)
  • ”You have something better to do?” (No effect)

Choice 17

Joseph: I've been working so hard I couldn’t tell the difference between DNA and RNA with an electron microscope right now.

  • “Was that a joke?” (Choice 18 [Was that a joke?])
  • ”Don’t burn yourself out.” (Choice 18)
  • ”Are you making progress?” (Choice 18)

Choice 18 (Was that a joke?)

Joseph: Sorry. Scientist humor. Char and I thought it was hilarious. I guess she and I are just on the same nerdy wavelength.

  • “Should I be jealous?” (Choice 19)
  • "Are you making progress?" (Choice 18)
  • ”I'm glad you’re here.” (Choice 19)

Choice 18

Joseph: I’m surprised how well Char and I work together.

  • "Should I be jealous?” (No effect)
  • ”That’s good.” (No effect)
  • ”I'm glad you’re here.” (No effect)

Choice 19

Joseph: Sorry about that. Guess I didn't realize how tired I was.

  • Wake Joseph up with a kiss. (24💎)
  • “That’s okay. You need to rest.” (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

Joseph: Maybe it's silly. Maybe it's me clinging to the traditions of a pre-Collapse world. But I... I want to marry you.

  • "You want a wedding?" (No effect)
  • "You better get me a ring, then." (No effect)
  • "What's the point of that?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

Joseph: Will you stand beside me, in front of all of our friends, and join with me in marriage?

  • "Yes." (Diamond Choice 3 [Yes])
  • "I don't want a wedding." (Diamond Choice 3 [I don't want a wedding])

Diamond Choice 3 (Yes)

Char: I'm guessing Joseph will be a bit late for work tomorrow. Seeing as how it's your wedding night.

  • "That's a safe bet." (No effect)
  • "Don't worry. I'll get him there." (No effect)
  • "He might not be there at all." (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3 (I don't want a wedding)

Joseph: But I'd still like you to take this ring. I want you to have something to symbolize our love for each other.

  • "I'd be honored."
  • "I'll do it. For you." (No effect)
  • "I don't believe in symbols."

Choice 20

Grace: Once the newcomers have had a chance to rest and recover, they'll be stocking up their own boat and coming here to join us.

  • "That's fantastic." (No effect)
  • "Let's be cautious." (No effect)
  • "How long till they get here?" (No effect)

Choice 21

Grace: That means planning logistics, checking the routes—doing it right, so our new guests don't get lost or eaten.

  • "Let me figure it out." (16💎)
  • "It should be you." (No effect)

Choice 22

You get the first prompt if let Grace welcome the newcomers and the second if you took the diamond choice to do it yourself.

Grace: MC? This is Kohl.

Kohl: I was wondering about that. I'm Kohl. You must be MC. Dag said you'd be here to meet us.

  • "Nice to meet you." (No effect)
  • "How's Dag doing in Tromstad?" (No effect)
  • "Are there only four of you?" (No effect)

Choice 23

Kohl: Dag didn't want us to say anything over the radio. He didn't want you to worry. But his health is deteriorating rapidly.

  • "I'm sorry to hear that." (No effect)
  • "I'm glad he's not alone." (No effect)
  • "You left people behind?" (No effect)

Diamond Choice 4

Prompt: You hold up a fist, signaling everyone to stop. And then you see them—two polar bears on a nearby hill staring down at you.

  • "Everyone stay calm."
  • "This is not good."
  • Stay still and silent. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 5

Prompt: You look around for some kind of shelter or cover, but don't see anything nearby. So you quickly run through your other options.

  • Scare them off. (No effect)
  • Take them down.

Diamond Choice 6

Kohl: I think you're just making them mad!

  • Keep shooting. (No effect)
  • Sic Skadi on them.

❕You protected the survivors and drove off the bears

Diamond Choice 7

Kohl: You did it! You drove them off! That was incredible.

  • "We got lucky."
  • "It's not my first time." (No effect)
  • "Just doing my job." 

Episode 11: Choices

Choice 1

Grace: He passed away this afternoon.

  • “I’m sorry to hear that.” (No effect)
  • ”I hope he didn’t suffer.” (No effect)
  • ”That’s what he wanted.” (No effect)

Choice 2

Grace: I’m going around and telling the others. I want to have a small gathering tonight. Just to remember him.

  • “That’s a good idea.” (No effect)
  • ”I’ll help spread the word.” (No effect)
  • ”Whatever you think is best.” (No effect)

Choice 3

Char: MC? Do you have a few minutes? We need to talk. It’s about Joseph.

  • “How’s the research going?” (No effect)
  • ”Is something wrong?” (No effect)
  • “Sure, we can chat.”

Choice 4

Char: But we’re way ahead of where we should be.

  • “Joseph has a brilliant mind.” (No effect)
  • ”Why is this bad?” (No effect)
  • ”That is suspicious.” (No effect)

Choice 5

Char: But this wasn’t a natural phenomenon. It was created in a lab. And I think Joseph was there when it happened.

  • “Joseph wouldn’t do that.” (No effect)
  • ”Are you sure about this?” (No effect)
  • ”So he’s been lying to us?” (No effect)

Choice 6

Char: And I think you should be there with me. You know him better than anyone. You’ll know if he’s lying.

  • “Let me talk to him alone.” (No effect)
  • ”You're wrong. You’ll see.” (No effect)
  • ”We need to tell the others.” (No effect)

Choice 7

Joseph: What’s wrong, MC? You know you can talk to me about anything.

  • “Char thinks you have a secret.” (No effect)
  • ”This isn’t easy to ask.” (No effect)
  • ”Did you cause the Collapse?” (No effect)

Choice 8

Joseph: I was studying the toxin before the Collapse. During the initial outbreak, my team was working on a cure.

  • “I knew Char was wrong.”
    • ❕You had faith in Joseph
    • ❕You were suspicious of Joseph
  • ”That’s not a denial.”
    • ❕You were suspicious of Joseph
  • ”I don’t believe you.”
    • ❕You were suspicious of Joseph

Choice 9

Prompt: He turns his attention back to his spreadsheet. Char looks over at you, uncertain of what to do next.

  • “Let’s go get the others.” (No effect)
  • ”Stay here and watch him.” (No effect)
  • ”I’ll stay here and watch him.” (No effect)

Choice 10

Grace: Okay, we’re all here. So what is this about?

  • Tell everyone Char’s theory. (No effect)
  • Wait for Joseph to speak. (No effect)

Choice 11

Joseph: I, more than any other single person, am responsible for what happened.

  • “Why did you do that?” (No effect)
  • ”You evil bastard.” (No effect)
  • Remain silent. (No effect)

Choice 12

Joseph: But a sample escaped the lab. I don’t know how. Or when. Not exactly. But the toxin got out.

  • “Someone betrayed you.” (No effect)
  • ”You tried to play God.” (No effect)
  • ”You didn’t even warn anyone?” (No effect)

Choice 13

Joseph: After that it was too late. I didn’t see the point in going public then.

  • “I understand.” (No effect)
  • ”You should have told us.” (No effect)
  • ”You’re a lying bastard.”
  • "You're a lying coward." (No effect)

Fourth option replaces the third if you are married to Joseph?

Choice 14

Grace: We can't forgive you for this, Joseph. You know that, right? You have to be punished for what you’ve done.

  • “No, Grace. You’re wrong.” (No effect)
  • ”Grace is right.” (No effect)
  • ”We need to vote on this.” (No effect)

Choice 15

Grace: Tomorrow, then. But until the vote I want Joseph under guard. We can't trust him anymore.

  • “That’s not necessary.” (No effect)
  • ”If that’ll keep you happy.” (No effect)
  • ”That’s a good idea.” (No effect)

Choice 16

Joseph: I’m sorry, MC. I’m sorry I never told you. And I’m sorry I’m not the man you thought I was.

  • “I still love you.” (No effect)
  • ”I can never forgive you.” (No effect)
  • Say nothing. (No effect)

Choice 17

Grace: That means it’s going to come down to our group. We’ll have to decide Joseph’s punishment.

  • “His crimes are unforgivable.” (No effect)
  • ”We could vote to show mercy.” (No effect)
  • ”Leave it until we vote.” (No effect)

Choice 18

Grace: The list goes on and on. Every bad thing that happened to us—every loss we suffered—is because of what he did.

  • “I agree.” (No effect)
  • ”That’s not fair.” (No effect)
  • ”Punishing him can't fix that.” (No effect)

Choice 19

Prompt varies depending on which you have spoken to.

Prompt: Her visit gets you wondering what some of the others might be thinking. Ultimately you decide to...

Prompt: You head out, and Pavel closes the door behind you.

Prompt: You head out, and Stig closes the door behind you.

Prompt: After a few minutes ypu decide you need to...

  • … go talk to Anna. / Go talk to Anna. (Choice 20 [Anna])
  • ... go talk to Pavel. (Choice 20 [Pavel] or Choice 20 [Mari/Pavel]?)
  • ... go talk to Stig. (Choice 20 [Stig]?)
  • ... go talk to Mari. (Choice 20 [Mari] or Choice 20 [Mari/Pavel]?)
  • Go for a walk with Skadi. (Choice 22)
  • ... wait until the vote. / Go to bed. / ...go back to your room. (Choice 22)

Only characters who are alive will appear. Fifth option appears once you have spoken to at least one character. Alternate choices appear after you have spoken to at least one character.

If both Mari and Pavel are alive, talking to one of them results in talking to both.

Choice 20 (Anna)

Anna: It's so hard to wrap my head around all this. I always thought he was a good person.

  • "How are you going to vote?" (No effect)
  • "He did something truly awful." (No effect)
  • "He still is a good person." (No effect)

Choice 21 (Anna)

Anna: Part of me wishes this had all stayed hidden. Things would be so much simpler if we didn't know the truth.

  • "I agree." (No effect)
  • "It's better to know." (No effect)
  • "I blame Char for this." (No effect)

Choice 20 (Mari/Pavel)

Pavel: But the hermit only killed one person. Joseph wiped out the entire human race.

  • "The hermit was a threat." (No effect)
  • "Killing the hermit was wrong." (No effect)
  • "I'm not here to defend him." (No effect)

Choice 20 (Stig)

  • Why does that matter?
  • The lying bothers me too.
  • Mari? What about you?

Choice 21 (Mari/Pavel / Stig)

Mari: It will be the same for Sophia and Marco's baby. And every other child. Joseph stole their future.

  • "We need Joseph." (No effect)
  • "I feel the same way." (No effect)
  • "I should go." (No effect)

Choice 22

Grace: Three options, then: execution, banishment, or forgiveness.

  • “Joseph deserves to die.”
  • ”I say we banish him.”
    • ❕ You argued that Joseph be banished
  • ”We should forgive him.”
    • ❕ You argued for forgiveness
    • ❕ You swayed the crowd!

Characters other than Grace who are trusted or higher will vote with you?

Choice 23 (Forgiveness)

Grace: You’re evil, Joseph. The greatest mass murderer in human history. You have to be punished.

  • Throw yourself in front of Joseph. (Choice 25 [Sacrifice])
    • ❕You sacrificed yourself for Joseph
  • Tackle Grace. (Choice 24 [Forgiveness])
    • ❕You subdued Grace
  • Reason with Grace. (Choice 24 [Forgiveness])
    • ❕You talked Grace down

Choice 24 (Forgiveness)

Grace: I'm sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry.

  • “Get her out of here!” (No effect)
  • ”It’s okay Grace.” (No effect)
  • ”What should we do, Joseph?”

Choice 23 (Execution)

Prompt: The crowd parts as she marches to a spot a dozen feet away from Joseph. She slowly raises her pistol and takes aim.

  • Sacrifice yourself to save Joseph. (Choice 25 [Sacrifice])
    • ❕You sacrificed yourself for Joseph
  • Watch. (Choice 25 [MC alive, Joseph Dead])
    • ❕You allowed Joseph's execution.
  • Look away.
    • ❕You allowed Joseph's execution.

Choice 25 (Sacrifice)

Joseph: Why? Why did you do it?

  • "I'd do anything for you." (No effect)
  • "The group needs you."
  • "I couldn't let this happen." (No effect)

Choice 25 (MC alive)

Grace/Joseph/Anna: Better enjoy this while you can. Once winter comes, life is going to get a lot harder.

  • "We'll be ready." (No effect)
  • "We just need to stick together."
  • ”As long as we’re together.” (No effect)
  • "Life is a struggle." (No effect)

Who you talk to here depends on your (romantic) relationship with Anna/Joseph and if they are alive. The third option replaces the second if you are talking to your love interest.

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