• Thebedazzleddementor

    A bunch of questions I was hoping to discuss.

    1. Life 2.0 puts the preceding dialogue or narration in italics. The other walkthroughs add "Promt:" in normal text before the italiced part. Which do we like better?

    2. Walkthroughs mostly list achievements indented an extra space under the choice that unlocks them and preceded by an exclamation point, like this

    This is a choice.

    • ! This achievement results from that choice!

    Do we like this, or do we want to develop an alternate way of presenting achievement info?

    3. What do we think about dividing the photo gallery for customizable characters by face number rather than type of picture?

    4. Speaking of images, how do we want to handle sexually explicit images? Do we want some sort of warning or a way t…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Choice 1

    Prompt: You belong to the Garden. You must return to your house.

    • "I don't want to go back."
    • "Why must I return?"
    • "Or else what?"

    ! You have mastered a sigil!

    Choice 2

    Prompt: You drew attention. Never draw their attention—better to stay away fromt hem completely.

    • "I just want to understand..."
    • "They never give me much choice."
    • Look behind you.

    Choice 3

    Prompt: Get it together. Who knows where we're walking today?

    • "I'm ready to go."
    • "Did you dream about anything?"
    • "I didn't sleep well."

    Choice 4

    Prompt: You going to speak up for me? Get me into the Cagers?

    • "You want to join the guild?"
    • "You deserve something, at least."
    • "Just be glad if we make it out."

    Choice 5

    Prompt: No one wants to be a Cager—not you, not me. But sometimes it's the best answer.

    • "I'll …
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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Hi, I'm Hope, and very new to Storyscape. I can already tell that I'm gonna love it!

    I want to get a feel for where we are as a wiki. What projects are we working on? Do we have any rules and norms I need to know as a new editor?

    I'm excited to see where we go from here! I look forward to building a great resource and fan community with all of you.

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